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Weekend Reading: Global Correlation at Trader’s Narrative

Weekend Reading: Global Correlation

For economic and market news and to see what interesting reading you may have missed last week, check out the list below. To see it all, go to

  • Commodities Get Record $60 Billion Inflow
  • Stocks Still Overvalued
  • Dollar Carry Trade Forces Asian Central Bankers’ Hands
  • We are not suffering from peak oil; we’re suffering from peak people
  • Get a FREE Subscription to SFO Magazine (US residents only)
  • Another Dow Theory buy signal
  • Managing Your Energy as a Trader
  • Safest 100 US Banks
  • SocGen’s Dylan Grice: gold cheap, full price $6,300
  • The Quant Bubble
  • Panzner on the Recovery, Commercial Real Estate, Gold, & Future Bubbles
  • 2012: The Next Meltdown

The above is a small sample, for the complete list, follow the graphic link below to

weekend reading global correlation

And remember to check back during the week as there are interesting links added throughout the week. If you are a twitter user, add the twitter stream to get new stories in real time.

The Week Ahead:

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