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The Winner of My First Trading Blog Contest Is… at Trader’s Narrative

And the winner of my first trading blog contest is…

sentimenTrader contest winner trader eyal.png

Contact me to claim your prize!

I hope you enjoy your free 6-month access to SentimenTrader, gain insight into the markets and above all make lots of $$$ :)

I want to thank everyone who entered. I wish I could have given all of you the prize. The next best thing is to take up Jason Goepfert’s offer of a free 14 day trial. It is a zero cost, risk-free way of getting full access to SentimenTrader (including their massive archives) and seeing if they can add value to your trading.

Also, if you haven’t already, add my feed to your reader or subscribe by email (look over at the sidebar where the RSS button is) because I’ll continue to feature and talk about some of Jason Goepfert’s market calls and analysis.

If you’re curious about the quality of Jason’s work, check out my newly added virtual hard drive for his award winning (Charles H. Dow) paper on mutual fund cash reserves and their implications for the stock market.

For those curious how the winner was chosen: I kept track of the contest entries, numbered them and then used an online random number generator to pick the winner.

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  1. 1 Eyal

    Wow! Awesome stuff.. I never win this sort of things lol Thanks!

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