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The Side of Iran You Don’t See In The News at Trader’s Narrative

Now that you know the difference between Iranians and Arabs, take a look at the side of Iran the press will never show you - eventhough it is the most representative of the country. Below is a short clip of the typical male teenager in Iran. No they aren’t chanting “Death to America” or doing those mass prayers or anything crazy.

They are dancing. And not just any kind of dance but breakdancing. Notice there are only guys in the room - unrelated girls and boys can’t officially spend time together. Or they risk jail or a good thrashing. Thanks to the pro large family policies during the Iraq-Iran war implemented by Khomeini, the median age in Iran is 25 while it is about 38 in Canada or the US.

Oh and another thing, this is from the city of Qom which as the center of the clerical regime pumps out those turban wearing Mullahs. So you can imagine how conservative the people and the authorities are. But here are their sons, breakdancing on the family’s Persian rug.

If I called the shots in the US, instead of shock and awe, I would engage in a full frontal charm and cultural assault on Iran. When you really think about it, how would you rather have all these Iranian youth spending their time? Breakdancing or shooting you with a gun and blowing up cars?

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7 Responses to “The Side of Iran You Don’t See In The News”  

  1. 1 Jimmy

    i agreed, work with the each and every generation against the first generation of the ‘revolution’ and sooner or later it will erode the effectiveness of the first generation’s work.

    take a look at China, the current government’s claim to the ’socialist capitalistm’ ideology. realistically they care less of the ’socialist’ part but they are scared to their wits what had happened in Russia after the USSR party fell. All the USSR party members were thrown to the streets and lost their perks to fend for themselves. many of them suffered in poverty thereafter (while some were able to gain back power thru corruption.

    the mass Chinese government sure don’t want the same happen to them, losing all the perks and thrown to the street in the name of democracy. offer each of them $500,000 , keeping some of their perks (pension and health care) and they are ready to renounce communism and declare open democracy for all!

  2. 2 David Merkel

    I don’t know how much hope you have with average Americans in getting them to correct even the large misunderstandings over Iranian society. Iran is complex, and the political leadership does not represent all of Iranian society. Even the practical adherence to Islam is open to question in some quarters, with drug an alcohol use rising.

    America’s relationship to Iran will be tough for a long time, whether due to the overthrow of Mossadeq in the early 50s (supporting the Shah), and the current seemingly unconditional support for Israel.

    My view is that the current regime is mismanaging the Iranian economy, and won’t last more than another 20 years.

    David Merkel

  3. 3 Babak

    Jimmy, the “China model” is all the rage within the Iranian govt policy makers.

    David, they are mismanaging the economy and everything else but the only thing which allows them to hold power is to make the West out to be the Devil. If Bush attacks or continues the cold war tactics (supporting separatist and trouble maker groups in Iran) then he will have played right into their hands.

  4. 4 David Merkel

    There is a certain amount of true information that flows back into Iran from the West, and many of the educated pick it up. Though I am no expert, at my blog, I recommended against US threats of force against Iran in my blog post on Saturday. I don’t think it would work; far better to offer a free US university education to every Iranian woman.

  5. 5 David

    I hope that the US doesn’t create a situation whereby Iranians will be compelled to use bullets and bombs. But neither does it give me any great pleasure to see Iranians with a proud and long history adopting American culture.

  6. 6 Starfall

    And that is where you all fail to “get it” America doesn’t HAVE a culture. It sounds like a joke; it’s not. We don’t have that kind of cohesion here; we have a couple hundred million people here EACH doing their own thing- whatever that may be.
    Actually we do have ONE thing that makes us what the world calls Americans; and the most stupid, judgmental, meddling nation that everyone loves to bash: the belief in & protection of the Freedom of the Individual. It’s practically beat into every student in this country from birth. It’s more complicated than it sounds, but it’s done to the refrain of ‘If you do not have a democracy with an individual’s freedoms, built-in and guaranteed, then you don’t have a “real democracy” and it doesn’t count.’
    I don’t know what the government’s position on that is, but as a whole; Americans actually still believe it. In fact, we’re so quick to embrace that sentiment as a fall back position in ANY moral conflict of interest, that we tend to forget that there are real people caught in the middle of these clashes of ideology, that are having THEIR personal freedoms severely curtailed. But even that naive wish for the rise of the common man is being subverted by Companies that see that same freedom as freedom to make money off the conflicts (which they usually start) and use them to line their pockets. And our government, made up of both groups, is just as quick to imagine that ‘the ends justify the means’ and whole countries are betrayed or used for cannon-fodder in their jockeying for Power. Which, of course they ‘NEED’ because every second ‘wasted’ meant more people waiting for “freedom”. So at the end of the day it always come down to a pissing contest; everyone WANTS power, yet no one can really be trusted with it, ergo there’s no one left to trust: except the individual. And we’re back to square one, it’s all we know: and it’s getting our asses kicked all over the frikken globe right now.
    (And I know this has nothing to do with breakdancing, sorry about that)

  7. 7 Babak

    America doesn’t have a culture? b..b…Bbbut, then how do you explain American Idol? ;-)

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