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Weekend Reading: Head & Shoulders at Trader’s Narrative

Weekend Reading: Head & Shoulders

For economic and market news and to see what you may have missed last week, check out the list below. It is a small sample, to see it all go to

  • Inside Ron Insana’s Time Machine
  • Larry Summers: “I don’t think the worst is over”
  • Morgan Stanley Plays Alchemist (Again)
  • Fake Alpha
  • Get a FREE Subscription to Financial Magazines
  • How low can crude oil go?
  • Worst Financial Gurus
  • Everyone Talking about the Head & Shoulder Formation
  • Rosenberg: Market Halfway Through Bear Cycle
  • Smuggled $134 billion of bearer bonds fake or real?
  • Smells like deflation
  • The Wall Street White House
  • Japan to Limit FX Trading

For the complete list, follow the graphic below:

weekend reading head and shoulders pattern1

And remember to check back regularly since there are interesting links added throughout the week.

The Week Ahead

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