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Weekend Reading: A Big Fat Greek Bailout at Trader’s Narrative

Weekend Reading: A Big Fat Greek Bailout

While technically the Euro Union treaty does not allow for a bailout, that is exactly what is being discussed frantically. I’m sure the finance ministers will be very creative and somehow abide by the letter of the treaty while skirting the spirit of it. The alternative is the break up of the Euro, something that none of the big players are willing to even contemplate.

Here is this weekend’s reading list of economic and market news you may have overlooked. To see it all, go to

  • FT Talks to Paul Volcker on the Volcker Rule
  • Top Central Bankers Meet in Australia
  • Shiller’s List: How to Diagnose the Next Bubble
  • Bob Janjuah: The next leg of the great bear market has begun
  • What I Learned From Hank Paulson’s Book
  • Gold hit hard, but gold bugs buoyant
  • Hank Paulson’s Dry Heave
  • How Goldman Sachs Helped Greece to Mask its True Debt
  • Hussman Commentary: Cautiously Pessimistic
  • Is Greek Crisis a Precursor to a “Global Margin Call”?
  • Best of Traders Classroom
  • China’s central bank raises reserve ratio requirements

The above is a small sample, for the complete list, follow the graphic link below to

weekend reading big fat greek bailout

And remember to check back often as interesting links are added throughout the week. If you’re on twitter, add the twitter stream to get new links in real time.

Blowout Earnings Ignored for Macro Concerns:

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