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Way Of The Turtle at Trader’s Narrative

Way Of The Turtle

Turtle trading curtis m. faith richard dennis.pngWithin a short time two books are being published on the enigmatic and wildly successful Turtle Trading methodology. If you don’t know the story of Richard Dennis and his turtles you can read all about it at Original Turtles.

Getting back to the two books, which would you want to read, one written by an original ‘turtle’ who was there, who traded and who went on to great success? or someone else who wasn’t there, doesn’t trade? duh! Skip this one, and get the real one: Way of the Turtle.

Here you can find the Original Turtle Trading Rules (pdf).

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3 Responses to “Way Of The Turtle”  

  1. 1 Onaldmj

    it’s funny that u give a bad response to “the Complete Turtle Trader” but in original turtle website (that u recommended here) they sell the book, means that the book is worth to read, Babak… to be a good commentator or an analyst u need to see thing from all perspective when u write something. your kind of writer that make this world full of negativity.

  2. 2 Babak

    Thanks for pointing that out Onaldmj. I see Covel’s book on the sidebar now but this is a recent change. It wasn’t there when I originally wrote this post.

  1. 1 ‘Way Of The Turtle’ by Curtis Faith - Book Review at Trader’s Narrative

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