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Weekend Reading: It’s Good To Be A Banksta at Trader’s Narrative

Weekend Reading: It’s Good To Be A Banksta

A short trading week due to the Easter holidays but a key moment nonetheless as the market teeters on a +27% rally powered by very low volume. To catch up on what you missed and to prepare for next week, here are just a few picks from the past week’s reading list at

  • Why D-Day Could Come as Soon as Monday
  • The Real Unemployment Rate (try 15.6%)
  • Robert Shiller’s new book on “animal spirits”
  • How Banks Will Game the PPIP (Geithner’s plan)
  • Do Your Genes Determine Your Investing Destiny?
  • Free Subscription to Futures Magazine
  • Trading Fibonacci Levels
  • Roubini Eviscerates Cramer (almost makes you feel bad for the Booya… almost)
  • Abnormal Markets: High Yields Outperforming Investment Grade Bonds

Follow the link below to get much, much more:

weekend reading its good to be a banksta

And remember to check regularly since there are new links added everyday.

WSJ Economy Survey: Things Not Getting Worse

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