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Weekend Reading: My Big Fat Greek Bailout at Trader’s Narrative

Weekend Reading: My Big Fat Greek Bailout

Here is this weekend’s reading list of economic and market news you may have overlooked. To see it all, go to

  • Clash of the Titans: Obama vs. Goldman’s Reaganomics
  • Don’t Cry for Wall Street
  • A Flickering Financial Star - EWI on Goldman Sachs in 2007
  • Has crude oil topped out for the year?
  • William Black’s Blunt Testimony
  • What’s Wrong with the Financial Reform Bill
  • Conversations with Casey
  • Kass: The Ramifications of the Goldman Sachs Case
  • These F@#king Guys - The Daily Show on Goldman Sachs
  • Michael Lewis, Andrew Ross Sorkin and David Boies on Goldman Sachs

The above is just a sampler, for the full course meal, follow the graphic link below to

weekend reading my big fat greek bailout

And remember to check back every day as interesting links are added throughout the week. If you use twitter, add to get new links in real time.

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One Response to “Weekend Reading: My Big Fat Greek Bailout”  

  1. 1 Andrew

    People really need to look at this Obama vs. Goldman situation. Goldman Sachs loves the wall street reform bill, and that should tell you something right away.

    Obama is just attempting to look like here’s there for the little man but in actuality he’s just protecting his buddies who helped him get elected. Inside the financial reform, there’s a little passage that will allow for the permanent financial bailouts for companies like Goldman Sachs.

    Gosh, I wish was the redneck, hillbilly who won the $258 million!

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