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Update on Franz Shoar: Heeee’s Baaaack! at Trader’s Narrative

I wrote about the sad saga of Franz Shoar and Traders International ( a while back. Now I notice that Franz is up to his old tricks again. This time with his own firm, “Bullseye Traders”.

Franz Shoar Traders International Bullseye Traders

Oddly enough, if you go to the mainpage you get an “Under Construction” sign now. But if you happen to go directly to a sub-page, like About Us you have access to the whole site. Make sure to turn off/down your volume though since there is very annoying music on each page.

The site conveniently doesn’t mention the whole mess that Franz got into over at Traders International last year. Instead there is turgid verbiage on how Franz is the greatest trader ever (roll eyes). I suppose a sucker is born every minute. Hopefully a few of them will read this before forking money over to guys like Franz.

I’ve been there so I can understand the yearning newbies have for a short-cut. I can understand how seductive it is when someone dangles an instant gratification carrot in front of you. But for Pete’s sake! With the advent of the internet, you don’t really have an excuse for being bamboozled. Believe it or not, there are actually good vendors out there. But they are few and far between. Before you buy any trading service or buy into any ‘guru’ do your homework. Get on a trading board like EliteTrader and find out what others think. Get feedback. Find people who have gone before you. Learn from their experience.

Always remember that there is no substitute for hard work in life. If you’re truly interested in trading, go read the Market Wizard series by Schwagger. That will both inspire you and make you understand that there are a thousand paths to success and each one of them was found through independent thought and perseverance. None got there by taking a short cut.

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97 Responses to “Update on Franz Shoar: Heeee’s Baaaack!”  

  1. 1 Jon

    there are actually good vendors out there


  2. 2 Babak

    Vadym Graifer (reality trader), Tony Oz, Bo Yoder, Brandon Fredrickson (I think he’s running money now full time), and there a few traders, not vendors on elitetrader who you can ask for guidance (rearden metal, for example).

  3. 3 Buster Herzog

    Roger Felton?

  4. 4 Babak

    I personally don’t know anything about Felton so I can’t say.

  5. 5 trader

    This Franz guy is such a fraud! Thank you for outing him. TI are still going strong - they are now touting their wares in Australia where they currently have no one pursuing them for their sales tactics.

    I unfortunately became a member and can tell you that their strategy DOES NOT work, despite Peter Elsworth (one of the main dodgy characters aside from Ashfin) making all sorts of claims. “5% per day” and so forth.

    How do have they gotten away with this conduct for so long?

  6. 6 Newbie


    I was thinking of joining TI but am interested in hearing more about your experience. On their information days, they take you through their live trading rooms and the proportion of wins/loses on their site (archived trades) seems legit. So where did it all fall down exactly? Would really appreciate your comments!


  7. 7 wu tang trader

    don’t join Traders international, I’m a member and I’m leaving them, lost $30,000 trying to become “a better trader”

  8. 8 saveyourmoneydenver

    I’ve watched several of the webinars put on by Traders International, where Afshin explains the program and performs some live trades. So far, every time I’ve watched, he’s hit or even exceeded his points goal, in spite of the occasional stop-outs. Then they take us into the live trading room where existing members can post their comments and results. I’ve seen members post anything from losses and break-evens to some low, as well as relatively high gains. It appears legitimate and possible. I’ve also been considering joining, but would first like to hear from people who have actual experience with TI, or with other comparable training programs. Like Newbie asked above, where did the system break down for you? Is there another program you would sooner recommend?
    Thank you!

  9. 9 newme123

    This guy Franz Shoar with real name of Farzan Shoar Vahdat, is now reaching out in massive scale to persian communities worldwide through multiple Free to air Sattelite Tv channels.
    He is promoting riches , claiming $1000/day for every$20,000 trading capital as goal.
    Feel sorry for the persian community with all these commercial Free to air channels promoting him for their own gain and at the cost of many to lose their money, and even more lose their hope.

    He claimes or puports on air that CFTC and SEC are monitoring his posted results, and have already audited him and found no wrong. ( What a Bull!!!!)
    Wish someone familiar with his tricks can expose this guy to proper authorities, to stop misrepresantation to innocent public.

  10. 10 Babak

    newme123, thanks for the heads up. if you have detailed info, like date, channel, etc. you can tell the CFTC about it and they will take action. You can even do so anonymously.

  11. 11 Interested-IN-TRADIING-S&P options

    could anyone help me with learning the “Real Thing” that Franz claiming that doing!!
    his fee is 7k to have anyone to watch over his sholder for 7-months…!!
    and his Live Broadcast is online once in a while on !!

    and has anyone who is trading as PRO, would be willing to examine his live demo online — and see if he really is making money — he claims in a Live demo!! … is it actually true or just BS !! ? his online demo is on … and one could sign up for it
    please email me the results … i’d really be appriciated !

    thank you

  12. 12 Babak

    it is BS, there are no shortcuts or magic bullets - just saved you $7000 (you’re welcome)

  13. 13 newme123

    I agree totally with Babak.

    This guy has very bad reputation.
    He acts like a con and do not reveal any informatin up front, other than all the bs and sales talk.
    Save your $7k.
    Think about it. If this guy is so succesfull, why is he working so hard promoting himself, rather than trading .

    He does not make money from trading , I am sure. He makes his money looking for the naive and inexperienced or desperate individuals looking every where to enahnce their financial life.

  14. 14 to: BABAK, re: Training session from Franz @ 7K

    Hi Babak, thaks so much…
    just have some temptation about what Franz promoting about the 7K cost for his Training Session — says that he has a Software to guide you doing the Trading on Mini S&P (buying/selling) — says: the software analysis/monitors all that… and then would suggest for the best time to do the trade and get out of it too for the most right moment!!
    how true this could be ?
    could you refffer me to some other services, that i could sign up and start… ! ?

    thanks again

  15. 15 newme123

    Not real. If the software is so good $7k is tto cheap. But reality is different. Even a $1 is too much for a crap he is promoting

  16. 16 Babak

    He could also use a service like collective2, proving performance and charge money based on the trades. I think you have the wrong approach because you’re looking for a free ride, “some other service” which you could sign up for - no free lunches.

  17. 17 Spartacus

    As someone who took the TI course about 4 years ago I have witnessed its development since with some interest. I did have trouble with its basic strategies working successfully at that time. and I can understand the frustration of somtraderswho may have lost money. However, when I obtained the updated version of the course about 3 months ago (all members are entitled to updated versions free), I noted there had been some substantial changes made although the core elements had remained intact. More recently, there have been new signals introduced by one of the moderatrs of the 24/5 trading room, Rich, which are showing very good results at least in this early stage. After trying it in sim for 2 months and recently gone live I am pleased with the results.I do recommend all traders read Mark Douglas’s books on the psychology of trading, but as for a system offering a realistic edge, yes, I think TI can deliver that. (Rich, the insructor-moderator of the 24/5 room is an excellent mentor - the antithesis of the likes of Franz Shoar.)

  18. 18 newme123

    I am sorry, but you sound like an employee or someone they paid to make this comment about TI.

    Let me ask you this, You pay about 6K to Ti and you withness their rooms , some are in green and some in red trading.

    If you pay 6k for a course or training and you will have to stay dependent on them and keep paying $250 per month indefinetly, how good is that training?

  19. 19 Spartacus

    Yes, I agree that my comment sounded like a paid shill, but, no, I have never been employed by TI nor had any relationship with them whatsoever except being a student who took their course after visiting their booth at an investment conference here in Toronto a few years ago. At the time I had had about 18 years trading futures experience on a very parttime basis. I was quite familiar with technical and candlestick analysis, but had wiped out my account more than a couple of times and was looking for a more systematic way to trade. When I saw what TI was doing - ie daytrading using a strategy based around divergence i t caught my interest as I had experimented with divergence myself in my position trading.

    Anyways, like I said, I cannot say that I had consistent success using their mehods from that time, but I also admit to making several stupid emotional trades that were well outside of their teachings. One of those errors took place when I was trading the Euro futures at about 6 months ago and for a few minutes did not have a stop in place at a time when the market is usually dead quiet (10pm). The market suddenly crashed (owing to some oil disruption in the middle East it turns out) and again I wiped out.!After reading Market Wizards at least I see I’m not alone making bonehead plays like that.)

    But what I had learned was that a few of the higher probability signals that TI had taught were working at about 60-65% but the basic simple signal was little better than 50%. I was curious if the course had changed since I had taken it and so I contacted head office. The president told me there had been many changes and sent me out the new version. The basic divergence philosophy was still there but there were many refinements. I began testing it out in sim and also changed my platform to Ninja because I had all sorts of problems with my previous platform.

    One of the biggest changes was the availability of the 2 trading rooms. Now, here’s the thing. After being in both rooms for several days I can tell you that in my opinion the 24/5 room will help you implement the course teachings. The moderator , Rich, is an excellent mentor. I believe new students who take the course receive 2 or 3 months free in the rooms, and after that it’s $250/mo. But the intention is to make us independent traders, not to have to rely on the moderators at all eventually. However, I also have to say that the other room - the Pro Room - has a different moderator who makes his calls using his own background in TA and not necessarily using TI course material. Myself, I prefer the 24/5 room, but to each his own. (There’s also 2 overnight moderators based in Australia who also adhere strictly to the TI methodology.)

    I do not personally care for like the heavy promos that TI puts out but I can say that the signal results are accurate at least for the 24/5 room because I am in that room and have my own record in my trade journal. Can’t speak for the Pro room as not present usually there. Also, note that the Pro room’s results are a result of trading 3 contracts (that moderator’s particular strategy) as opposed to the 24/5 room which is per contract.

    Sorry for the length. but when I came across this link a few days ago I just felt TI was getting a bad rap. Things change. Keep an open mind. Hope this helps and good luck with whatever path you choose.

  20. 20 Kronos


    Thank you for your description. I am in Toronto as well, and I heard about Bulls Eye Traders on TV. Can you please tell me how much exactly the training costs and whether you really need to continue joining the rooms and pay the $250/month, or whether you can make good profit using what you learned? Also, if you don’t mind, please explain how much you started investing and how the result has been using the TI methods. Anything you could share would be greatly appreciated.

  21. 21 koochooloo

    have you dealt with Franz before? In your first response you said that “Rich, the insructor-moderator of the 24/5 room is an excellent mentor - the antithesis of the likes of Franz Shoar.)”

    I just want to choose the best trading course for me.
    thank you

  22. 22 wu tang trader

    You will see Rich Malcolm @1.08 (ti moderator) and Peter Eldsworth @5.55 (ceo ti Australia) pretending to be trainee’s of Traders International. I was a member for nearly 2 years and I am one of at least 50 people who joined at the same time,that have now left. Believe me Traders International is a fraud

  23. 23 Iran Man

    Hey guys,

    This guy has become an Iranian money making celebrity. He’s paying big bucks to magazines and free-to-air Iranians TV stations promoting Bulls Eye. He’s got a singer that goes along with him and talks about how “rich” he’s become. What an asshole!!! He’s putting his poison into the Iranian community making no note of his TI past and the sad thing is that no one’s calling him out. My dad almost fell for it after seeing his “strategy” on a Persian TV station. I quickly stopped him and told him to do research. Well what do you know! A whole crap load of stuff came up just by googling his name.

    Beware! This guy is a fraud and will take your money and run! He uses several names including Franz Shoar, Farzan Shoar Vahdat and Farzan Shoarvahdat.

  24. 24 Bijan

    Hello everyone,

    I have paid for his softwares as well as for the cost attending his room. what a big wrong in my life without any research about this fraud. There are some things about his work. At the first days around i bought his softwares he claimed only some hours a day will be enough and that he knows enough tricks and when nessecary and her softwares doesnt work he will learn them well. The results that he publish was completely other than he claimed. And some times when the traders in his room asked about the reason he didnt tolerate it or tried to change the direction and was not obvious. In the his virtual room where all where present he didnt let anyone talk. sometimes even closed the private messages to the members. About his system and signals I have tried his system. Let me be obvios, the system he claims DOES NOT exist, working some hours a day and gain 200$ and higher depend on your fund, From the moment I bought his system up to now I have collected the trade results and total month income has been negative. Be far away and save your money.

  25. 25 akbar

    Hi Babak
    thanks for your blog.I do not have any experience in stock market and I was in Franz Shoar demo several times…,sometimes he won and sometimes he lost money.I am really interested to learn this market.could you give me some information and real trading classes?

  26. 26 Alexander

    Hi and thanks to everyone for their comments and reviews.

    I have been on Bullseyetraders demo days about four times and have been tempted to join. I have not made that decision yet but your comments are surely effective. Apparently he has a special right now. He is offering the course and softwares for $6500. Now what is this $250 a month thing I just read on this page???? What I gathered: It must be an enrollment fee to be able to stay in the trading rooms. Wow. I thought that $ 6500-7000 was enough money for this.

    Of course there is no short cuts in life. Some make it and some don’t but hope is always there. Does anyone know if you can get these softwares without being a member of such UNREAL websites or companies????

    Cheers to all.

  27. 27 mike

    Dont even think i joining this guy , he is a scammer, there are lots of other good firm out there, do google find a good one and join them , but do not go with this guy

  28. 28 Hadi

    I was a member there lost $20.000,
    He is just says shit , and none of his strategics work!
    He is a big Scamer ,
    If u are thinking of joining them,
    Then u gamble!

  29. 29 YouMorons

    Where do you find logic in anyone with a system consistently averaging 1% a day or even 0.5% a day, putting it out for sale, for any price whatsoever..? Let alone a system making 5% a day.. Do you have any idea of what that type of system hypothetically means? I’ll tell you; Starting with 1,000$, in 3 years, you would have 8 quadrillion $. Yes, you need to first learn to count; million, billion, trillion, quadrillion.

    Only reason these scams work, is that someone with a reasonably high IQ made this to target low to average scoring brains. Hope and imagination is a great thing, but not in trading.

    Good luck! :)

  30. 30 Sam R.







  31. 31 Alireza

    franz is a thief in a suit. He owes me $83,700. I am trying to sue him before he files chapter 11 bankruptcy, closes Bulls Eye and starts a new scam under a new name. I wish i knew about his involvement with Traders International in Houston TX before i started his program.

  32. 32 Weel-Wait

    well, wait…
    no one here says’ how he scams people!
    specially if it is over the 7k…
    he asks and promotes to do paper money.. and till you are making the money do not use the real money! !

    so, someone here help me …. i have seen he kicks people out of the chat-room when someone starts causing problems and says negative things ! .. well… that would be obvious!

    i referred a friend to him to check him out, and he took the 1-day free class and ended up buying the session from another reputably huge company and paid them 9k instead…! and he never used that either! i asked why not with Franz, he said he is too simplified and now that i know such thing exists.. i by it from a pro co…. !!

  33. 33 kamran

    hello bijan,
    you said that you have bought bullseye system,is it possible to tell us how does these bullseye signals appear on screen?
    i would be very appreciate if you can reveal his method so that people like me can be more aware of this fraud.

  34. 34 mohammad

    Hello all,
    My family paid 7K to this scam artist.
    He is determined that this franz is an honest person.
    Do you mind giving some more stories and specific information on franz system?

    mamnoon misham age az kollah bardarihaye in franz begid ba ettelaate jozee tar ke man
    betoonam razi khonam familamo ke bikhial bashe.
    ta alan 7000 dollar dadeh.

  35. 35 Farshid

    Here is a satilite tv channel Shoar reaches out to persian community creating expectations of making anywhere from $1000 to $20,000 a day in what he calls a business opportunity.

    There are a few more sattilite persian language channels he is on as well. ripping people off at the rate of $6k and up.

  36. 36 Weel-Wait

    Still No one in here is telling How you get ripped of from this Dood!
    everyone says something …. but, he offers Papermoney, so after oaying his course fee of 6k-7k how could one loose money if you play with paaper Money and only use real money if have a track record of gaining some paper money !

    please help in here !!

  37. 37 mohammad

    The same question here.
    Khaili jalabehe baram bedoonam in chejoori kolahbardari mikoneh.
    In kasayee ke sareshoon kollah rafteh age hal bedan kamel began chi shode khaili mofid khahad bood.


  38. 38 bijan

    I learned this guy form a persian tv program some years ago. it seemed interesting to me and his claims and confirmations of the that (for us a known)persian tv presenter. everything seemed good. I participated in some demo sessions and listened to people talking in the virtual room (that made possible remotely by one of regulair remote desktop solutions where mr. franz shoar very proud of it was!) and how excited traders were about the results of their trade. and a cool guy named shahrokh that assists frans shoar. shahrokh seemed to be a very disciplined trader and confident about the trading systems frans offered. after all of this signs I trusted them and payed 7000 usd and bought their software. after some months trading with paper with not satisfying results I started real trade. unfortunatly I never became able to make consistent win but mostly lose. so after some months trying I stopped using their product as in total I made only lose. I was not sure whether I am not a good trader or their softwares didnt deliver good signals. what I didnt have any doubt was that franz is like old classic seller that after selling his product, suddenly changes in behavior and he didnt support people that have paid such a big amount a money voor such worthless product. after some years working and knowing more about trading and getting known this type of software I can say that his products dont worth 200 usd. it is unbelievable how stupid I was when buying his products. most of his “extraordinary” products are a simple indicators.

    I live in another country than usa and it was not easy to start a proces against him. If someone have an idea or if somewhere was an action against him I will be very happy to participate in it. And I never forget this big wrong of my life and will be happy to hear that he is (by law) not anymore able to sell this worthless software/signals.

  39. 39 bijan

    @ Kamran,

    I read just your email. would you please let me know how much experience you have with trading. are you an active trader? do you know the regulair trading indicators? Please let me know and based on your experience we can talk more about it.


  40. 40 Ali

    Hi my Iranian friends,

    I’m determined to stop this scammer. I talked to lawyers. I’m filing against him but the lawyer strongly recommended me to go to the Better Business Bureau website ( to file a complaint and report him as scam.

    To check if the Bulls Eye Traders Inc, is an accredited or credible company in the USA:
    Not very surprisingly, even his company (Bulls Eye Traders) does not exist in the BBB list!!!!!!
    I have checked any other company and I found their name immediately in the website.

    If you want him pay for what he’s doing, please report him as scam and file a complaint as follows:
    To report scam:
    To file a complaint:

    Franz Shoar or his company’s address that are needed to fill up the complaint and scam report

    Thanks to all that care about justice and their lost money.

  41. 41 Ali

    I reported him as scam and received this email.


    This is an email confirmation from Better Business Bureau. We received your scam report and want to say thanks for the tip. We will only be back in touch if our investigation team needs further information.

    Note: If you are seeking BBB’s help in resolving a dispute with a business, we recommend that you also file a formal complaint at: Only then can a BBB representative contact the business on your behalf to negotiate a refund or other settlement.


    - BBB Scam Investigators

  42. 42 Ali

    BBB contact:
    Council of Better Business Bureaus
    3033 Wilson Blvd, Suite 600
    Arlington, VA 22201
    Phone: 1 (703) 276.0100
    Fax: 1 (703) 525.8277

    Franz Contact:
    Faramarz Vahdat Shoar
    Franz Shoar
    2852 Rolling Fork Way
    Glenwood, Maryland 21738
    Toll Free: 1-877-489-0509
    Phone: 1-410-489-9412
    Fax: 1-410-489-9413

  43. 43 Ali

    Mamnoon Bijan Jan,

    Lotf kon ye negahi be neveshteham bendaz.
    I’m glad that found one who wants to track Franz down.
    You know, complaint wise, the more the better the sooner he’ll fall.

  44. 44 Vahid

    Hello all,

    I have been working on Wall St. (NY) for 17 years as a trader in an investment bank.

    I have seen franz shoar’s face on all iranian media channels (OIPN / Andisheh / Ch1 / Tapesh / Live Ch/ etc.) but not on a single US cable based TV program or infomercial. After researching him, it is obvious why he is focused on the inexperienced iranian community (as would any scammer looking for a quick heist).

    All I want to say to anyone considering his “signal” trading program is to OPEN YOUR EYES… Obviously the day/night return figures he provides are fabrications! Do you know if his system could even produce a fraction of the returns he claims, it would be worth BILLIONS on Wall st.?

    So do you really think if he had such a “system” he would be nickel and dimming from program to program? Why wouldn’t he computerize it (like every other signal generation method) and magnify his profits? Better yet, why would he even share such a system with a bunch of novice traders? THINK PEOPLE!

    My guess is that he has made it this far under this new company name “Bullseye Traders” without a law suit because of the initial contract that he makes people sign. Because he calls you a “Student” in an a “academic” type training program, the $7000 you will lose will be like your tuition, so you cant claim you really lost anything or were “damaged.”

    As far as his “signals”, what his selling are simple indicators like Ma’s and EMA’s (with customized intervals/frequency), which come free on all trading platforms these days.


    PS. Speaking of the devil, his on Tapesh Tv right now haha. This man is a serial scam artist (google Traders International scam). I feel so sad for the iranian people that are new to trading.

  45. 45 ALI

    Dear Vahid,

    You got it man!
    One of my relative paid this sucker-scammer at least 20,000 bulks though I told them from the beginning.

    Thanks for your excelent analysis on this unfaithfull, professional scammer (Franz Shoar).

  46. 46 ALI

    Can you tell us more about this man and your complain?

    AlirezaJan 14th, 2012 at 4:46 pm

    franz is a thief in a suit. He owes me $83,700. I am trying to sue him before he files chapter 11 bankruptcy, closes Bulls Eye and starts a new scam under a new name. I wish i knew about his involvement with Traders International in Houston TX before i started his program.

  47. 47 Azzi

    Let me tell you what happend to me, I lost $850000 to his scam and the trading company that he is refering us to, GLOBALFUTURES EXCHANGE TRADING
    On his website has a hyperlink of Global futures and he say to open an account with them in order to start trading. After few months I realized that Global Futures had broken every single rules on the book, such as tabbing into my account, and providing phoney reports, and many more. So naturally I filed a lawsuit against them, but because of the clause that was on the Globalfutures’s contract that I signed, I could only go thru NFA arbitration and not civil court!

    Well guess what happend, although my lawyer did a magnificant job showing how the whole thing is a scam and Franz Shoar is actually a hidden agent for GLOBAL FUTURES.

    But wait it gets really intersting, my whole case started in year 2010, and it was finished by 2011, BUT, when I checked NFA website to check on GLOBALFUTURES, I noticed another lawsuit against Globalfutures on 2009 which was finished on 2010, the facts in that claim were, almost the same amount of money, 825000 dollars, and guess what the outcome of that one was, YOU GUESSED IT RIGHT, a 74000 dollars award to Globalfutures.
    Oh by the way, the arbitration is not appealable and no one can change their ruling.
    Now they have a judgment against me for 75000 which they are enforcing it fully.
    But, I am not sitting back and take this, it is an absolute injustice, I am planning to blow all their cover. I have been in touch with all the different governoment agancies, newspapers, wall street jornoul and TV network, hopefully someone would pay attention and not become a vicitim.
    You can join me if you like!

  48. 48 Azzi

    Well, here is my sad story!
    I lost all my saving and my life to his scam and his associate, GLOBALFUTURES EXCHANGE TRADING COMPANY. to be exact 850000 dollars. When I became a student, he was promisning the world and I fell for it. In 2009, I became a student, opened an account with Global futures, as he instructed all his students to do so. On 2010, I realized that Global futures had done a lot of fraudulant activities on my account, and they had broken all the regulations, such as tabbing into my account, providing phony reports, and showing me a loophole to get all my money, so naturally, I acted right away and filed a lwasuit against them. Because of the clause on their contract, I could only go thru NFA arbitration, not civil court. My lawyer did a magnificent job on showing how the people at Global futures were violated many regulation and she also strongly believed that Franz was an agent for Global Futures.
    When the arbitration was done and over, the arbitrators ruled against me and gave Global Futures a 75000 dollars award. The arbitrators did not provide any reason for their decision, so that it will not be appealable.
    But Here is the interesting part, if you check on NFA website and you bring Dr. Kathy Hakimian up, under Global Futures, you see another allagation against her company which was in the year 2010, right before my case which was finalized in 2011. The lawsuit was about 825000 dollars, and guess what the decision of that arbitration was, YOU GUESSED RIGHT, an award AGAIN for the Global Futures, for 74000 dollars! Are these associations really protecting us?
    Now that I have lost everything with these two companies, which is by the way, same entity, Bullseyetraders and Global futures, I have pledged my life to blow their cover. I have contact governoment agancies, more than 10 newspapers, juornal and TV stations to shed light on my story and hopefully other vicitms, in the hope no one else becomes their victim!
    The fight should definitly be directed at Global futures and then Franz Shoar
    If you like to join me, you are more than welcome!

  49. 49 Azzi

    Sorry, the first time I wrote the story, I thought it was not submitted, since my computer ran out of charges, so I wrote it all over again. I just realized, itt is posted twice,.
    sorry for the repetition:)

  50. 50 Fred

    I am sorry for everyone on this list who lost money or their life savings. Could VAHID one of the commenters who said he is working on Wall Street help us find a school, method, books, or place to learn and become become knowledgeable about the stock market?

    I realize nothing comes easy. You have to work hard and if anybody says, oh, it is so easy, they are lying to you.

  51. 51 NIMA

    AZZIZ, Bijan, All,
    I join you to fight back against Vahdatshoar. I am another victim of this scam we need to stop and end to this scam. we need to report to federal and state agencies to stop more Iranians become victim of this. WE NEED TO WRITE TO OUR CONGRESSMAN AGAINST Vahdatshoar and get all the money back to the people who took from them. Lets work togeather and create a coalition to make them pay for what they do to people who would like to make an honest decent living. ALSO, GO TO FEDERAL WEB SITE TO COMPLAIN AGAINST Vahdatshoar’s WEB site as SCAM.

    LETS do All now.


  52. 52 akbar

    Hi Nima
    what’s happened to you ? you like us lost all your money?
    we have to do something.


  53. 53 dave


  54. 54 Mike

    To all that lost money to Vahdatshoar Scam:

    you guys can start a class action lawsuit and have SEC to look into this .As i know he scammed lots of people and he deserve to pay.

  55. 55 Mike


    We live in USA and we have the power to stop the scammer and fraudulent individuals.

    You guys have something in common. All lost money due to UNTRUE and wrongful advertisement of Mr Franz Vahdat Shoaar and Bull eyes traders!

    Some one should organize to gather all the name of the people that think they fall to bull eyes traders TRAP and talk to an attorney.

    There are lots of attorney willing to start a case on contingency basis. You guys have a potential claim against this person.

    SOME ONE MUST STOP HIM. I know lots of people have lots their hard earned earning due to Mr Shoar and bull eyes traders advertisement.

    I have personally attended several of his 1 day free webinar and recorded them and kept them for an evidence. HE LOSSES IN MOST OF THEM

    his claims of making 0- % 500 percent a month is FALSE and misrepresenting !

    He has violated interstate advertising rules.


    Babak : We should all thank you for creating this web blog for traders to exchange the ideas and introduce dishonest people

  56. 56 does-it-Ez?

    Bunch of Winning babies in here …
    Non of accusers in here are not even good actors!
    making so much ugly-ass gossips, and pretending no one would even notice !

    what s it with you and the sense of obsession you all have against this guy !
    how come, not even one has been telling the story of the Scams this guy has been doing with the straight-face… been reading the stories and accusations for a couple years now… — nothing has a real base — None !

    this guy advertises every week on the Radio, and tells what he does, and what could expect to happen, very Precise and clear; all the time….

    i think that since just some people are Manic or have manic disorder…. just daydream a special scenario and just by buying his course for 7K and getting his downloaded software, the money should come along ! and When it does not fall down from the sky, they are disappointed — again, because of their Manic disorder !

    other than above, it could be that he is getting more into the scalping and the odds for other players are become harder to gain thousands every day — and that pieces some of the jealous guys OFF .

    there are a few dozen programs like his, that charge even more!
    and just the same online course, and same B.S all over… and they charge 9K and 12K ! but not in the native language of some they desire it !

  57. 57 Azzi

    @ does-it-Ez

    Are you kidding me? You are calling us “Actors”? If anything your buddy, Franz is the ultimate actor here, not us! For God’s sake people have lost all their savings to his non sense!

    I don’t know about others, but for info, I have already hired a lawyer to go after him, and although I know I won’t get my money back! But at least I’ll save some people from this scammer and his good old friends at Global Future & Exchange!

    In fact my lawyer suggested that we go after Franz Shoar rather than Global future, because Franz’s scam was way more obvious!
    And since you are too worried about him, I’ll keep you posted when the law suit is initiated!

  58. 58 Fred

    Does-it-Ez. Is Shoar Vahdat himself posting here. What a low life.
    Shame on all the Tv programs accepting this guys stolen ill gotten money to advertise his Scam.
    Www. are a few sites worth posting your complaints if you have been scammed by this seasoned conman.

  59. 59 Nazi


    I was wondering if I should pay for their training material or not. I went through all messages in this blog. Thank you Babak for setting it up.

    What my understand is so far (please correct me if I am wrong):

    - Nobody says exactly why what they are doing is a scam. They just complain that they lost money and its his fault.

    - One says his father was going to pay 7k and he stopped him. Thanks god that he did that etc. But there is no real reason in his message about why he thinks that it’s a scam other than he stopped him.

    - Dear Azzi tells a little bit of her story but doesn’t explain why she and somebody before her lost in the court of law in the US against them. Does she mean the US court system is corrupted? I didn’t get what she meant at the end. If she was right and they were wrong why did she lose?

    - So many months have passed since people in these messages said that they will close his business. But I see that he still has his programs on Persian TVs and there is no bankruptcy, no law suit and the TV program is still active.

    If he was doing something wrong wouldn’t they already stop him and put him in jail like they did with John Farahi on 670 AM Radio Iran with his stock program every morning in LA who is in jail now?

    Does it mean that what they do is not a scam and these messages here are only from people who lost money in the market and blame him for their loss?

    Sorry guys I am not in any relation with this company or its employee I am just trying to understand what the scam is and what the real issue is here other than people who lost money in the market, as they say it’s a RISK CAPITAL and there is risk of losing money in the stock market.


  60. 60 Parsha

    @Nazi - I was going to sign up for his training a couple of years ago and took 3 demo sessions online and researched his company. Here is what I found:

    1. During his demos he does not clearly indicate how his software which predicts the market is any better than other vendors and how does it really work. He could show a live demo of his trading, which I do not think he does. After 2 sessions, when I attended the 3rd demo, he turned around and said that some IPs had been attending more than once or twice. So, he would start blocking the IPs!! This tells me that he is hiding something. Otherwise, he should allow attendance until a prospect client is satsified with what he/she is seeing. He is not showing anything for me to copy his method or learn something. So, what is he afraid of?

    2. He never says how much his method is going to cost.
    3. I have not found a single positive feedback on him anywhere online.
    4. I read either here or on some other site that in one of his “infomercials” he interviews his partner, which is pathetic and shows me that he is an authentic liar.

    It’s your money, and it’s up to you. However, I would never spend a penny on him. Whoever promises doubling or tripling money in this day and age is either full of BS or is an inside trader. Otherwise, there is no such a thing the way stock work nowadays. So, I see him as a very elegant thief or scammer.

    Good luck!

  61. 61 Nazi

    @ Parsha - Thank you for your reply

    I think what I have got so far from the internet is that Franz has done a presentation many years ago in another company earlier where he didn’t mention that it was on simulator and people though it’s real money. That’s the only bad thing I have gathered so far.

    In his current company and in his demo he shows first day on a simulator and next day on a live demo and he showed that he lost once and won the other time the live day.

    What I think is that he is probably not a good teacher. He has learned something and has some complex and wants to show to others or to the white Americans that he knows his stuff instead of focusing on teaching to his students. Or maybe he has used this system so many years that he thinks everything is simple and doesn’t understand that he has to give more information to the students. Hi American teachers are better at explaining things, even if they don’t do it in Persian.

    Now that he has created this company and product I can understand him that he is scared that somebody might copy his stuff. As you know among Iranians or in Asia copy/pasting is a normal thing and nobody thinks that it’s wrong to copy somebody else product or innovation.

    So here some comments to your points:

    1. I think it’s like a trade secret. You don’t see Coca Cola or Pepsi to tell you their formula do you ? So I wouldn’t expect him either to tell us how his stuff work. I can also understand him to be scared from people who don’t really want to participate and connect each time to steal his stuff and he blocks their IP? It’s probably because that’s the only thing he has and he doesn’t want to lose it, understandable.

    2. In the demo that I was (this year maybe is different from 3 years ago) he gave all prices. It’s around 7k to get the software and training material and 4 to 6 months online sessions.

    3. For negative points I only found what I mentioned above about live or simulated demo. For positive comments I found this on their web site:

    4. Interviewing the partner might be a normal sales and marketing thing which is usual in US I don’t see anything wrong with that in US and doesn’t prove somebody to be a scammer.

    So I am still waiting for real facts to tell what Franz or his company has done which makes him a scammer.


  62. 62 akbar

    Hi Nazi
    I was his student for almost 1 yr. the real problem is his software does not work most of the time (maybe it had worked before I registered ). and i was lucky before I lost all my money I stopped trading but my friend bought his all software and he believed in Franz, and he lost over 12k on his system,then I tried to find out what is his system or he named software, easily I found trend wave and zig zag software on books. those are just indicators on chart.

    Good luck

  63. 63 akbar

    by the way,
    what you see on his website (% return) these returns are before commission, each single
    trade costs $5. 37 , if you buy and sell 10 contracts 1 day you have to pay 10×5.37. now check website and you see if they return like 20% of $5000 ,their net profit is not like $1000 and is much more less. because i was in his class ,some days he trades over 10 or 11 contract at minimum. you imagine 5 contracts each day.
    5 contracts x 20 days in one month = 5×5.37×20 = $537
    1000-537 =net profit$ 463

  64. 64 Nazi

    Hi Akbar,

    Thank you for the information.

    When were you his student before the automation software? Have you or your friend used his new automation software? what do you think about that?

    So based on your numbers he had $463 profit for 1 month with $5000 investment. That makes it $463 / $5000 x 100 = %9.26 percent profit which is not a bad profit. It means if you put $50000 you get $4630 per month if you put $100 000 you get $9260 per month.

    With a rental property you will need at least $250 000 to $300 000 these days and you get around $1500 rental income per month. Usually they say the rental profit is around 6% once you deduct all costs.

    The saving at Bank gives you around 1% and CDs couple of percents.

    So in this market if these numbers are true and you can get %9.26 profit I don’t think it’s a bad profit.


  65. 65 akbar

    last yr and he started to sell automation. no my friend did not buy automation. some people may buy automation but when you are in bed and you have no idea what is going on in the stock or you get disconnected ( internet ) or some times you should jump out otherwise you lose more or maybe the candle stick hits your target but you don’t go out and prefer to jump out with one less tick, what do you think automation can do all this for you? automation does not ring your homophone and say Nazi wake up you get disconnected.
    you talked about his profit but as I said imagine if your daily average contract for one month is 5 contracts but he buys and sells more than 5 contracts easily. I meant if you are lucky with 5 contracts each day you make 20% return then your profit is like $ what do you say about those months which return is - % commission ?
    and at the end , his biggest account which as I remember it was $40k. he has been in this market over 25 yrs and if you think you can invest $50k in this business after a couple of months I can not say anything, and if you think you can trade with big money at night you are in big trouble because nights very slow and you can not trade more than couple of contracts each time and most of the time when you are in with 4 or 5 contracts and signal hits your target all your contracts do not go out at the same time and you see 1 or 2 contracts still there.
    this is my experience ( and my friend) and i do not want to say if you go there you lose because we lost. it’s your money and time and I respect if you decide to enroll.
    hope you get success

  66. 66 Sam

    Hi Nazi and Akbar
    I was his student last year. Usually he trade around 200 contract every month on day trade (and same amount on night trade) base on my 11 months record. system account has $4000. so 200x$5=$1000. It means system commission is 25% of its return!! ($1000/$4000= 25%) ok look at his Profit chart!! on his website. Every month the profit is more than 25%, he in on positive side and if its under 25%, he is loosing money…

  67. 67 akbar

    Hi Sam

    you right.

  68. 68 Nazi

    Hi Akbar,

    Thank you for the information. When you say :

    “What do you think automation can do all this for you? automation does not ring your homophone and say Nazi wake up you get disconnected.”

    There are these tools (and also some other more advanced /expensive tools used by stock companies to tell them when things get disconnected):

    [It seems I can’t put direct web links here, search in google for “power outage alarm”
    for example check out “THP207 Plug-In Power Failure Alarm”

    They can just call you and say “Nazi wake up you got disconnected”.

    I wouldn’t see your $12k as lost more as a training free that you have paid to learn some new skill. I don’t think I would be able to learn it myself through books. I will need to go through a training and somebody showing how to do different things.

    My friend has enrolled and bought this Alarm tool and is going to use it. She asks me to enroll but I want to gather more information from other people before I make my decision. So let’s see what’s the experience of other people.

    Thank you Sam, for the information. That’s exactly the type of information that I think I and other people here are looking for.


  69. 69 VAHID

    Hello again all,

    its been months since i checked this site since my last post (see Vahid above). But a few quick points.

    I never even considered investing with Shoar since his scam is so blunt that no one but a novice would even look at his material. I did however spend a day in his “webinar” after reading the posts on this site.

    1. Nazi is clearly Shaor’s wife (or better yet shoar himself). Either way shame on you. People like you make me sick. Even though am a pure capitalist, you and your master are taking advantage of the vulnerable, unfamiliar new immigrants to this country. These people have already lost a lot and have struggled greatly to put themselves in a position to better their families future, hence making them easy targets.

    2. You refer to testimonials on shoar’s website? He doesn’t even include a full name! “R.H. Arizona” and “Bahman S. Tulsa, Oklahoma” and “Ms. Nooshin R, Los Angeles, CA”. Is this your defense? Here add this one to it “Abbas agha, from meidoon e shoosh” Get out of here. His website looks like it was made by a kid in junior high school. To the people that invest in his “system,” THINK!… if he was making “542% return YTD in 2012″ could he not offered a web developer?

    3. Because time is of the essence, to answer most your “questions” NAZI joon, let me copy paste from my previous post… re-read this carefully…

    All I want to say to anyone considering his “signal” trading program is to OPEN YOUR EYES… Obviously the day/night return figures he provides are fabrications! Do you know if his system could even produce a fraction of the returns he claims, it would be worth BILLIONS on Wall st.?

    So do you really think if he had such a “system” he would be nickel and dimming from program to program? Why wouldn’t he computerize it (like every other signal generation method) and magnify his profits? Better yet, why would he even share such a system with a bunch of novice traders? THINK PEOPLE!

    My guess is that he has made it this far under this new company name “Bullseye Traders” without a law suit because of the initial contract that he makes people sign. Because he calls you a “Student” in an a “academic” type training program, the $7000 you will lose will be like your tuition, so you cant claim you really lost anything or were “damaged.”

    As far as his “signals”, what his selling are simple indicators like MA’s and EMA’s (with customized intervals/frequency), which come free on all trading platforms these days.

    So now you understand why people can’t successfully file suit and be “wholed” in regards to his actions.

    However, although i am confident he will be held fully accountable in the near future, what this charlatan needs to worry about is not his verdict in this world, but the next.

    His parents must be turning in their graves knowing what they have produced and left behind for this society. Theft and fraud is one thing, but destroying innocent and vulnerable lives when they are most susceptible is a new level of filth.

    You are a despicable human being Faramarz Vahdatshoar (AKA Franz Shoar). In my book, you are in parallels with the ranks of Ayatollah Janati. May god have mercy on your soul.


  70. 70 Parsha

    Dear Vahid,

    You are absolutely right. NAZI is one of Shoar’s puppets unfortunately, or perhaps Shoar himself. It would be good if the moderator could delete her comments right away.

    I hope this scammer is caught before he ruins more lives.


  71. 71 Nazi

    Hi Parsha/Vahid,

    Vahid wrote:
    “It would be good if the moderator could delete her comments right away.”

    Thank you Vahid for your comment. I think once we come to US it would be nice to learn how to respect other people’s idea and thought, if not we could stay in the dictatorship countries with the Censorship.

    Parsha wrote:

    1) Nazi is clearly Shaor’s wife (or better yet shoar himself).

    2) “I have been working on Wall St. (NY) for 17 years as a trader in an investment bank.”

    3) “I did however spend a day in his “webinar” after reading the posts on this site.”

    4) However, although i am confident he will be held fully accountable in the near future, what this charlatan needs to worry about is not his verdict in this world, but the next.

    Thank you Vahid for your comments. I did read all your comments and tried to extract some useful information and try to see where the scam is but couldn’t find it and saw only emotions and hard feelings.

    Instead of personal attacks (Nazi is Shaor’s wife) I think it will be more positive to comment on each others ideas and comments.

    I don’t know how you could from 1 webinar conclude about a 4 - 6 months training system. As you said you worked at Wall St. I would put your comments and your reaction more on the “Jealousy” side of the Psychology, where you think why is he making so much money not me who spent so many years on Wall st. and lost X or Y amount of money.

    So with your experience and knowledge it would be more useful for us if you go in details and point by point (forget the web site, TV program etc.) from the financial point of view explain to us what his company does.

    I don’t see what’s wrong with somebody who has already gone a route to teach to other people specially his country men about the way to do things.

    I think you are more of school of thought about imaginary future or next world etc. (like Ahmadinejad) but I would prefer some facts and things in this life and this world not an imaginary future. If you have any facts please let us all know.

    Things like design of website for companies that their core business is not web development doesn’t tell me anything.

    I have started reading some books about future trading and it seems the system they use is not stocks but for futures and commodity (like corn, wheat etc.) where the price change is not huge so they won’t be able to make a lot of money but the risk compared to stocks is less. That’s probably why he tries to make more money by these courses, TV programs and getting more students. I don’t see what’s wrong with that.

    If you could please setup a web site, a system to teach us or do it here, I would be more than happy to participate in your courses.

    Note: I didn’t say he is not a scammer I said instead of emotions and feelings, here is a free discussion forums please provide facts, examples and numbers not only talks so that we learn from each other.

    Couple of people provided numbers and exact examples which were at least very useful for me for my decision to join or not. So again I would request people who know this system, take the emotion aside and give example with numbers and your experience so that we can learn from each other.


  72. 72 Parsha


    You’re mixing up names and comments because you are full of it, and you know it. You have no idea where I live, was raised or come from. So, don’t make any assumptions.

    How much does Franzy Shoar pay you? $1 per word?

    Get a decent job and life, rather than brain-washing people with your amrican old-business-school-way of nullifying people’s opinions here.

    Nothing’s wrong with your honey shoar. He’s just a scammer like you are pretending to be a student. It is so obvious that it’s pathetic.

    Go back to your Mulla daddy…although you could also be his mistress born in US ’cause I’ll give you this: your English is much better than honey Shoar…LOL

  73. 73 Nazi

    Hi Parsha,

    I am sorry to mix up your name with Vahid’s name. The main point was the content of your and my comments not the names.

    You wrote:

    1) You have no idea where I live, was raised or come from. So, don’t make any assumptions.

    I didn’t make any assumptions about where you were raised or live. You asked the moderator of this site to delete my comments, I reminded you that this web site is registered in Arizona in USA and at least in US and in most of modern countries there is the freedom of speech written in the constitution. If you are living in another type of country it would be nice if you do not dictate your type of country dictatorship and censorship here.

    From now on I will ignore these type of comments and I hope people can give more constructive non emotional financial advices here.


  74. 74 Parsha


    Yes, people need to provide more constructive advice to promote your BF’s business so that they can spend their life savings to a scammer.

    What has he really promised to you? A car? A house?

    A dishonest person is dishonet to everyone including people close to him. That’s a piece of advice although you seem to be beyond repair.

    Looking for free advertisement AGHAYE SHOAR???!!!! Hahahahahaha!!!!

  75. 75 VAHID

    PARSHA… Lmao ya ur right her English is better …

    NAZI joon, esweetheart e baba,, ghorbonet beram keh enghad daghooni too,, migam joon-e-vahid…. too khodeh Shoar balaaa nahhh? lol

    Ok lets do english so we expose “shoar-the-douche” to the whole world. :)

    You say you have read my post but you keep asking questions that are bluntly obvious. You keep asking everyone for “facts,” but you refuse to acknowledge them because you know Franz is a douche-bag without a defense.

    I am going to repeat the facts FIVE (5) points at a time so you can answer them (because you seem to get lost when I cover more lol):

    1. RETURNS

    Shoar claims: ” 542% return YTD in 2012″… ” 1446%” for 2011 … “1049%” for 2010!

    Do you have the slightest notion what 1000% return is? Returns of the most experienced traders at Goldman Sachs, which are arguably the best capitalized, disciplined, and funded traders in the world, were barely in the double digits for those same periods!

    The top futures traders in the world returned under 54% 2012… (Futuresmag. com/2013/03/01/top-traders-of-2012) … Shoar claims he returned “542%”… Thats TEN TIMES higher then some of the best traders in the world that have an astonishing track record.

    Wouldn’t he be on CNBC or something at least for a single interview? Dont you wonder why no one in the “real-markets” even talks to this guy? After all, such a outstanding trader is he not? 1000% return!? lol (We know its not due to a alck of time because his selling his scam like a used car salesman on Tapesh TV 24/7…. lol)

    Once again i repeat because you don’t seem to understand how efficient global markets work, do you know what his system would be worth on Wall street if the numbers were real?? So trust me they are not, you know why, because they are simulated! (I’ll discuss that under POINT 4 below!)


    Speaking of a track record, what is Shoar’s exactly? What is his educational background? He claims “Computer science”… FROM WHERE? Did he even finish his degree or just took a few courses online and probably failed those to? Funny nothing about a formal TRADING education on his bio! I wonder why? maybe because he has no formal trading education!

    He claims his been trading for “17 years.” What does that mean? Means he made his first trade 17 years ago? Many people trade for years, they could be passive traders, investors, value seekers, etc. My grandma used to trade 20 years ago, so what? Don’t you think if he had a REAL track record he would be plastering it all over his “cut-and-paste” looking website? lol

    He says he worked for “Merril Lynch” as a “broker” for less than 3 years!… ML is an advisory firm, not a trading firm. Furthermore he was a broker do you know what ML brokers are known for on Wall street Nazi joon? As VACUUM SALESMEN… lol Hence, at best, he was a crooked “SALESMAN” selling proprietary products not a trader there.


    Just so you know, here are his true credentials… Trader’s International fraud in Houston Texas… ( ripoffreport. com/financial-services/traders-internationa/traders-international-and-fran-ebemm.htm )

    What do you think it’s just a random coincidence that Shoar was an essential part of the exact same scam (under a different entity name) a few years ago?


    Here is what he says at the bottom of his trading data on his website…


    Therefore, his not even trading real money. As far as we know all his numbers are fabrications because he is “simulating”… therefore resetting as needed till he gets the values he wants.

    In this industry we have something called the “TAPE” which records the traders exact T&S for every trade … Ask you master why he wont post his TAPE trade log… So people stop wondering if his a scammer or not…. you know why? Because his not even trading real money!


    Like I told you in my previous post, obviously his “testimonials” are made up as there are no real FULL names made available. I have not heard of a single person making even a POSITIVE (let alone 1000% ) RETURN with his system. Even if you completely guess the direction of a price movement you will be right 50% of the time, so how is it possible that no one makes money using his system? If they do, where are they??

    I’d like to see if you can provide me with the full name of a SINGLE person that has succeeded with his system and is willing to EXPLAIN (i.e. phone or in person) the approach and how much he made openly with his REAL-MONEY trade log, not some “simulation” that can be reset every 5 minutes till you get the percent-return right.

    In conclusion, Am sure his going to do this for a year or so longer and then close shop, change name, and repeat somewhere else (i.e. Europe, Canada, who knows maybe Iran lol).

    In the interim, I strongly recommend you stop posting here Naznazi, because what your going to do is attract people like Parsha and I that have experience in this field to start discussing things that your master surely does not want exposed.

  76. 76 Nazi

    Hi Vahid,

    Thank you for all this information. That was exactly the type of information I and many others here are looking for.

    You see it’s much better to provide the information instead of doing personal attacks saying I am his wife or so. I don’t know him and my friend says if he knew you are writing all these here. I told her I don’t care what people say what I care is that we from the third world need to learn to respect each others idea and talk with facts not emotions.

    Vahid, I appreciate the time you took and did type all these here. I will have that in consideration if/when I want to join his system. Right now I am reading the book “Technical Analysis of the Financial Markets” by John J. Murphy to learn more about this new world to me. If you know any other good book about futures please suggest that.

    I have my friend who has joined his system but I can’t say yet if she makes any money or not as she is still learning and is in her 4-6 months training on simulator before she goes live. She mentioned that some of teachers are Americans and do trade every night themselves. If this is a scam I wonder how come nobody has stopped them so far and what those people do there?

    The only reference I have got so far is what Sam and Akbar as 1 year student wrote above. It seems Akbar lost $12k. Sam didn’t mention if he lost or made money but he gave a good piece of information about the commission for each transaction which is : “on his website. Every month the profit is more than 25%, he in on positive side and if its under 25%, he is loosing money”

    Once I finish this book and once I can also check with my friend then I have more reference and knowledge.

    Thanks again for the information that you did provide here.


  77. 77 VAHID


    You must be 1.Lying OR 2.Out of your mind, if you are still thinking about investing with Shoarak!

    Listen, I’ve seen so many Scammers on Wall st. in the last two decades, and this guys no different. But what specially pissed me off about Shoar is that his praying on the vulnerable, exiled Iranian community that have already lost so much in this transitional process.

    The points I listed above are just 5 of probably 50 red flags of why I am 100% positive this guy is a classic freud.

    Why do you think he NEVER takes phone calls when his on the Iranian TV channels? Because he knows it will take 15 seconds for someone like me to wrap his gig up.

    Why do you think he never lets the people in the free Webinar talk to the actual traders that are trading in the other chatroom? Why are members only allowed in the trade room? maybe because by then its too late to get your money back?

    He claims he won the “WROLD TRADING CONTEST”… He was the #1 sponsor of the event. This institution is not a reputable organization so obviously him winning was a kick back for the sponsorship. Furthermore, once again he was on a SIMULATOR… That’s totally different from trading live!

    What you need to understand is you can spend 10 years trading on a simulator and you will still not be prepared for the REAL thing.

    Trading is not a predefined set of rules, if it was, then computers could be programmed and they would be making all the money right (input-output theory)?

    The truth is that although general rules and discipline is important, 80% of trading is psychological, which you will NEVER experience on a simulator.

    In any case, read the Market Wizard books, they are classic and informative. But the truth is you will never truly learn until your trading REAL MONEY live…

    And if you wondering why Shoar is still walking freely and is not locked up… you need to understand that Securities regulation is a very tedious and complicated part of the law… It doesn’t matter what the truth is, it matters what you can PROVE the truth is. Crooks are always more careful then the innocent in covering their tracks because they act with premeditation.


  78. 78 Parsha


    I think you are a very experienced trader and can expose Shoar in any 2-min conversation. However, it appears to me that you and I might be missing something here because we don’t have enough experience to reply to structured propaganda. So, I’m just going to brain storm a bit to figure this out.

    I believe no one in his right mind would come to a forum to look for positive points about any company if the forum starts by saying that the company in question is a fraud. The only individual who would do such a thing would be someone attempting to challenge all of the past posts with a final positive post to support the company sort of to have the final word. So, as long as you and I enter the last post against Shoar, his marketing scheme will have Nazi (or any other made-up name) appear out of nowhere with a post which uses apparent rationale that everyone else is lacking. He is definitely trying to prove that everyone here is wrong and Nazi is right using very precise techniques.

    I believe the reason for the above is that if you look up Shoar’s name, there is nothing positive about him out there except for what he advertises. Too bad the hungry-for-cash satellite channels go for it. But that’s another discussion beyond this forum. Thus, as long as anyone looking for any info on Shoar comes up to this forum and see the last good comments from Nazi, he/she may become a believer. Look at how she does it:

    1. My friend is taking a course - typical marketing

    2. She is reading a book and asks for recommendations. She lives in a first world country (according to her), but does not know how to research for books in a public library.

    3. Anything you and I say to expose Shoar and Nazi makes us bullies from a 3rd world country. Obviously, she has no idea about where I was born but still brings up the 3rd world country point and wants to teach us about freedom of speech. If she went back to where she came from, they would teach her freedom of speech for sure!!!!

    4. Somehow she is very good with analyzing and re-posting the monetary gains from other individuals - Another marketing technique learned from his boss/master, or whatever the heck he is.

    5. Being polite and getting her point across - Marketing/project management skills. Thank you Nazi joon, but hey no thanks! Make yourself a new forum by reading some computer books. Shoar would appreciate it!!!! LOL!

    6. She researches the entire forum and spends considerable amount of time finding ways to defend his company.

    Nazi, whether a he or a she is Shoar’s rep, and I knew it as soon as she replied to me the first time. So, I think it’s up to us in this forum to enter the last post so that she cannot promote that guy’s business.

    Take care,

  79. 79 Nazi


    Thank you for your response.

    Sorry I am very busy with my full time job and can only put 1 hour per night or weekends for this.

    I was trying to get more information from this forum but it seems other than personal attacks some people are not used to the freedom of speech. Some might come from dictatorship countries so it’s not their fault, first they try to delete my comments if it doesn’t work then they want to hide it with their comments. instead of all these tactics they could write couple of lines saying what has been their experience and why they think it’s a scam so we all know. Unfortunately it’s not easy to change the way you have always been used to.

    Anyways, you asked me why I might still decide to join his system once I am done with the book. The main reason is I have seen so far only him having a system to teach in Persian how to do the trading. Others might be very good at trading but might think if they teach to others then there will be too many people in the market taking their shares and they are not ready to teach to those new comers.

    I prefer a vacuum sales guy who teaches us how to use the vacuum instead of a mechanical engineer with research papers who doesn’t provide any information or any training about vacuum usage to others.

    So here comes some of my thoughts and comments about your points above:

    1. RETURNS

    I don’t have any knowledge in this area yet and can not say anything other than what people said earlier that he doesn’t add the commission to his numbers and it’s the gross value.

    It’s possible that he is exaggerating with his numbers but what I will do if I join is I will see if I can make more than % each month and if it’s more than 5 then I will continue if not I will stop.


    personally I don’t pay too much attention to the credentials of people as these days people might be very good at something with no academic background. Bill Gates, left the university when he started Microsoft. Same thing with Dell. Google founders left Stanford studies and started Google etc.

    For me if somebody has something for me to learn from him/her I will use it. As I said it’s better to have a vacuum sales guys who teaches you something than a mechanical engineer with MSC who doesn’t teach anything at all and keeps all knowledge to him/herself.


    I checked that site, but couldn’t find exactly what the issue was. It seems they had a company where they used a simulator and people thought it’s the real money. Could you please elaborate more about what the fraud has been? I checked the rippoff web site it seems Shoar has put comments there and asked them to remove it when he has now his own company but they want more comments before they remove it. At same time it seems there is no real name in that web site and anybody can put comments there and no investigation is done.


    What I understand based on what my friend did show me is :

    You get a demo account from a broker company. You get real data streamed to your application (simulator) on your PC and you can do anything like a real trade to buy and sell but it’s not with the real money.

    Once you are ready after 4 - 6 months and pass their interview/test then they let you go live and the broker company changes your account from demo to a real account.

    Now with this automation that they have, it seems it’s based on different indicators and based on track history of top traders it will do the trade for you to buy or sell in right time. You can run the manual or let the automation do the job.

    My goal is to understand all techniques behind it so that I can trade manually then maybe use the automation. But first I will see how it goes with my friend or if anybody here can share their experience.


    I agree with you it would be nice if he did put the last name of people but at same time coming myself from a third world country in the middle east I understand that we are always careful to provide people’s information with last name and phone number etc.. So I see it as a cultural thing more than a scam.

    The best way to test that is to check the English wording of these references on his site with his own English. As you say his English is not good (I don’t know that as I haven’t heard or seen his English I have only seen him on Persian TVs). So you can easily compare the wording of these postings with his English and see if it’s words from himself or from different people.

    Anyways that’s what I think, I might be wrong but so far I haven’t seen any reason to think differently.

    Now time for people from dictatorship countries to put their comments after mine to push my comments down, as if it changes the matter. “Kabk sareshoo mikonad zir barf fekr mikonad hichkass nemibinadesh”.


  80. 80 Parsha


    There she goes again with the “dictatorship countries” BS. LOL! It’s Nazi joon again on behalf of clown Shoar. Such a dedicated defender she is. Doesn’t Shoar give her a day off even on New Year’s Day?…LOL!

    I particularly like the parts that says:

    “coming myself from a third world country in the middle east I understand that we are always careful to provide people’s information with last name and phone number etc.. So I see it as a cultural thing more than a scam.”

    There is no such a thing in the middle east culture, and if there is, what does it have to do with running a fraudulent business in the U.S. like honey Shoar does??!!!!!

    WOW! She can speak Farsi too. Good job Shoar!!!! You are a true teacher!!!

    She is also comparing him to Bill Gates, Michael Dell…LOL!!! Shoar is GOD…of course, where GOD stands for Gold Oil and Drugs….

    Happy New Year Vahid, and all the best!

  81. 81 V A H I D

    Parsha, Merci aziz… Happy new year to u too. Hope you have a healthy and prosperous year… full of trading profits… unlike Shoarak… Lol

    OK Parsha, I just read Naznazi’s prev. posts (before I started to post last week) to you for the first time… You know what I think… I think Shoar’s got the whole family involved… lol… I bet you she is his daughter or wife… The English substantially changes between the posts… so I am confident when we ask tough question that the poor girl cant handle she gets her master (the infamous FARAMAZ VAHDATSHOAR lol) to come answer the questions… after all he is the criminal mastermind in the family .. lol

    To SHOARAK and Family, the below response is for the readers public awareness not you SHYS TER’S… lol

    1.“Anyways, you asked me why I might still decide to join his system once I am done with the book. The main reason is I have seen so far only him having a system to teach in Persian how to do the trading.”

    Your English (the true Nazi not shoar-the-douche that posted this time, lol) is better than Shoar… And I bet its better than your farsi too. So why would you want a course in farsi? Your learning to trade, not cook ghormesabzi. Its all math and chart based, sweeetyy pie…. lol

    2. “I prefer a vacuum sales guy who teaches us how to use the vacuum.”

    Are you confused? The point is that Shoarak is a VACCUUM SALESMEN not a TRADER. What the heck are you talking about… you want to become a trader or a cleaner? lol

    3. RETURNS … “he is exaggerating with his numbers”

    Exaggeration is 5%… Not 1000%!… lol put the pipe down Shoar… your so lost its not even funny… lol

    4. CREDENTIALS… once again you missed the point… the point was that his DISHONEST and lies about his past… therefore the probability that his lying about everything else is extremely high.

    Normally a bio looks like this… In 1997 got X degree from Y university in Z state. etc.

    He has no formal OR informal academic or trading education…. Furthermore he has ZERO trading experience…. I am not saying he never bought or sold a stock… what he lost in the markets on his own trading BLUE CHIP stocks = an INVESTOR not a TRADER. He has no TRADING knowledge, if he did, he wouldn’t be scamming nickels and dimes from struggling senior… instead he would be trading making real money no!? lol

    5. PREVIOUS FRAUD WITH TRADERS INTERNATIONAL… “It seems they had a company where they used a simulator and people thought it’s the real money”

    Are you high???? Seriously? Do you smoke that Cali kush every time your on Tapesh TV shoarak … lol and then u come online and type this garbage??? Lol

    For the readers info….. Trading on a SIMULATOR is not trading!! Because…

    A) You can reset a simulator but you can’t reset a live trade!
    B) You don’t pay commission on a simulator but you do on live trades!
    C) You don’t deal with the PSYCHOLOGY of the trade… which is 80% of the battle in making money as a trader (when your on a simulator)!

    Put the Kush away and open your eyes shoarak… lol

    Shoar says…. “My goal is to understand all techniques” whatttt technique!!? Your on a F’IN SIMULATOR shoarak!!! you DU MAS !! Lol

    What people need to understand is that Shoar committed a FELONY with Traders International and his co-fraudster Afshin Taghechian (another SO’B rippin people off lol)….. When you claim you are “trading live” you cant be on a simulator and reset it over an dover until all goes well and you get the return you want! W T F is wrong with you shoarak? Seriously you can’t be that ST UPI D… lol

    6. NOT ONE SUCCESFUL TRADER’S IDENTITY IS DISCLOSED … “coming myself from a third world country in the middle east I understand that we are always careful”…. LMAO u gotta be jokin shoarak,,, lol

    … Open your eyes people.. Vahdatshoar is pure B S and fraud…. He even disables the COMMENTS on his videos on YOUTUBE!! That’s how scared this guy is! Your days are numbered shoarak! lol

    He spells his name in 5 different ways… He spells his company name in 3 different ways…. Even though I totally agree that it might be exclusively because he is a PURE FOB… That shy’tz still not normal… lol

    This guy lives in MD but is always paying and going on Cali Persian TV’s… His company is not registered in either MD nor CA!

    Shoarak… as I am sure you read this… on a personal note… Don’t think your smart… you are nobody… these seniors fall for your hoax because they are dreaming about the “land of opportunity” that was once promised before they came to this Country… they turn to the markets, not for speculation, but for supplemental income to put towards their kids college education…. So those kids can have a better life then they did….

    Shoarak … fraud and theft is bad, but if your going to steal, steal like Bernie Madoff and Allen Stanford… not like a coward that steals from vulnerable, exiled, financially burdened Iranian senior citizens who are working 3 jobs and still struggling to make ends meet…


    PS. Shoarak… since you ended your propaganda (above) with a short poem… allow me to reciprocate….

    Thou who stitched the tents of fraud,
 Has fallen in grief’s furnace and been suddenly burned…..
 The shears of Fate have cut the tent ropes of his life,
 And the broker of Hope has sold him for nothing!

    Think about that when you close your eyes tonight….

  82. 82 Renee

    since I AM the person who uncovered his scam at Traders International I can assure you that this former persian rug salesman is a total fraud - the cftc was going after him but afshin at traders international hired vinson and elkins and the bush admin cftc backed off - the investigator at the cftc was william small - not sure if he is still on staff there but you can try - he was a staff attorney in wash dc

  83. 83 Nazi

    Hi Vahid,

    Thank you for typing all these and explaining issues. Please try to keep the same tone as your earlier post with facts (5 points) and not get too emotional like our friend Parsha.

    I had a simple question which was “What has he done? and why do people say it’s a scam?” You did answer this question with 5 points which we can agree or disagree and nothing to be emotional about.

    But from Parsha I haven’t heard any reason or any answer other than personal attacks. I don’t know why he reminds me of the Basijis (popular army) in Iran during 88 election some years ago. People were asking them a simple question ” Where is my vote? ”

    Instead of answering them with a simple answer, the Basijis pushed their heads down under water and killed them. Same thing here with Parsha, instead of answering the question as you did, he first tries to delete my comment he can’t do it then he tries to push my head (sorry my comments) down in the stack so it’s not seen.

    Instead of answering the simple question of “Where is my vote? ” they killed Neda then put months to make a movie to prove that it was done by some hidden hands and foreign agents, because she first entered this street and then went to that street etc.

    Same as Parsha here, he puts hours and hours to do analyze my words that she came to this site because she wanted to do this and that. And some hidden hands from Shoar are behind her etc. Same kind of mentality and sickness which comes from that region of the world.

    Instead of putting so much time to analyze my words if he did put time to analyze the market and do some trading he would make some money and would be rich now and wouldn’t even to come and check this web site and click on REFRESH to see if I have put any comments there.

    Then he wonders why I keep talking about the dictatorship culture. At not knowing something is fine but being ignorant about his ignorance that’s what worries me. Unfortunately we have a lot of people like him in the world and that’s why we have all these problems.

    Anyways, Vahid you said why not taking some English training systems. Could you please recommend any system that you know where you can work for long time on the simulator with them then go live ? Do they have any automation so that you don’t need to sit whole night and can let the automation do the buy and sell for you ? If you know any system please let us know we can give it a try and people can give their comments here about each system or any forum that you know is good for that?

    What I am looking into a system is :

    o You can be with them on a simulator for some time and they can step by step tell you what you need to do etc. Not a system which tells you here is the link download it and go through help and books yourself.

    o Some kind of automation so that you don’t need to sit whole night at your computer and watch the signals. you can program that automation and say when to buy and when to sell.

    With your experience if you know some good systems could you please list them here?

    Hi Renee, you said you were the person who uncovered him in the scam at Traders International. I tried to google it and couldn’t find too much information about what happened and what the issue was.

    Could you please elaborate more on that and tell us what exactly the issue was? how did you uncovered it? why didn’t they get arrested?

    More we know about these issues better decisions we can take in future.


  84. 84 Renee

    r u kidding me - he was claiming to make over $100,000 a day in real money and some days he would lose 2 million and come back the next day like nothing happened - but people in his trading room were trading real money and losing it all in 1 day following him -plus everytime a signal failed he had a new one - like the bullseye - when that failed we had the triple bulls eye , etc - I knew he was a fraud when i offered him tickets to the academy awards for $5,000 a person and he could not swing that - then the trading platform he was using disclosed it to me and Roger the previous employee at Traders International who he replaced hasd also investigated and confirmed it - plus he lieterally was a persian rug salesman prior - and have you not read the 1st post in this chain - it was by a trade journalist who wrote about this fraud - search federal court cases where he and traders international were defendants especially in houston

  85. 85 Renee

    I can tell you this I walked out of a settlment conference before a federal judge with a check in my hand and traders was out over $100,000 in attroneys fees as they reported to the judge as they had 4 attorneys from vinson and elkins representing them and when they asked what my attorney fees were and was told $500 a month as he was on fixed retainer they immediately wrote me a check and the judges jaw hit the table as vinson and elkins was probably billing $500 a minute by the way after winning that case I gave him a raise and now pay $750 a month

  86. 86 Nazi

    I love Franz. He is so cute.


  87. 87 Nazi

    Oooops. Sorry, I mean I love Basijis. I want them to do me good!



    PS: Franz won’t let me complete all my comments. His hand are full. Thanks, Nazi.

  88. 88 Nazi

    [It seems one of these Basijis is using my name to write some stupid comments but as he doesn’t have the brain to type more it’s easy to know it’s not me as he can only type one line]

    Hi Renee,

    Thanks for the information. It was not clear from the rippoff web site what the issue was.

    So what I understand is that it seems they had a live session where people could join and do what they did (buy/sell). People did it on live and lost money when this company was doing it on the simulator. If people didn’t know that it’s a simulator and did trust them then I agree it’s bad and sounds like a scam.

    I don’t think the new company/system works the same. My understanding is that once you learn on simulator with them then you are on your own with the automation and you do what ever you want. Either you use their indicators to know when to buy/sell or you use their automation to let it buy/sell. In this case I am not sure where the scam is.

    Anyways, I am still new to this and don’t know exactly how things work. But it’s good to know all these backgrounds so that you are careful if/when you want to join their system.


  89. 89 V A H I D


    You keep contradicting yourself… so lets try a different approach…. Since you say you want to learn… tell us a little bit about your motivations… so we can help you (and save you from shoarak-the-douche) lol… Since 90% of traders fail what makes you think your any different? Maybe you should just buy Mortgage-backed AA bonds and call it a day huh?

    Tell us…

    1) Which State are you in?
    2) Whats is your academic/professional background?
    3) Why do you want to trade?
    4) What do you want to trade?
    5) Why are you obsessed with this scam artist (Shoarak) and his boloney system?


    I was talking to lex van dam earlier, he said his got some Groupon deal on his online classes… i think coming up or running now,,, I personally don’t think much of his system but its not bad for beginners… i wouldn’t pay more then $50 for it though at most… although his a slick-boy too, his a PROPHET compared to Vahdat-bi-mokh… lol

  90. 90 Nazi

    PS: Their system is great. I know that for a fact. Spend $7K, and you will see how Franz Shoar will show you the world.

    Did I mention I find Basijis kind of attractive? I wish I had one of those stupid Basijis in my bedroom right now.



  91. 91 Nazi

    Hi there,

    It’s weekend so I can write more. So Vahid can say she couldn’t answer and went now her master Shoar came back.

    Let me put my middle eastern hat ….

    I think it’s Shoar’s family against Vahid’s family. Renee is Vahid’s wife or girl friend. They both talk about conspiracy theories, shoar beeing backed by bush admin cftc and probably being a CIA agent even trying to destabilize the economy in the middle east. He was also involved in the removal of Sadam and state coup in Iran and a lot others.

    Btw, now that we are there I think Parsha is really on the Iranian intelligence service payroll, where latest studies showed there are 20000 agents working for them in the world. He took my comments about the basijis and Neda very hard and didn’t write anymore in the name of Parsha and only writes in the name of Nazi. That’s typical of them.

    Vahid try to take distance from him if not with the background that you have you might become as janati yourself. You who think people shake in their grave. There is only one time when people’s bone will shake in the grave and that’s when there is an earthquake. And there is no other justice in another imaginary world as Ahmadinejad thinks so if you have an issue with somebody take them to the court here in this world as Renee your wife or daughter did.

    More I read from your more I think you and Shoar have been friend or knew each other earlier and something happened and now because of a fight or jealousy or something you guys are not with each other anymore.

    First you say you went to his 1 session webinar once you saw people’s comments here but then you provide more and more information about him. His student contract, his footer of the contract, his company in MD, his web site, what he did earlier in New York etc. and wonder why he goes from one TV to another TV.

    You keep repeating that he is cheating on senior people but when I did participate in one of his sessions there were 10 - 15 people and most of them young or middle age people as some of them said what they do and some were students. At the end of session 3 people (one of them my friend) joined his system. So I did a calculation, if he gets 3 students with 3 x $7000 = $21000 per week. With 52 weeks assume he doesn’t have sessions for 2 weeks because of christmas and so then he is making 50 weeks x ~ $20 000 = $1000 000 (1 million dollars ) per year.

    If he pays $100 000 to the TV programs, $400000 for his costs and software developers who develop his tools and teachers, he will have $500 000 profit left per year. So why shouldn’t he go from one TV to another one from MD to California ?

    It’s like a business and it makes sense that he has found a niche and he does it.

    What name he uses is also not an issue for me. As you know all iranians or even chinese people use an american name when they come here. Javad becomes John or something. As Maz Jobrani says they don’t even say they are iranian they say they are Persian as it’s more smooth with the Persian Cat, Persian rug. But it seems you wife Renee doesn’t even like the Persian rug and mention it in a pejorative manner.

    You wonder why he doesn’t turn on the phone on his program. Do you see Toyota turn on the phone on CNN when its advertisement goes on so that people can call and complain that the Toyota gas pedal is not working and complaining ? A TV advertisement is not the place of complains. If you have an issue you can go to the court.

    Those Doctors that you see that keep the phone on is they want people to call and them telling them what their issue is so that’s their advertisement. But not for a signal which either goes up or down, what do you want to ask?

    So let’s put things in perspective when complaining …

    Now removing my middle eastern hat …

    Hi Vahid,

    You asked about my background etc. I don’t think it matters what my background is you can give the information in general so that other people in the forum can use it too. But I know we Persian are nosy and want to know everything. I have an academic background and am very good at computer and software. I have done trading of stocks on and am now looking at doing futures. The reason for that is with stocks you have to know the background of industry and follow that when you buy and sell. I don’t have time to do that. At same time it takes long time before there is a change.

    But with futures what I understand so far the changes are fast and contract prices with minis are low, you don’t need to know too much about the corn and commodity and can make money during one night or day as long as you know the graphs and their movements.

    The reason I like the system from Bulls eye is the automation of it. As from my computer/software knowledge I know things can be automated if somebody puts the graph rules into an algorithm it can trade instead of you. So if it was manual I wouldn’t be interested as I don’t have time to sit whole day or whole night and watch signals. But if you know a system which has automation and does the trading for you and you just need to make sure your internet connection is always up and running then please let me know.

    Somebody at the beginning of this forum gave “Vadym Graifer (reality trader), Tony Oz, Bo Yoder, Brandon Fredrickson”. I checked their web sites.

    They look amateur web sites like Shoar. One of them had a very tick russian accent that I couldn’t understand what he was saying. So if these are the only options out there I would prefer to join the system from Shoar rather than that Russian guy who I am sure with the Prejudgment that you guys have, you will say that’s a russian maffia guy. Some of them had also bad comments on the google. At least this one you guys say he is a Persian rug seller which I will prefer as I understand his accent and I prefer the Persian rug instead of maffia drugs.

    Note, I might stop writing here as we are repeating ourselves and we don’t have any more add value. And for me i don’t learn anything more it’s better that the limited time I have, I put it to read this book and finish it then play with some software and system and pick one of them. At same time I can give some time to these Basijis to type some words instead of me and get paid by their organization. These poor guys have to make money and do a living too.


  92. 92 Kambiz

    I start thinking that Nazi is right about Parsha. He is always here and puts the last comment but now that his identity has been disclosed they have asked him to play a low profile and not type anymore ?

    Thank you Nazi for brining a constructive discussion here. Go girl go ….


  93. 93 Parsha

    Hi Vahid,

    It seems Shoar’s family and friends are taking over here.

    Unfortunately I have to go to Iran for awhile. It’s close to the presidential election and they need me there.

    As it’s very slow internet connection there in Iran, I might not be able to connect and check this page. Could you please make sure that these guys do not put their last comments here?

    I don’t know why it takes so much time for the admin of this forum to delete their comments if the server was in Iran we could delete them in couple of seconds.

    Folk, don’t listen to these people. Read the subject of this forum that should tell you why it’s a scam no more reasons are needed. SHOAR IS A THIEF IN A NICE SUIT.

    I might still be able to come here for awhile, I will know it for sure tomorrow once I know my flight date. But in case you don’t hear from me please make sure their comments is not the last one here.

    All the best,

  94. 94 V A H I D

    Parsha… cant u tell the english is identical between Nazi Vahdatshoar and Kambiz kachal?.. lol… they are the same empty headed fool… i bet you its ELHAM VAHDATSHOAR…. Pathetic family of thieves… they must have interesting conversations at the dinner table.. lol

    Shoaraks wife (nazi) states …. “So I did a calculation, if he gets 3 students with 3 x $7000 = $21000 per week. With 52 weeks assume he doesn’t have sessions for 2 weeks because of christmas and so then he is making 50 weeks x ~ $20 000 = $1000 000 (1 million dollars ) per year. If he pays $100 000 to the TV programs, $400000 for his costs and software developers who develop his tools and teachers, he will have $500 000 profit left per year. So why shouldn’t he go from one TV to another one from MD to California?”

    You want to know why u unbalanced fool?…. even though I doubt Shoar-the-douche makes more then $50k/yr… lets assume ur right nazak and the FOB makes $500,000 a year… so lets say he only worked 1 year in 2006 then stopped working and placed his $500k on as you like to call it “automation”… this is what would happen to his $500k investment according to the annual return data (below) based the “bullseye traders system” which I got directly from Franz Shoar’s website…

    End of 2006 Shoar invests $500k and places the trading on “automation” never adding any more capital to the system. Here is what the account looks like over the next 5 years ….

    Total 2007 Net Return 1710% … $9,050,000.00
    Total 2008 Net Return 1874% … $178,647,000.00
    Total 2009 Net Return 557% … $1,161,205,500.00
    Total 2010 Net Return 1049% … $13,342,251,195.00
    Total 2011 Net Return 1446% … $206,271,203,474.70
    Total 2012 Net Return 550% … $1,340,762,822,585.55

    So on January 1st 2013 his account would have had more than $1.3 Trillion right you stu pid bit ch? …. Lol…

    People need to open there eyes and think… Does vahdat-bi-mokh look like a guy that can even count that many zeros? This scammer at most makes $3k a month ripping off senior citizens that don’t speak English… bravo shoar-e-kasif bravo!

    W T’F r u talkin about… ELHAM/FRANZ/DAUGHTER/SON which ever one u are naznazi … or maybe u all brainstorm together at night and come up with this shy’t??…. lol

    Parsha… seriously this unbalanced pms’in fool is relentless… lol She acknowledges non of the facts… she answers non of the critical questions… and she keeps justifying his fraud with things that she has “heard” from her mysterious “friend” who is apparently taking the course and is soo happy with her results trading that she doesn’t want to share it with anyone.… lol

    Clearly nazi is shoar himself or directly on his payroll … which would mean he even makes even less then $3k a month afer he pays this dirty cu’ nt for her services… lol …

    Nazi, u ignorant bit’ ch… do ur self a favour and take ur non sense posts and read them out load to ur thief of a husband vahdat-bi-mokh … who knows maybe u’ll get lucky and get laid … no one buys ur B’ S on this page … your just embarrassing yourself… ur a hopeless fool and so is ur master faramarz-e-bishoor … lol


    PARSHA… shoarak was on tapesh tv for the nowruz party and the interviewer asked him how much $100 would be in toman’s… Shoar says “4000 toman”… The guy interweaving him was like “na 4000 nemisheh”… Shoar began struggling harddd and turning red… he just kept guessing numbers… lol he knew what $1 was in tomans but he couldn’t convert $100 (i.e. add the zeros)… I kid u not … I was lmao…. the tape is probably going to be on youtube soon lol… If this douche bag traded even one month in his life he could do that calculation in his sleep… hopeless fool! lol

  95. 95 Nazi

    Hi Vahid,

    You asked why does he go from one TV program to another one, I did a simple calculation to explain you why it makes sense for him to do it. The $500k was the profit from his training system not from his trading.

    Why do you use the $500k for the trading and find those wrong numbers? How do you know that he doesn’t use $40k for his trading as some of people in this forum who have been 1 year in his training program mentioned?

    Not knowing the price of Dollar in Euro or Toman etc. doesn’t prove anything. A lot of people don’t know how much a euro or toman is 1 dollar. He works on futures not on money exchange.

    Btw, you asked me for my background and you were going to suggest some good training/trading systems with the automation. Could you please list them?


  96. 96 akbar


    it’s funny here, I check here every night.

    I was his student and I think none of you were or are his students.

    as I said % of what you see on his website is commission.

    if you check his website you see all months ( so far ) in 2013 is lost money.

    and easy if you have trading from Jan 2013 you already lost your half of your account or you have made nothing so far.

    do not fight
    get a life.

  97. 97 akbar

    as I said % of what you see on his website is commission.

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