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Weekend Reading: Opportunity or Crisis at Trader’s Narrative

Weekend Reading: Opportunity or Crisis

To see what you missed, here are a few samples from this weekend’s reading list from

  • Cramer’s fame outshines his stock picks
  • Taking apart the $819 stimulus package
  • Salary cap hijinks (little substance underneath all the noise)
  • Dubai real estate collapse
  • Bank of England cuts again (to the bone)
  • Markopolos : tell me again why this guy isn’t running the SEC?
  • Trader Monthly magazine shuts down (no more bottles and blondes, sniff)
  • Using VWAP to Determine the Structure of the Trading Day
  • Housing Affordability at Record High (try getting financing)

weekend reading opportunity or crisis

And remember to check regularly since there are interesting links added regularly throughout the week.

Week Ahead: Geithner Is The Man With a Plan

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