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Weekend Reading: Lumps Of Coal All Around at Trader’s Narrative

Weekend Reading: Lumps Of Coal All Around

The bad news is… well, look around. The good news is… it is almost over. The year that is.

The bear market? For that we’ll only know in hindsight. Until then, its the weekend, so kick back and grab your favourite beverage to catch up on some interesting reading you may have missed over at

  • The Fed’s fierce battle plan
  • The Madoff economy
  • Rates help refinancing, not home sales
  • The hedge fund collapse
  • Wall St. where bonuses are real, profits? not so much
  • Markopolos, Certified Fraud Examiner, told SEC about Madoff in 1999, 2005 but was ignored
  • Madoff’s auditor… doesn’t audit
  • OPEC’s cuts ignored as oil falls below $35

weekend reading lumps of coal.jpg

Don’t forget to check regularly since there are interesting links posted regularly.

Have We Seen the Worst of This Bear Market?

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