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Weekend Reading: High Frequency Trouble at Trader’s Narrative

Weekend Reading: High Frequency Trouble

For economic and market news and to see what you may have missed last week, check out the list below. It is a small sample, to see it all go to

  • How High Will the S&P Go?
  • A Colossal Lack of Judgement
  • The Next Big Technical Pattern
  • Get a FREE Subscription to Financial Magazines
  • An Anthropologist’s Take on What’s Wrong with Wall Street
  • Fed Jawboning And Market Performance
  • The 500 Millisecond Advantage
  • Charles Kirk Q&A with Larry Connors
  • Get the “Best of Trader’s Classroom” eBook for FREE (limited time)
  • Marc Faber - turns bullish short term (!)
  • Cramer’s Latest Sleazy Marketing Pitch
  • Charts of the Demand/Supply of Crude Oil
  • Thoughts on the Changing Demographic Face of Trading

For the complete list, follow the graphic below:

weekend reading high frequency trouble

And remember to check back regularly since there are interesting links added throughout the week.

Week Ahead:

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