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Wall St. Window: Power Investor Limited Time Offer at Trader’s Narrative

mike swanson wallstreetwindow
There are many investing services out there and they continuously approach me to pitch their eBooks or services. I turn most of them down since they are not worth your attention and because what I recommend reflects back on me.

Among the few that I have no reluctance to recommend is Mike Swanson, founder of Wall Street Window. To find out about how Mike got started in trading and what his views are on the recent market, check out my recent interview with the founder of Wall Street Window.

Wall St. Window is $377 a year - which is about a $1 a day. With that you get a full year of access to Mike’s site, all his archives and his future daily commentary as well as a course he’s developed called Stock Market Mastery. Mike also does frequent videos that feature him and other professional traders and investors.

In this business, very few people stand behind their work but Mike goes above and beyond a 100% Money Back Guarantee. If you are not satisfied with the material and the information you learn from Wall Street Window, not only will you get a full refund but he’ll pay you to leave (yes, you read that right).

But this is not a “get rich quick” scheme so if that’s what you’re looking for, don’t bother. Swanson doesn’t sell signals, or systems or anything like that. Wall Street Window is all about learning to analyse and trade the market. As the saying goes, he doesn’t give you fish, but teaches you how to catch fish.

The reason why I’m mentioning Wall St. Window now is one of those rare times that Mike is about to open up the membership site to let in a few new members. Except for a few short weeks during the year, his site is closed to new members. You see, Mike already has a large membership base and he cares about delivering his best to them.

The market is at a precarious place here. We’ve just been through a brutal bear market and we’re not even sure if it is over or if this is just a deceptive respite before we see more pain. If you’re a trader or investor and want to find not only a competent trader but a community of like minded fellow students, Wall Street Window is for you.

Recently Mike finished writing “Mind Over Matter: Conquering the Inner Game of Trading” a 54 page eBook which he made available to the members of Wall Street Window. With his permission I’m going to share it with my readers so if you would like a copy, leave a comment below and I’ll send it off to the email you use. But similar to the opportunity to join Wall St. Window, this offer is only available for a few days. I won’t be sending any afterwards. So if you want it, act now.

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