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Ummm.. Yeah... I'm going to have to ask you to turn Javascript back on... Yeah... Thanks. at Trader’s Narrative is another new Web 2.0-ish stock market site. It aggregates data from various sources:, Yahoo! Finance, WSJ, etc. And since it is based on ajax technology, it is lightning fast.

Compared to, the interface is very clean and easy to use. Evenso, the offering is so light, I’m not sure if anyone will be seriously using it. A glaring oversight: charts!

I’m not sure how the creators of such sites plan on competing with Yahoo! Finance since even Google is having a tough time unseating them. More competition is better than less; I just wish rather than these aggregators and me too sites, someone would come up with a unique offering.

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  1. 1 Michael

    I don’t like their interface at all. What’s with the pop-up ‘windows’ which cover each other? And from my quick visit it seems like nothing but crippled a newsreader — crippled by the fact that the list of feeds is predefined.

    Also, I wish all these new sites would stop putting “bull” in their names! Why not use “investor” or “trader”? Why must they all be bulls? :-)

  2. 2 Babak

    The overlapping windows is the ajax in action. You can move them around and arrange them any way you want. I agree with the “bull” in all the names: instanbull, bullpoo, sanebull, etc… Maybe it comes from having ragingbull imprinted on everyone’s memory from the early years of the mania. What we need is some imagination!

  3. 3 Richard

    Thanks for posting this… I like to check these sites out. I wonder how they plan to make money? I didn’t notice any ads…

    There is a ton of overlap in social trading sites. The people asked me if I’d like to interview them for my blog. I said I had just one question: how do they plan to differentiate themselves from all the similar sites that are popping up? I got no reply.

    The only one I really use so far is stocktickr, though I’m keeping my eye on and They funny thing is, if you click on the person at the top of the bullpoo leaderboard, you can see that at one point he asks: “Does anyone have a real brokerage account? If so where?” That makes me especially leery of the advice you can find there. At least I know of several real traders on stocktickr.

  4. 4 Felix

    Well, if you read carefully, you’ll notice that this is a showcase. We are not planning to charge money, and we’re not planning to turn this into a portal app or anything that makes money… This is simply a showcase / sample of what our team can build. Granted, we will add some more stuff like so wanted custom feeds, but this is most likely the extent of our investment into this. It should also answer the question of how we are making money: we show what we can do, and contract for what others need…

  5. 5 Michael

    Yeah, I know that those windows are AJAX… my point was that I don’t like it. I think that’s an example of a developer doing something because he can without regard to whether it makes sense for the users.

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