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Subprime Mortgages: Then & Now at Trader’s Narrative

Subprime Mortgages: Then & Now

Here is an interesting exercise in nostalgia. Google (GOOG) is celebrating their 10th anniversary by allowing us to rewind the hand of time and search the internet, as it appeared in their search engine back in 2001.

Click to see the results of googling for “subprime mortgage” then and now (warning this is a LARGE image):

subprime google results 2001 and 2008 compared

Among the 2001 results there is only one which would ring a little warning bell: the Office of the Currency Comptroller expressing concern (I added the word concern because it was truncated in the search results).

If you want to search for other terms you can find this special edition 2001 Google search engine here. Keep in mind that Google search results are geographically targeted and I’m located in Canada so depending where you are, your results may vary slightly.

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2 Responses to “Subprime Mortgages: Then & Now”  

  1. 1 Johan Lindén

    Good research! :)

    (I don’t think results vary in that 2001 search…)

  2. 2 Johan Lindén

    Subprime is now mentioned in google 250 times more than 2001 according to your study.

    However, the use of google and internet has evolved. So are those figures to rely on? I took more neutral words but still in the same field. If you use the words Capital and Financial you see there are now 70 times more pages now than 2001. So subprime increased 250% above the sector. I don’t think that was as huge difference as I had expected.

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