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Quick Blog Update at Trader’s Narrative

Quick Blog Update

Two small blog updates:

Avert Your Eyes
I finally got around to updating the About section. Not only does it have more info like my favorite trading books but I also put up a picture that was taken for the Globe & Mail article earlier this summer. Yes, now you can see what I look like. Let the stalking begin!

Going Long RSS Stats
A few months ago I featured a chart and asked if you would go buy the breakout. You should have gone long. Here’s an updated chart of my Feedburner RSS subscriptions showing it cracking the 1000 mark:

feedburner feed stats

The spike around June is due to my discovery of a plugin which forces all RSS feeds to be taken from Feedburner rather than my own blog feed. This relieves pressure from my own servers by using the free and awesome server power at Feedburner (Google).

Some read this blog by visiting the site, others through RSS readers and others have opted to receive updates via email. Over the summer holidays I got these auto-email messages telling me those who had opted for emails were out of their office. I was pleasantly surprised to find out through this means that many of my readers work at major firms on Wall St. and around the world.

I’m flattered to have all of you as readers. Feel free to drop me a note to comment on what I’ve written or to offer suggestions or feedback on the blog.

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5 Responses to “Quick Blog Update”  

  1. 1 Reymond

    I am new (under a year) in trading and financial markets and love your blog, I keep refreshing it for new posts -=)

    I wanted to ask you what was your major in college/university if you have gone to one? I wish I knew I would end up being so interested in the financial markets while in college, I would have chosen a different major/path if I knew how enjoyable and interesting it is…

    What is the recommended major if one is interested in the financial markets?
    what are the chances, one can be successful in this business without a degree?

    By the way, are you Persian? Just guessing by your name..

    It is really hard to find a mentor or just someone to put you in a right direction in this business…

    so thank you and your informative blog…

    Good Luck

  2. 2 Babak

    Thanks Reymond,
    re major, it depends what sort of job you’re looking for, successful traders come from all sorts of backgrounds and majors, corporate finance jobs though usually require some related degree. re mentor, it is difficult, but not impossible.
    And yes, I am Persian (not Arab).

  3. 3 Reymond

    Are you in LA? wana be my mentor? -=)

    the youtube clip was Hilarious


  4. 4 Babak

    I’m flattered but I’m not in LA
    Why don’t you start learning on your own for now? check out the books I recommend in the About section above

  5. 5 Reymond

    I have been reading for the past few months and enjoying every minute of it, I will get those books you recommended soon but my favorite so far is “Technical Analysis of Finanical Markets” by John Murphy…

    Good Luck

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