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Sharing Is Caring: Trading Books and Resources at Trader’s Narrative is a neat Web 2.0 company that gives you a free mini hard drive that you can access from any internet connection. You can have it be private, invitation only or totally public. This by itself isn’t that nifty when you consider that you can turn an ordinary, run of the mill gmail account into a virtual hard drive.

What makes’s offering stupendiferous is the widgitization of the hard drive. As you can see below, my public files are there in this cute little widget. You and anyone else can access them, view them, download them, and even save them. What’s more, image files, sound files and movies play inside this little widget. I don’t have any in my widget yet but trust me, it’s very cool.

You can manipulate the widget by going to the top right corner and clicking on the drop down menu. I suggest you view them as ‘List View’ not ‘Icon View’ since it gives you more information and takes less space.

I’ve got 10 GB of storage capacity so I’ll be able to squirrel away quite a few books, files and other trading related resources. Maybe even a few books that are, how shall I say this… hard to get? or maybe very expensive? In digital form they suddenly become quite affordable ;)

Right now there are just 15 17 files but I will keep adding from my collection. I’ll also be uploading other types of interesting files. For example, my historical sentiment data. To get these goodies, bookmark and revisit the ‘Best Of Trader’s Narrative‘ section since that’s where the widget will find permanent residence. Or grab my RSS feed to get notified when new files are added.

Explore the existing files and if you have any special requests, let me know. I might just have it somewhere :)

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  1. 1 Rahul

    This is very cool Babak. After the list of prop firms now you get me solution for another problem that i was mulling over !!

    Thank you very much.


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