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Trader’s Narrative On Bloomberg Terminals at Trader’s Narrative

traders narrative bloomberg screenshotWow, check this out. I’m on Bloomberg!

No, not the website, but the Bloomberg Professional service. Click to enlarge the image - my article is second from the top: What is really going on with the price of oil?

It is on the NI HEDGE pages. I had no idea Bloomberg scoured the net, including blogs. Neat.

But why did they spell the name of the blog incorrectly?

Thanks to reader Anthony from New Zealand for the heads up.

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6 Responses to “Trader’s Narrative On Bloomberg Terminals”  

  1. 1 Andrew

    Neat. Well done Babak!

  2. 2 Babak

    Andrew, thanks. Although I still don’t know why I’m in there. I suppose they have some sort of keyword filter and maybe that is further checked by a human to keep out the spam. My article made it on the list because it mentioned “hedge funds”.

  3. 3 Leon Franklin

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  4. 4 k.Salichev

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  5. 5 Ian Arceneaux

    How do I veryify an isin/cusip # for U.S. trade markets for free?

  6. 6 Babak might be a good place to start (need to register but it is free)

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