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Overcoming Fear of Success at Trader’s Narrative

Overcoming Fear of Success

It might seem comical to suggest that you can have fear of success but such a thing is not only possible, it is rather effective at stopping many from reaching their goals. We, human beings, are a complex muddle of motivations, fears and values. And yes, sometimes we act in a seemingly paradoxical way because for the most part we are driven by subconscious motives that even we ourselves seldom understand consciously.

The purpose of this audio recording is to reduce the fear and anxiety that may accompany thoughts of financial success. It is only a few minutes long and your conscious mind will only hear a light instrumental track.

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Source: Money for the Little Guy.

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5 Responses to “Overcoming Fear of Success”  

  1. 1 Joseph Forsyth

    Very cool. I make subliminal hemi synch mp3’s like these to boost my confidence, etc.Thanks for the gift.

  2. 2 robert wojczak

    can anybody help me find hemi-sync specificaly for traders?

  3. 3 Albert

    Hello, nice blog.

    The audio link is dead. The whole website it seems.

    Do you know if it is available elsewhere?. I searched with no luck.



  4. 4 Babak

    do you know about looks like he took it off in may of this year

    from what I remember you’re not missing much, just thought it was interesting
    if you are into psychology, I recommend Dr. Brett Steenbarger’s blog
    you’ll get a thousand times more from it than this defunct site
    also, check out Dr. Milton Erickson’s work, which lead to NLP but more importantly brief therapy

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