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Weekend Reading: Dead Cat Rocket Ride at Trader’s Narrative

Weekend Reading: Dead Cat Rocket Ride

The sideshow to the dead cat bounce (more like a rocket ride) was the brewing TV feud between The Daily Show and CNBC. If you missed the final show down, check out the link to watch the complete, unedited version. While Stewart rightfully gutted Cramer like a fish, what I wish Stewart had mentioned explicitly is that if you give a platform for analysts, CEOs, etc. to spout off, then you also have the responsibility to fact check, ask tough questions, research, etc. You know, journalism. It is a sign of our upside down world that a comedian is playing the role of a serious journalist while a former hedge fund manager is playing a clown.

That and more, in this week’s reading list at

  • Jon Stewart’s secret Wall St. insider connection
  • Suppress the Urge to Call the Bottom
  • Parabolic Move in Financial Sector
  • One Last Bubble Remains to be Popped
  • Bear Market Rally… or Real, Lasting Reversal?
  • Stocks That Aren’t Coming Back
  • Ignoring the Austrians Got Us in This Mess
  • Greenspan Tries to Re-write Monetary History
  • How Wall St. Bought the Govt & Cut Regulation at the Knees

weekend reading dead cat rocket ride

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Obama Administration Gets an ‘F’ from Economists:

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