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The Real ‘Law Of Attraction’ - It’s Not What You Think at Trader’s Narrative

secret rhonda byrne.pngSince late last year, we’ve been bombarded with news about The Secret, a quasi-new age book and video about the ‘law of attraction’. It outlines that the circumstances and situations that you find yourself in, are brought about by you and your thoughts.

Simple. And at first glance, quiet believable.

Yet, wrong.

If you believe the author, Rhonda Byrne, the prescription for getting whatever you want in life is simple. All you have to do is repeat positive affirmations and force yourself to think positive thoughts. And poof! the universe will give you a shiny new Ferrari, or that fat offshore Swiss bank account you always wanted. If you’re in a bad situation in your life, it claims equally, it is because you’ve concentrated on the negative and ‘attracted’ bad things to your life.

Blame the Victim
First of all, for you to subscribe to this you would then have to agree with the warped notion that an innocent child somehow ‘attracts’ a sexual predator. Or that the victims of tragedies like Darfur, ‘attract’ their own demise. It isn’t the responsability of the persons perpetrating these heinous acts, but rather the very victims who suffer. So in such a philosophy we have the victim suffer twice. Once for the act itself and again for being guilty of bringing it on themselves.

Need I explain further how ludicrous such an assertion is?

Will Power - The Domain of the Conscious Mind
Second, affirmations and forcing yourself to avoid ‘negative thoughts’ is not only an exercise in futility, if it yields anything it will be the opposite. It is quite natural for our thoughts to wander during the day and cover the whole spectrum. But forcing our conscious minds to avoid something, through the use of willpower, always backfires.

I was talking with my (therapist) brother about this and he said: “Willpower is a spontaneous state of mind. It can not be forced. In fact, wanting the absence of something through willpower only intensifies the yearning for it.” No matter how powerful your willpower, you simply can not forget something by forcing yourself to do so. Rather, the more willpower you use, the worse the results. Still have doubts? Spend the next minute using your willpower to not think about a white cat.

So that explains why willpower is futile, and why the ‘law of attraction’ implemented through the conscious mind is useless. But what then is the real law of attraction? Quite simple. The real law of attraction is that our subconscious, determines most, if not all, our values, beliefs and behaviours.

You are the sum of your (subconscious) beliefs

Everything you have achieved is thanks to it and everything you have not achieved can be traced back to your own limiting beliefs.

brain xray small.pngImagination - The Playground of the Subconcious Mind
But the subconscious, for all its power, is rather primitive. It obeys. It does not and can not analyze. Neither can it differentiate between real and imagined inputs like the conscious mind can. The subconscious simply assumes all is real. And since the inputs are perceived as real, they create real consequences. Even to the point of affecting physiology! If, for example, you read in vivid detail about a ripe lemon, with its thick and wrinkled yellow skin, its juice trickling down the knife edge as it is being cut and then slowly squeezing the half lemon inside your mouth… don’t be surprised if your mouth starts to water.

Our fears and beliefs use the same mechanism to affect our lives. This is how they hold such sway over us, even when they may be neither real nor logical. And why if you wish lasting and real change in your life, you must change the protocols in your subconscious that relate to it.

So eventhough I do believe that we can ‘attract’ circumstances in our life, I do not believe that it covers everything in our lives. There is certainly room for randomness in life, for tragedy and for serendipity. And most importantly it is not through the mechanism of will power or conscious thought (repeating affirmations). Rather it is through the vastly stronger and hidden subconscious mind that we create our lives.

So as a trader on a path of enlightenment, do yourself a favor and put away the shock pads and the empty affirmations & platitudes. Set yourself instead on the real path to personal development and change.

It may not be new-Agey pseudo-science/pop-psychology but it is real and it is being used by the best therapists in the world to create positive lasting change.

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28 Responses to “The Real ‘Law Of Attraction’ - It’s Not What You Think”  

  1. 1 Michelle B

    Great post with which I agree: psychology and neuroscience is giving us real tools with which we can improve our lives. The Secret is unproven, fantastically marketed woo.

  2. 2 Babak

    Thanks Michelle :)

  3. 3 Pradeep Bonde

    Excellent post. “Law of attraction” is just a fad which has caught on.

  4. 4 Babak

    thanks Pradeep.
    you’ve got a really interesting blog yourself :-)

  5. 5 Aldian Prakoso

    I agree that The Secret or Law of Attraction is not something new. However I disagree with you that The Secret or Law of Attraction doesn’t work. Law of Attraction works.

    Let’s start with the first one: Law of Attraction is not something new. It’s true that Law of Attraction has been around since the history of mankind, just in different term. In fact, Law of Attraction is stated in the Bible. Matthew 7:8 “For everyone who asks receives; he who seeks finds; and to him who knocks, the door will be opened.”

    I also agree that Rhonda Byrne is so genius in marketing this term: The Secret and Law of Attraction. She’s got parade of so well-known gurus: Bob Proctor, Joe Vitale, Jack Canfield, John Assaraf, etc.

    I actually knew about visualization from Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich and Sandy McGregor’s Piece of Mind but I never believed and practiced it until I watch The Secret.

    Ok, the second one. Law of Attraction works. I’m the living testimonial. Whatever I want happens amazingly. I don’t say instantly, but over a period of time.

    That’s the power of visualization.

    By the way, I’ve found out an audio that helps me visualizing easier :)

    This audio is surely fantastic and it comes with 365-day money back guarantee. Plus you get a free report. You must give it a try at

  6. 6 Dennis C. During

    Trying to get folks to be skeptical about “The Secret” and “The Law of Attraction” is like trying to get folks to stop drinking caffeinated, carbonated, flavored, sweet-tasting water. I suppose there isn’t too much serious harm in having people energized by some well-marketed scheme like this, but it is highly likely to waste the time of some vulnerable people and possibly more. It almost always pays to be skeptical about anything with a slick push.

    We should all be grateful that evolution and experience have equipped most of us with adequate or better BS detectors.

  7. 7 Terry

    Check out this slate article on the power of *negative thinking*

  8. 8 Edward

    Am I correct in saying that the biggest problem facing the US economy at the moment is that you guys as a nation have over borrowed! Now correct me if I’m wrong but it seems in the past couple of years you have been over confident, borrowing more than you can pay back! Then again if you belive in “the secret law of attraction you have nothing to worry about”. Worring is not allowed!!! You are your own God after all and can do no wrong!

    I’m not trying to tell anyone what they should believe in and to a point this would have little or no effect on the wider world if it was only happening at a micro level. My point is the secret was a best seller in your country and could it have effected your economy at a macro level?!? Could it be more than a coincidence that things seem to be going down hill since you learnt “the secret”!!!!!

    Either way it seems a bit of realism may be called for.

  9. 9 Kimberley

    Well I’ve been putting meditations and gratitude journals into practice for weeks and sometimes months in the past and now even currently and all that happens if anything is MORE AND MORE negative. It teaches me nothing as it sure doesn’t motivate me to do more of journalling and meditations. I don’t recite affirmations I am trying to open myself from a spiritual perspective through meditations like from Wayne Dyer and Deepak Chopra for changing the psyche to a more affluent one from a close minded one. I am ready to give up because this does NOT seem to work for everyone. I am not asking for millions I am asking to be put into connection with the right people to help me change my life to what is more conducive to who I am spiritually. Nonetheless I still have to work to pay the rent and so forth and now my boss is harassing me daily about my work performance. I’ve been applying to new job opportunities only to be told even if I am qualified they still will not offer me an interview because they think I am not suitable for the position for some reason.

    It’s like the energy is blocked from me proceeding and I am FED UP with trying.

    I’ve used law of attraction techniques such as gratitude journals and meditations and just making more positive changes elsewhere only to have it all blow up in my face. I am frustrated and have no idea what to do now except remain stuck where I am at in a job I can’t leave and with a boss who feels that saying negative things will motivate me or using negative re-inforcement.

    So what does all this mean to me ? It’s like I’m destined to be where I’m at no matter what I try. I am being stopped by something or someone. I’ve done grounding meditations to change the energy around me. I’ve done all I can think of and followed others advice.


  10. 10 Babak

    that sounds mighty frustrating. Stay with me a bit and soon I’ll write about something that can truly help you. Now that you’ve proven to yourself that this “positive” affirmation stuff is BS, you may be ready for what can be effective.

  11. 11 Kimberley

    I am not interested in some new “product” to make it work. I don’t care. I’ve come to accept that what is my obvious lot in life which is to struggle. That’s the way it is so that’s fine by me because that’s the way it is. So don’t bother, I just wanted a place to vent where someone would listen.

    I’ve decided to accept being where I’m at because from what I can see nothing is ever going to change for me because it’s who I am.

  12. 12 Kimberley

    by the way I have products for visualization and they don’t work for me either. Visualization by the way of meditation with music and certain “vibrations” incorporated into the music to “stimulate” the brain to change the way the brain functions. It’s crap too, it doesn’t work either. NOTHING has worked for me, don’t you get it ?

    It’s not my lot in life to have success no matter what “technique” I imply. That’s why I said don’t bother trying to get me to use some product you have.

    I am still a spiritual person and I’ve come to believe that I’m just cursed or someone out there whom I’ve done wrong (I have pissed off a few people in my life because I dropped their friendship because I found out they were two-faced) and so they turned out to be spiteful obviously and have done something to prevent the right energies or whatever to work to my advantage.

    I don’t know and I don’t care. I am not supposed to be rich and/or successful PERIOD.

  13. 13 michael

    Kimberly, read Napolean Hill Think and Grow Rich. It is a book about pyschology and change. You thinking that there is some cosmic force out there stopping you is nuts. If you are truly spiritual then would have faith and the ability to remain posative, which is talked about in the book. Highly recommend it.

  14. 14 Kimberley

    I have read books such as that in the past and applied the exercises they’ve suggested or whatever or the thought pattern they suggest.

    The exercises couldn’t point out to me how they related to my situation. In fact they didn’t really apply at all. I tried Abraham Hicks books, Tony Robbins books etc.

    I am spiritual but not in the sense of thinking the universal energy as it being the be all and end all of the thing that keeps me positive.

    I believe in a cosmic force, I am a practicing Wiccan so believe me I trust in the existence of both a feminine and male energy in the universe but I don’t rely on it to keep me positive, it is my own head and the logical side of me not the spiritual side of me. The spiritual side of me still trusts, still is positive but I’ve never been one to practice or accept patience.

    It is of my own doing and I’ve just run out of ideas how to make it work. It’s a battle of ego and logic and all kinds of things for me.

    I am also still very much a skeptic as well.

    I am not in any kind of a unique situation. Just a routine I haven’t figured out how to break because every time I attempt to change it, then it all blows up in my face.

    I’ve decided to approach it logically is the only way at this time. I’ve applied to take courses to improve my computer skills and apply to any and every job I can find after that where it applies even in the smallest sense of the job requirements and then trust that wherever I’m supposed to be is whereever I am supposed to be. I paid for these courses a month ago. I just want it NOW not have to wait but that was the soonest I could get them was next month. I am taking them on Saturdays so as I still have to work. One step at a time is how it has to be done.

    It’s my headspace that has to change in the sense of what is going on inside of my thoughts. Nothing with how the brain works or any of that. I just am emotionally charged. I took a course called What Colour is your Parachute, kind of like that True Colors thing to help you figure out what kind of career you should have. I was mostly blue with a little green and yellow in it. Which means I am emotionally based and dislike routine without creativity. Unfortunately I am also a very good speaker and have been in telephone/telemarketing sales related work for years.

    What seems to happen and I don’t know if it’s age or what but even when I apply for new jobs that definitely are suited to me the “management” of that job says no you’re not, your skills aren’t transferrable because you haven’t worked for our kind of company with our kind of product so even though you’re suitable you are not, sorry.

    Management is stupid as far as I am concerned, when it comes to this but I am frankfully honest when I say that isn’t me. I even applied to jobs where I know for a fact my skills can be valued and are fitting as telephone/inside sales/telemarketing call it what you will, those skills can be used in many types of positions and I get turned down. I’ve had 2 resumes done professionally by someone and still it doesn’t get me an interview.

    This is why I’m frustrated in my job, there is no creativity really, it’s very routine etc. So I feel stuck and I guess I just have to do what I have to do.

    Anyhow that’s all I have to say.

  15. 15 Kimberley

    Shorty, sorry didn’t get back to you right away. My PC sometimes doesn’t link up with the links I click on.

    I have lots of online friends and one more is always welcome. I keep very few actual people that I hang with in real life down to a bare minimum. For many reasons

    I will say I am in a better mindspace. I wouldn’t say that meditation is wrong or doesn’t work. I am just the kind of person who builds up a lot of energy from it and sometimes it needs to release and I get ultra sensitive whenever my little bubble of enlightenment gets busted.

    I know not to give up on it, but I needed to release the energy to create a different focus.

    Like my boyfriend Lance says: “How do you tackle eating an elephant?”

    One bite at a time. So that’s how I’m handling things. I know I have to change things to make things change. I start school this week, by the end of April I can start applying for new jobs to get out of the rut I am in.

    I am cleaning up my suite I live in and getting rid of old papers and stuff no longer of use (clean the physical clutter to release the energy clutter) believe me I’ve done it before and IT WORKS!!!

    Then just take things one step at a time, get a new job, get a new apartment etc etc.

    Lance is supporting me in any way he can.Not with money but with love and a shoulder to lean/cry on.
    (He’s going through his own struggles and if all pans out for him with the legal issues he’s going through and his money comes through then our life together for the future is going to be very different than it is right now) let’s just say he could become a very rich man again shortly. I won’t go into details but…let’s say there’s a big wad of cash he’s due to get soon and some of it will be a monthly pension so at age 55 he’ll finally be able to retire as planned and help his 42 year old girlfriend (me of course) do things she’s not been able to do before.

    More on this later…it’s not so much waiting for his stuff, I know I have to get on with my stuff. He and I are quite differently spiritually and it will always be a part of my life and he respects me for that.

    Anyhow…let’s just say things are feeling better.

  16. 16 shoshaٍ

    i`ve known the Law Of Attraction for the first time by watching “the secret “movie .And form that time i was interested in that issue .unfortunately ,all what i read about the law of attraction has no SCIENTIFIC EVIDENCE .I believe in,” your thoughts will affect on your words & your words will affect on your actions and emotions & your actions will affect on your habits & your habits will determine your destiny” , but if i want to persuade some one about the law of attraction he would say “it is like FANTASY ,i need an explanation ,scientifically one ,about what you said “

  17. 17 Babak

    Kimberley, with all due respect, you know about as much about quantum physics as a partially crumbled dorito chip does about Austrian economics.

  18. 18 Shosha

    THX , Kimberley

  19. 19 Kimberley

    I was trying to explain that although the Law of Attraction cannot be explained as a scientific theory per se, it is based upon the theory of quantum physics/quantum mechanics and I misspoke when I said there is no scientific explanation. I meant that as far as the Law of Attraction it isn’t in any scientific journal as it isn’t based in science per se but based upon the theory of quantum mechanics which at it’s very basis from what I understand is the theory of energy as I’ve explained. I am not a scientist so therefore cannot explain it that way.

    So for those who tried to offend my intelligence it didn’t work. I just was trying to explain things in the way they were explained to me.

    Do we really need to get so nitpicky ? Seriously ???

    The essence of Law of Attraction is about energy as I’ve said above. Thoughts become things. Mike who is in The Secret has several videos on it so here is a link if you like.

    [link zapped to protect the innocent]

  20. 20 Babak

    so which is it? is it based on science or not? if it is based on science, which scientific principles exactly? Goog lord, don’t they teach critical thinking skills in school anymore? I suppose not with all this nonsense flying about. You admit that you have no idea what quantum physics/mechanics is, yet you are convinced that LoA is based upon it! Fascinating. When did ignorance become a point of view?
    I’m not trying to offend you, just challenge your muddled thinking. And although I’m sure Mike has much to say about ‘the secret’ please go sell crazy somewhere else, we’re all stocked up at the moment.

  21. 21 Dario

    Ci credo che non vi succede niente.
    Volete vedere i risultati,volete solo soldi.Voi volete volete..Prima regola :siate positivi sempre .Vi cominceranno ad arrivare risultati solo e solamente quando vi deciderete a cambiare e a crederci. E il cieco disse ,grazie signore di avermi ridato la vista e Lui rispose, non sono stato io, TU sei stato (l’hai sentito col cuore e desiderato ecc..ecc.) hai avuto fede ed hai ottenuto la vista. Tornando a voi:voi volete vedere solo quello che volete e sentite solo quello che volete sentire.Aprite la vostra mente ,meravigliatevi ed emozionatevi come bimbi. Il resto arriva da se’ !

  22. 22 Babak

    translation of Dario’s comment:

    It’s obvious that nothing happens to you (plural).
    You want to see the results, you want only money. You want, want. First rule: Be always positive. The results will begin to arrive only and only when you decide to change and believe in yourselves. And the blind said, “thank you my Lord for having given me back my sight” and He replied: “it wasn’t me. YOU did it ( you felt it with your heart and desired it, etc.) and had faith and recieved sight.” Back to you: you want to see the things you want to see and feel what you want to feel. Open your mind, feel the awe and get moved like children. The rest will come by itself.

  23. 23 pt

    what u explained under the sub heading “Imagination - The Playground of the Subconcious Mind” is exactly what Dr. Maxwell Maltz had written about in 1960’s in his book Psycho-cybernetics. He explains how the subconscious mind works and stores information, neurons etc. it is a self help book but does not deal with any meta physics etc.

    although, he did mention that there could be some form of telepathy etc. but the reference to that is very limited since it is not confirmed.

  24. 24 Sahil

    Law of attraction is 100% real….I got to know about it in Jan 2011 & I have received couple of things by visualizing them..

    Trust me friends-Though it is not a magical world but it is indeed a miraculous world.

  25. 25 Reg Jr

    Mr. Dario scripture reference is wrong. What is trying to express is Mark 10:52 and it says, in the King James Version, “And Jesus said unto him, Go thy way; thy faith hath made thee whole. And immediately he received his sight, and followed Jesus in the way.” This DOES NOT imply that Jesus didn’t do anything. It is the reverse. He did something but only as much as the person was willing to believe. That is how he got healed. Not Scripture supports this “Law of Attraction.” No real philosopher supports this “Law of Attraction” because it is false. The Prosperity Gospel is founded based on this principle. It is a scam. Just trying to doop people of their money. If you want results, then you pray and live a Godly life and use COMMON SENSE. If you aren’t Christian, you live a virtuous life nonetheless as well as common sense. As a Christian, I say that God enables one to be virtuous and rewards follow as a result. That is one of the reason why I support the Christian Perspective.

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