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Weekend Reading: Critical Junctions at Trader’s Narrative

Weekend Reading: Critical Junctions

If that a head and shoulder pattern, or a symmetrical triangle? Will Keynes ghost save us? Why did John get all the brains (and hair) in the Paulson family?

To find out, take a look at this weekend’s reading list from

  • Still no clues of a bottom for stocks
  • From GMO: Grantham’s latest letter to clients
  • Peter Schiff on the defense about his performance
  • As January goes, so goes the year?
  • The new financial bubble
  • John Paulson lives up to the name “hedge fund”
  • The power of high dividend stocks
  • JP Morgan quietly exited Madoff funds
  • Historical chart of the IPO maket

weekend reading critical junctions

And remember to check regularly since there are interesting links added regularly throughout the week.

Week Ahead: Bad Bank Watch

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