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Weekend Reading: Please, Sir, May I Have Some More? at Trader’s Narrative

So the Fed gave $2 Trillion to some banks but won’t name them. Remember that? Bloomberg is suing them to get the information, Congress is asking and being rebuffed. But the WSJ got the scoop!

That and more, in this week’s reading list at

  • Fed Using Enron Style Acctg to Bailout Wall St.
  • WSJ Names Names: Who Got Secret Fed Money
  • (Expected) SEC Fee Increase in April
  • Tricks of the VIX
  • When Will the Bull Return?
  • Credit crunch tent city haunts California
  • Investment Banks receive $50 through backdoor
  • USO Finds Itself at the Mercy of Traders
  • Dispelling Myths About Stocks in the 1930s

weekend reading some more please

And remember to check regularly since there are links added regularly throughout the week.

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