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Tony Oz’s Stock Trader TV - #3 at Trader’s Narrative

Tony Oz’s Stock Trader TV - #3

Here’s the third video from Tony:

I’m really glad that Tony returns to the ‘boring’ style we saw in the first video. He analyses the NASDAQ index and then revisits the 4 stocks that he suggested in the second video: DRYS, VRTS, MNST, and CERN to see how they fared. It’s interesting to notice that the three that worked were the long trades. This isn’t surprising taking into account the stock market had an inflection point last week and finished the week strongly higher. No matter how great a setup, it is always smart to go with the now that will have the wind at its back. This week, Tony suggests ADTN as a breakout play (similar to CERN from last week).

If Tony keeps this up, he’ll definitely find a niche. No other trading vblog gives you this kind of market information and such clear, actionable ideas.

If you missed the the previous videos, here is the second one and here is the first one.

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