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Update: Four New Social Investing Websites at Trader’s Narrative

I’ve updated the list of social networking website devoted to trading/investing with these four:

  • Cake Financial
  • MarketGuru
  • Mint
  • Wikinvest

Is this completely new to you? Then you are in for a treat! Think of it as facebook meets Wall St.

If you are already familiar with one or two, or even be a member of a site… it’s worth looking over the list because you might find a more interesting community that offers you more: Guide to Social Investing Websites

market guru logocake financial logomint logo
wikinvest logo

You are either a novice, hungry to learn more about investing or trading for yourself. Or an experienced trader or investor, interested to enter a community that will allow you to continue learning or maybe even profit from your knowledge. Which ever you are, you’ll find just the right community for you.

Oh and by the way, Mint’s new investment feature is in beta but you’ll find a link to an invite if you follow above link! ;-)

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  1. 1 Adam

    Hi -

    Thanks for mentioning us in your post today! I notice you’ve got links in the keywords - any change you’d be willing to send one of the links back to us?

    If not, no worries - thanks for the great post.

    adam farren

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