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Robbins TED Video: Decisions Make Destiny at Trader’s Narrative

Robbins TED Video: Decisions Make Destiny

This is a 20 minute clip of Tony Robbins at the 2006 TED in California. TED stands for technology, entertainment and design and is an annual conference where some the most intriguing, talented and intelligent people on earth have the stage for a few minutes to share their ideas with each other and the world.

Robbins short address is filled with a wealth of insight so make sure you pay attention or you’ll miss a few nuggets. I especially liked the story from his childhood where his father decided to give one meaning and he another, to the same situation. It presents a great principle: what happens to you is inconsequential compared to the meaning you give it.

You can find the other videos of the 2006 TED here. There’s everything from religion to revamping the education system and more.

Source: Infectious Greed.

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