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Second Video: Tony Oz’s Stock Trader TV at Trader’s Narrative

Second Video: Tony Oz’s Stock Trader TV

Here is the second installment of the Tony Oz Stock Market Video Newsletter:

It features Jim Sugarman, the co-founder of International Day Trading Expo, along with Rachel and of course, Tony Oz. The show is still finding its feet with some audio hiccups, a bit of over-acting and some minor digressions. Personally I liked the ‘boring’ video from last week. Tony should be confident that traders are interested in his analysis and lessons without any ’spicing up’.

They refer to the CNBC $1 million dollar portfolio challenge with Tony promising to give some tips next week on how to win such contests.

If they get a lot of interest, they will be making this a daily video. So make sure to go to the Stock Trader TV site and sign up for free alerts. Also, keep sending Tony you feedback at Tony AT TonyOZ DOT com.

And if you haven’t yet watched the first one from last week, you can find the premiere of Stock Trader TV here.

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2 Responses to “Second Video: Tony Oz’s Stock Trader TV”  

  1. 1 Ugly

    oh gawd
    the other one was way better
    I think they are trying too hard

  2. 2 Babak

    (sigh) agreed.
    Let’s give them some leeway till they find their ’sea legs’.

    Tony, repeat after me: boring is good, boring is good…

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