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Weekend Reading: Flatlining at Trader’s Narrative

Weekend Reading: Flatlining

The weekend is here. Kick back and catch up with these links from this weekend’s reading list at

  • Using the PPO to Measure Extremes
  • Bank bailout: The greatest swindle ever sold
  • Flatland - Not a Stockpicker’s Market
  • Gold Lacks Intrinsic Strength
  • Get a FREE Subscription to Financial Magazines
  • Barrons interview with Bob Prechter
  • S&P 500’s 17 week cycle
  • An Unparalleled Array of Free Corporate Data
  • The Big Inflation Scare - Paul Krugman
  • Contrarian signs for gold sentiment point down
  • Bonds Fall Jolts Stock Market
  • Gold on verge of historic breakout?

Follow the link below to get more:

weekend reading flatland

And remember to check regularly since there are new links added continuously.

Week Ahead: GM’s Bankruptcy

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