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“Wall Street” Sequel Goes Forward at Trader’s Narrative

“Wall Street” Sequel Goes Forward

Since last year we’ve heard rumors about a “Wall Street” sequel in the works from Hollywood. Amazingly enough, the latest news is that it is in fact going forward and will probably have Michael Douglas reprising his role as the infamous Gordon Gekko.

As any trader knows, “Wall Street” is the classic trading movie which came out in 1987. What most people assume that it came out before the crash in 1987. Which is probably why it has gained a false reputation as a contrarian indicator for the crash. But in fact, the movie was released on December 11th, 1987 when the Dow was around 1,900 - off the lows of Black Monday, but still every one was completely shell shocked.

It looks like the sequel will also come on the heels of a crash of sorts. That is assuming we don’t have another leg down from now till the movie is released ;)

gordon gekko wall street film sequel 2008

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