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Weekend Reading: Dancing On The Ledge at Trader’s Narrative

Weekend Reading: Dancing On The Ledge

To see what you missed, here are just a few of the articles from this week’s reading list at

  • Legacy of a Crisis - A Generation Shy of Risk
  • Inside the Meltdown - PBS Frontline
  • Congress’ new blockhead idea: a ‘Trader Tax’
  • Bear Market in Chinese mistresses
  • Chinese liquidity - and stocks - go BOOM
  • Stanford a mini-Madoff fraud shut down after 15 years of dawdling
  • Eastern Europe may take down Western European banks
  • Dow Theory: Be Leery
  • CDS jump for US banks

weekend reading teetering on the edge

And remember to check regularly since there are interesting links added regularly throughout the week.

Grim Picture on Street of Dreams

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