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Sentiment Overview: Week Of June 5th, 2009 at Trader’s Narrative

Here’s the sentiment summary for this week’s trading:

Sentiment Surveys
According to the sentiment surveys, an alarming number of investors and market timers have returned to the long side. The weekly AAII retail investor sentiment survey shows 48% bulls (an increase of 8% points) and 37% bears (a decrease of 12% points). We haven’t seen this many bulls in the AAII survey since the first week of the year. As I’m sure you’ll recall, that was not a happy time for putting new money to work on the long side.

According to ChartCraft, the weekly Investors Intelligence newsletter sentiment survey shows 42.5% bulls and 25.3% bears. The S&P 500 ended the week 21 points higher (or 2.2%) so the market hasn’t really done anything to deserve such hope or devotion.

Barclays Capital Sentiment Survey
Barclays Capital said that only 17.5% of the 605 respondents to its quarterly sentiment survey believe that ‘risky assets’ have more room to rise. Those taking part in the survey were central banks, asset managers and hedge funds. The majority believe that the world economy will experience either a protracted slowdown or if it is in recovery now, it will falter once more (a “W” shaped recovery). Asked whether the spring rally was just a “bear market rally”, 60% agreed - indicating that there is still a lot of dry powder out there.

Along with most sentiment measures the NAAIM trend survey of managers has recovered since the spring lows. For more information on the metric check out: NAAIM Sentiment Survey.

NAAIM survey of managers chart comparison S&P 500 index

Market Froth
We’ve seen a lightning fast return of speculative trading to the stock market. You can see it in the volume of ‘garbage’ stocks (trading below $5/share) and in the general willingness of most people to shrug off the dark foreboding sense they harbored just a few months ago that the end was nigh.

There is also mounting evidence from the Rydex fund flows that the trigger happy traders that use these securities to time the market are piling into the long side. This is the case for both leveraged and normal Rydex funds and has in the past marked either significant market tops or the start of a plateau. In either case, when there is so much lopsided optimism in Rydex mutual funds, it is a flashing red light for those long the market.

economist cover detroit dinosaur wreckMagazine Cover
I have a gut feeling that this week’s Economist magazine cover should be framed somewhere for posterity. It is a graphic showing a Tyrannosaurus Rex made up of car parts, leaking oil (as if bleeding).

I can’t help but wonder, if by the time a magazine puts up something like this, have the auto industry sector reached a nadir?

And I’m not thinking that because the image is hyperbole but because it is a creative representation of the unvarnished truth. I’d prefer if it was on Newsweek or Time but we’ll see. I think this Economist cover is one we’ll come back to years from now.

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2 Responses to “Sentiment Overview: Week Of June 5th, 2009”  

  1. 1 madison

    Nice work on this blog. I work in the capital allocation business, and the thing that startles me is the overwhelming negative sentiment of professional investors. This is true for both long only and alpha types. OTOH retail sentiment is improving, as you note. In the past retail has usually been wrong, but this time has a different feel to it. If we are still here at quarter’s end, institutional might capitulate.

    Also, not included in the surveys is the still very negative attitude of savers/long term investors. They are waiting for breakeven and are keeping new savings in CDs and such. It will be awhile, if ever, till they come back. This is quite bullish for retail banking.

  2. 2 Babak

    madison, the pressure to perform can be overwhelming for the pros. Leuthold mentioned in a Bloomberg interview a few weeks ago that this will be one of the variables to keep the rally going.

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