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Weekend Reading: G20’s Currency Truce & IMF Shift at Trader’s Narrative

Here is this weekend’s reading list of economic and market news. To see all the links, go to

  • The amazing Amazon stock bubble
  • Florida bloggers who cracked the foreclosure fraud crisis
  • How to Use Bar Patterns to Spot Trade Setups
  • Wall Street Bailout Returns 8.2% Profit Beating Treasury Bonds
  • The Financial Time Bomb of Longer Lives
  • From Obama, the Tax Cut Nobody Heard Of
  • America on Sale, From Matt Taibbi’s “Griftopia”
  • Andy Xie: China’s challenges escalate
  • Your weekly Conversations with Casey
  • Q&A with Neil Rimer on Betfair, the day’s hottest IPO

The above is just a sampler, for the full course meal, follow the graphic link below to

weekend reading G20 IMF

And remember to check back because interesting links are added every day of the week. If you use twitter, add @TN to get new links in real time.

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