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The Comedic Genius of Alan Greenspan at Trader’s Narrative

The Comedic Genius of Alan Greenspan

Speaking of Greenspan and his attempt to white wash his legacy, I found this hilariously biting cartoon (see below). It is of a penguin at a book signing, admiring the “comedic genius” of the Maestro:

Penguin: “I have to hand it to you Mr. Greenspan — you are a comedy mastermind!

Penguin: “Remember when you were helping to inflate the housing bubble with historically low interest rates — and urging people to take out adjustable rate loans? What a classic! Pure comedy gold!

Penguin: “And what sense of timing you have! I love how the pause between the setup and the punchline can last — well — years! Like when you urged Congress to social security by raising the payroll tax — which disproportionately impacts low and mid-level earners!”

Penguin: “Two decades after American workers began paying the higher rates you asked for — you used the surplus they created as an argument in favor of Bush’s tax cuts for the wealthy!”

Penguin: “And then after those tax cuts lead to soaring deficits, your response — and this is priceless — was to propose cutting social security benefits! I don’t think Stephen Colbert could have done better!”

Penguin: “And to top it off now by claiming that you were actually opposed to the tax cuts all along — what can I even say? I stand in awe of your comedic genius, Sir.”

Greenspan: “Would somebody please taser the penguin?”

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“This Modern World” by Tom Tomorrow

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3 Responses to “The Comedic Genius of Alan Greenspan”  

  1. 1 Jaime


  2. 2 yo

    Another priceless example of the left’s inability to tell the truth. SOCIALISM IS BUILT ON LIES. Greenspan advocated SOCIAL SECURITY TAX INCREASES two decades ago. Not income tax increases. Let me ask a question. Does the truth mean anything to you liberals? Obviously not, if a lie can be used to further your means.

  3. 3 Babak

    yo, the author of the comic didn’t say Greenie backed income tax increases but payroll tax increases. I’m not sure what you mean by “you liberals” [looks around]. Shrug.

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