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Weekend Reading: Earnings Monsoon Season at Trader’s Narrative

Weekend Reading: Earnings Monsoon Season

To catch up on what you missed and to prepare for next week, here are just a few picks from the past week’s reading list at

  • Dumb Money” by Daniel Gross (look forward to Ritholtz upcoming book)
  • US Tax Burden Near Historic Low (what? didn’t hear you, too busy teabaggin’)
  • Get a 120 page report FREE from Global Market Perspective (limited time offer)
  • David Tice: S&P 500 set to plunge 62% - that’s a real bear!
  • Cramer attacks Jon Stewart for ambushing him
  • Get a Free Subscription to Futures Magazine
  • Yale economists discuss the financial crisis & Geithner’s response (must see video)
  • Why we should have not only saved Lehman Bros. but invaded it.
  • Warren Buffett’s investment in a Chinese electric car company
  • Where in the World is Paul Volcker? and why is he so quiet?

Follow the link below to get much, much more:

weekend reading earnings monsoon season

And remember to check regularly since there are new links added everyday.

Week Ahead: US Results, Data Dominate

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  1. 1 Moe Greene @

    thanks for the link to the free magazine ! I have been looking for resources to help me with buying Futures

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