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Top 10 Cities For Traders at Trader’s Narrative

Top 10 Cities For Traders

Here are the top 10 cities for traders, according to Trader magazine:

  1. Chicago
  2. London
  3. New York
  4. Dubai
  5. Miami
  6. Boston
  7. Dublin
  8. Los Angeles
  9. Toronto
  10. Sao Paolo

Cities were ranked according to amenities, nightlife, taxes, and other relevant factors. I wasn’t surprised to see Chicago or the other American cities. But Dubai? C’mon. Who wants to live there? Visit, maybe. The place is museum set of what happens when you have gobs of money but no taste. Dubai actually makes Trump look elegant. In any case, as the magazine confesses, Dubai made it on the list because they have no taxes whatsoever - no personal income tax, not capital gains, etc. But on that score, why not put tax havens like the Turks & Caicos on the list? Complete and utter balderdash.

On the other hand I’m glad to see Toronto on the list. Although a relatively small city on a world wide scope, it is the largest city in Canada and has one of the best lifestyles. Especially if you’re a single professional. The other Canadian city on the list was Montreal, but it came in at #24. Montreal is a very cool place, probably the most European city you can get without crossing the pond.

And lastly, Sao Paolo. Yes! Brazil rocks. Finally people are beginning to realize it. The country has come a long way in the past 20 years. Although you still have to be cautious when it comes to crime, it is an amazing place to live and work. If you’re a male, unattached professional, the night life is beyond this world. And no, you don’t need any game. As cliche as it sounds, you can just be yourself. Even the most gorgeous Brazilian girls are friendly, approachable and they don’t play mind games nor waste time.

Of course, if you’re living in one of these cities, you need to be hooked up with the markets via a prop firm. Here’s a complete list of proprietary trading firms. Although most are based in the US, almost all of them allow remote trading.

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9 Responses to “Top 10 Cities For Traders”  

  1. 1 BeamerUSA

    Can you daytrade from India, for instance from Bombay. Any idea about the reliability of the internet?

  2. 2 suhaib

    stay away from india unless you want to die.

    i am also suprised at how high dubai is and how dublin got in their, weres singapore, hong kong, melborn, tokyo

  3. 3 Jamison

    If you’re a single guy & you want to stay in North America, skip over Boston & NYC, and head straight for Toronto or Montreal. And this includes Americans from outside of the northeast corridor.

    The actual lives of people living in Canadian cities are much higher than their seemingly similar northern US counterparts. In Boston & NYC, you’ll find that the typical attractive lady is relatively high maintenance and you’ll already be contending with a higher cost of living. Albeit, if you grew up in the Tri-State or New England regions, then this doesn’t apply, as it’s your native territory but most newcoming males tend to find themselves hanging out with their old college pals (see alumni clubs) in the region, than in finding a better life for themselves.

  4. 4 dhride

    One of the greatest things about trading(being a trader) is the flexibility to travel and have extended stays in different parts of the world while still trading everyday, off course a T1 line and reliable computer equipment is a must if you are to trade remotely and those sort of arrangements have to be made well in advance.
    My goal is to spent 3 months a year at a new location until I can get out of the business or until the business gets the best of me and I have to find a 9-5.
    I live in NYC, and New York should be Number one. I moved here 3 years ago and I hang around with other traders not loser frat boys from college.
    I think we all agree: F*** Dubai. In a year they’ll be drowning in sand again…..they are a failed experiment.

  5. 5 DePaul Dude

    Where does Chicago stand on the list now that Illinois raised the personal income tax?

  6. 6 HH

    Can anyone list any trading companies in São Paulo?

  7. 7 Jim Monette

    Looking to trade better. Can anyone list any trading firms or trading groups to mentor me in Madison, Wisconsin.

  8. 8 nihao

    I leave in Toronto and can anyone suggest me some good day trading firm?

  9. 9 beamerUSA

    For tax purpose which is the best place to trade & live without compromising lifestyle?

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