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The Most Disgusting Thing I’ve Drank at Trader’s Narrative

The Most Disgusting Thing I’ve Drank

barleylife health supplement.pngA while back I mentioned that my sister was gung-ho about the health benefits of BarleyLife. Now that a few day’s worth of holidays has me within reach, she wasted no time in making me drink the stuff.

How do I describe it? Think of a horse stable; then imagine you go in and indiscriminantly shovel what’s on the ground into a 500 horse-power blender. And then drink it.

Visually it looks like fine algae. But it isn’t. It is powdered barley shoots and brown rice and some other stuff.

The smell? Again, a horse stable.

The taste? You don’t want to know. Trust me.

According to her though it is incredible stuff. It gives you lots of energy, cleans your system, and full of vitamins. Guaranteed to keep you regular. Or as she puts it, ‘you will eliminate first thing in the morning’. Thankfully she doesn’t elaborate what exactly is being eliminated.

If you are going to try it, I recommend taking it within a strong smoothy.

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