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Profile: North West Co. Fund (NWFun) at Trader’s Narrative

The North West Company Inc. operates small-scale retail stores in remote communities and larger regional centres under the Northern banner and other banners. Stores offer perishable and non-perishable foods, general household merchandise, small watercraft, snowmobiles, and services such as automated teller machines and gasoline sales. The Company also engages in fur marketing and the marketing of Inuit art.


I really like this Canadian listed company because they have tremendous potential to grow as the northern territories of Canada continue to develop and attract more and more people. The above chart doesn’t do them justice since they are a trust (not a corporation) and pay a regular quarterly distribution (akin to dividends). Their first quarterly distribution was in 1998 for 25 cents and their latest one (payable July 15th) is for $0.54

Except for the October 2005 dip (even great yielding, solid companies are not immune to a heavy market selloff), you can see a beautiful, stair stepping pattern of higher highs and higher lows.

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