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T-Shirts at Trader’s Narrative

I wanted to wear funny and witty t-shirts related to trading but couldn’t find any. So I created my own! Other traders approached me and asked me where they could get what I was wearing. So I opened up this online store.

But before I did, I spent a lot of time considering all the options out there because I wanted a quality product. Don’t expect CrapéPress and low quality ‘heat transfer’ that fades after 2 weeks… this is the real deal: 100% cotton preshrunk tees, soft and velvety flock printing, name brands (American Apparel, Champion, etc.) and it all comes wrapped in a tight 100% money back satisfaction guarantee.

money back guarantee.pngI can personally vouch for the money back guarantee since I just recently got a new t-shirt and I contacted them after noticing a niggling detail (which wasn’t even their fault). They offered to either credit me 50% or to redo the order. I opted for the half-off discount since it was the simplest choice. They don’t kid around when they say 100% satisfaction guaranteed!

ScanAlert Hacker SafeYour payment options are: VISA, MasterCard, Amex, Diners as well as cash/money orders. A word about security; you will be shopping via SSL, monitored daily to be hacker safe:

There are multiple delivery options (from overnight express to standard and in between). Click here for more details on delivery and shipping.

If you have questions, or just want more information, check out this FAQ.

More designs coming soon !