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Weekend Reading: Correction at Trader’s Narrative

Weekend Reading: Correction

Here is the weekend reading list of economic and market news you may have missed. To see it all, go to

  • Finally A Breakdown
  • Swedish Bank Fee Sets Example for America
  • Flash Orders and Funky NYSE Stop Orders
  • Get a FREE Subscription to SFO Magazine (US residents only)
  • Record Cash Means S&P 500 at Half its 2007 Valuation
  • Nassim Taleb… the caveman?
  • The Most Important Investment Report You’ll Read in 2010
  • Yield Junkies Return to Bond Market
  • James Montier’s presentation on EMH (video)
  • A Key to Executing Your Trades
  • The Global Debt Bomb

The above is a small sample, for the complete list, follow the graphic link below to

weekend reading correction Jan 2010

And remember to check back often as interesting links are added throughout the week. If you’re on twitter, add the twitter stream to get new links in real time.

Week Ahead: Earnings Season, Economic Data & Apple Tablet

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