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Trading A Double Top Pattern: Video at Trader’s Narrative

Trading A Double Top Pattern: Video

Here’s a short video from Adam Hewison going over the intra-day 15 minute chart of the S&P 500 Index (SPX). Watch it, then read my comments below:

trading pattern video screengrab Apr 2009

As Adam mentions this is a very common pattern. The way I would trade it would be to go short as price comes back up from below to the resistance level (the level which used to be support but was broken to the downside).

The all important stop loss - never forget it! - would be placed in the middle of the two extremes, say around 835. And the target, as mentioned in the video would be 812.

My logic is that a breakdown rarely happens without a retracement. So I’m trying to enter into this shallow retracement, which may even take price above the new resistance line. But if the double top is valid, then price will break down anew. As well, I would be short because of all the myriad reasons I’ve outlined in the past few days on where the market is right now. I’m assuming you’ve kept up with the required reading ;-)

How would you play this? where would you enter, long or short? and where would your stop loss and targets be?

If you’re interested in patterns, then check out “The Great New Pattern“. And GNP with another specific example (VNT).

Trading is basically about finding and exploiting patterns which don’t change. Why don’t they change? Because we humans, as participants and creators of the market, don’t change.

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