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Two Magazine Covers Separated By 9 Years at Trader’s Narrative

Two Magazine Covers Separated By 9 Years

Over the weekend Barry Ritholtz showed the BusinessWeek cover (below) and since I had been reading the cover article of The Atlantic, it struck me that almost exactly 9 years separate the two:

business week cover the boom Feb 2000how the crash will reshape america atlantic cover

Time to celebrate. This month, the current economic expansion became the longest in U.S. history. The boom has done more than create millions of new jobholders and stock owners. It has also restored the public’s confidence and given more people than ever a shot at the American Dream. We tell the story in HOW PROSPERITY IS RESHAPING THE AMERICAN ECONOMY.

Source: BusinessWeek February 14, 2000

The crash of 2008 continues to reverberate loudly nationwide—destroying jobs, bankrupting businesses, and displacing homeowners. But already, it has damaged some places much more severely than others. On the other side of the crisis, America’s economic landscape will look very different than it does today. What fate will the coming years hold for New York, Charlotte, Detroit, Las Vegas? Will the suburbs be ineffably changed? Which cities and regions can come back strong? And which will never come back at all?

Source: The Atlantic February 12th, 2009

It would have been perfect had it been BusinessWeek itself with the dichotomous cover. The Atlantic magazine is a much smaller publication than BusinessWeek as well as being a much more general publication. Time will tell if these two covers act as neat bookends for their eras. Also, check out a recent German magazine cover dishing more doom and gloom.

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One Response to “Two Magazine Covers Separated By 9 Years”  

  1. 1 Sir Winston Douchehill

    I wish you would also point out that The Atlantic is not just a smaller and more general publication than Businessweek but also a much more respected one. My libertarian bias means that I can’t read 50% of The Atlantic without my head exploding, but my bias toward logic and common sense means I can’t read 90% of Businessweek (for the same affliction). With that said, I agree entirely that drawing 10-20-30 year conclusions from weekly/monthly publications (headlines especially) is a fool’s errand.

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