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The Difference Between Iranians & Arabs at Trader’s Narrative

The Difference Between Iranians & Arabs

If there’s one thing all Iranians (er, I mean Persians) hate, it is being lumped together with Arabs. Why? For one, we aren’t Arab. And for another, our country and civilization was taken over by the Arab (Muslim) hordes and our culture decimated in an attempt to totally erase it.

For more than a thousand years we fought to remain a distinct society while being controlled by a much larger Arab civilization. Persians are very crafty. We use every conceivable tool. For example, we rejected an imposed language by turning the words to mean the opposite. Mozakhraf in Arabic means, beautiful, guilded, ornate. In Persian it means garbage, trivial, of no value.

Our heroes to this day are people who fought against the invading Arab army. My namesake was one such hero. It says a lot about our collective character that to this day, Babak is the most common Persian name for boys - and not Mohammad.

So for the love of all that is holy, please don’t call a Persian an Arab.

Oh, and happy Canada day !! :-)

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22 Responses to “The Difference Between Iranians & Arabs”  

  1. 1 eyal

    Lol this comedian is hilarious..

    I guess most people who think Iranians are Arabs do so because following the Islamic Revolution the regime has aligned itself more and more with the Arab world in terms of ideology, rhetoric and international relations policy. And by and large the regime is the “face of the nation” to most people who don’t really have any contact with typical Iranians. Who knows maybe all this will change one day.

    Happy Canada day.

  2. 2 LP


    It’s crazy how things have changed. In the East as whole. But countries like India, Iran, Iraq, Egypt etc… were historically modern. In terms of technology, thinking and sexuality. Now these countries are some of the most conservative and backward thinking. If you go to North India, you will experience some of the best Persian and Aryan influenced history. These days those words are confused with terrorism and evil. It couldn’t be further from the truth. Also, I wish you luck in trying to convince people on this side of the Atlantic the difference between Persian and Arab. Just as it is hard to convince people that Jews are also Arabs. Hell, try getting an Arab to acknowledge that Jews are their cousins. Or that the Torah, Bible and Quaran have far too many similarities to be fighting and hating each other. I may be simplifying things but damn I wish we all got along.


  3. 3 Babak

    LP, yes definitely. In India just go to a temple and look up, you’ll get the best sex education. The force that changed these countries was Islam of course. Most people in the West still have no idea how much Iranians *love* the West and especially the US. Its culture, food, people, everything! It was the only country in the ME to spontaneously hold vigils after 9/11. I join you in wishing we could all just get along.

  4. 4 Pradeep Bonde

    I had many Iranian friends when in college. Every college in Pune had so many Iranians students due to historical ties between India and Iran. Iranians during that period were extremely Westernized. The Iranian girls were all westernized and never use to wear Hijab. They were very progressive in their thinking. Used to be fun loving and hardly religious. And then the Revolution happened and in few years the number of students dropped sharply. I was in touch with many of them for for many years.

  5. 5 LP

    Maybe one day we’ll all get that wish, when the Buddhists take over and beat us into submission :)

  6. 6 CLINT

    want to make irani friends

  7. 7 Mesopotamian

    well as an arab i gotta say that there are 24 arab countries and each one of them has its own culture and race and if u really want to blame arabs for destroying your persian culture blame saudi because they are the original arabs the rest are arabist and also u have to admit it in now-days there is no difference between arabs and persian they almost share the same culture but hate each others for stupid reasons beside they look the same no one can tell the different between iraqi and irani
    anyway i don’t hate persians at all they have a good culture and i always listen to their songs and i don’t care for those ppl who hate us i just ignore them specially those “persians are aryan and arabs are Semitic” people

  8. 8 UAE

    sorry , but who says that persian are arabs that mean he doesn’t know any thing
    about arab tribes and families !!
    please who think like that search in google .. who are arab? ,, and the arab tribes..
    Im an arabian girl but i like persian ,, and my best friend is from Iran .. ^^..

  9. 9 Shake

    Sounds like some sort of racist thinking there.

    You do know you still have a lot in common with arabs, right? Both genetically and culturally. Don’t act as if there are mountains and oceans between the two. It’s like Mexicans yelling ‘I’M NOT GUATEMALAN!’. Sure, they have differences, and arabs and Persians have more differences that that, but they still share many similiar traits.

  10. 10 Babak

    Shake, ‘race’ doesn’t really exist from a scientific point of view. But while there are similarities between almost any two people from any two random places on earth, my point is that there are some important distinctions between Persians and Arabs. Especially since the two are often mistaken for one another.

  11. 11 Anon

    Arabs are different. Iranians are akin to their Indian and European brothers through their indo European ancestry. Arabs are semitic and closest to their kin in the Arab world and ethiopia and Eritrea. Just recognize that. I am proud that many Iranians,central Asians and north Indians strive to protect their aryan heritage whether it is through their religion or through choosing indo Iranian vocabulary Over arabic words.

  12. 12 hindu

    Mr Babak!

    Let me know which temple did you learn sex education in north india? Kindly get some general knowledge and speak sense for the most ancient and honorable civilaztion of hindus on earth.

    Unlike you persians who when subjugated converted to islam and your children and women want to put that saudi arab cult to pieces if your mullahs allow!

    wake up..zorastrians, parsis and hindus, buddhists, sikhs and jains have suffered a lot from the filth of islam..

    enough is enough..

  13. 13 Babak

    hindu, since you asked so nicely… check out Khajuraho. Here is a detailed picture (I’m not sure what you would call this? reverse quadruple wheelbarrow? It looks exhausting.)

    btw I didn’t say anything about ‘North’ India, just India. But why let facts get in the way of an emotionally charged irrational outburst?

  14. 14 indian

    “the external curvature and carvings of the temples depict humans, human bodies, and the changes that occur in human bodies, as well as facts of life. Some 10% of the carvings contain sexual themes; those reportedly do not show deities, they show sexual activities between people. The rest depict the everyday life of the common Indian of the time when the carvings were made, and of various activities of other beings. For example, those depictions show women putting on makeup, musicians, potters, farmers, and other folks. Those mundane scenes are all at some distance from the temple deities. A common misconception is that, since the old structures with carvings in Khajuraho are temples, the carvings depict sex between deities” Very few temples had survived the onslaught of attacks by foriegners in whole of North India..So one find very few temples older than 10-11 century. Otherwise also, sex is an important part of life. I think it is the cause for existence of u, me, or anybody who condems it..If anyone through someother route… plz inform us about the route and the way. The main theme is that we should not look so down to the subject (SEX).

  15. 15 Aseel

    I’m an Iraqi woman that has Persians ancestors, my father’s family migrated to Iraq during the Safawi rule of Iraq, but I think you people are concentrating on race too much. Who cares if you’re Arab or Persian or Indian? We are all human. Every human race has the good and bad, has the beautiful and ugly, has the intelligent and the stupid and has the racist and the non-racist. I left Iraq when I was fifteen, lived in England and the USA and over the years I’ve met people from every race and have learned not to generalize when it comes to different races. I don’t know what my race is . I grew up as an Arab, my ancestors’ origin is a mixture of Persian, Arab and Turkish. It’s ok to be proud of your country, but to think you’re better than others because of your race is arogant and stupid.

  16. 16 Abhishek

    Hi Babak. It is indeed an impressive feat that the Iranians have achieved by holding on to the Persian language (albeit being written in Arabic script) despite overwhelming pressure in the wake of centuries of Arab colonization and repression. However, what doesn’t identify with this stiff resistance is its continued allegiance to Islam. You might be aware that descendants of the Iranian people who escaped persecution in Persia during the turbulent times of the Arab invasion are now a well settled and prosperous community in India (the Parsis, as they are called here) who have continued their practice of Zoroastrianism undisturbed. My point is, Iran should return to its own faith and reverse the cultural genocide that the Arabs have inflicted over them through the years. In some ways the case is similar to what white Europeans did to native Americans, only that the extermination was ideological and cultural in this case, not physical. Also, while the current Iranian regime seeks to build closer bridges with the Arab world, it seems to me to be as futile an exercise as it would have been if India were to try to align its geo-strategic interests with UK! Iran is in itself a great nation, and shouldn’t compromise its identity for the sake of a faith, that by and large was thoroughly imposed on it.

  17. 17 Luigi

    If Iran had the ability to get rid of the Islamic imam control and return to its roots, the whole world might be a better place. It seems religion rather than race is the cause of all of our problems - Jews versus Arabs and Islam, Persia versus Islam control, Islam versus Christianity. What a mess!

  18. 18 Arash

    I am iranian guy, and the fact is that many infact almost all iranians have some arab blood in them, and all gulf arabs even iraqies have persian blood in them. In iran itself over 30 events have seen arab migration to iran and also there has been over 20 times migration of iranians just to the persian gulf countries in the past 80 years. I feel sorry for those people who fool themselves into thinking about purity of races ,i think this is from lack of education. Persian culture is responsible for all of islamic culture from art to music to the domes of the mosques to its sciences. And for this reason arabs have taken alot of influence from iran. although we have our own identity we are more similar to each other that to other nationalities. i.e in u.a.e arabs celebrate the mehregan festival which in iran we use to celebrate 3000 years ago as our main persian eid but dont anymore.

    As a iranian my best friends in university were saudi, the coolest and most fun loving guys and i remember in malaysia iranians and saudi use to always hang together. they loved iranian group called “zedbazi” best times was with them. Peace for the Middle East. Persian,Arab,Turk together!

  19. 19 LuigiK

    We have the “human race” and thousands of sub-species: iranians, arabs, jews, africans, african-americans, europeans, germans, english, The ONLY divisive factor is religion! All religions fail to practice what they preach.
    Just live and let live, don’t force your beliefs on others and don’t connect religon to any form of government. Then, we’d have world peace.

  20. 20 Hans

    I regret that my comment regarding the difference between Arabs and Iranians was removed. Please note that political correctness and the truth do not go hand in hand. Syria.jordan, Libya.morocco, Algeria, Iraq,Iran,Egypt all fell to the Islamic invasion of the Arabs. The sole exception was India which survived only because it saw the true nature of this alien culture.

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