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Weekend Reading: Slithering Sideways at Trader’s Narrative

Weekend Reading: Slithering Sideways

For economic and market news and to see what you may have missed last week, check out the list below. It is just a few choice examples from

  • What Does Climate Change Have to do with Goldman Sachs?
  • Barry Ritholtz Podcast Interview
  • Five Pitfalls of Developing Traders
  • KKR Goes Public Through IPO Backdoor
  • Get a FREE Subscription to Financial Magazines
  • Spotting Trend Reversals With MACD
  • Obama’s Financial Reform
  • End of Nortel - Sale to Nokia & Delisting
  • Buffett: US Economy In “Shambles” .. No Signs of Recovery Yet
  • What is the difference between a triangle and a pennant?
  • Free trading videos
  • Volcker Not Calling Shots in Financial Reform
  • Central Banks Can’t Control the Market

For the complete list, follow the graphic below:

weekend reading slithering sideways

And remember to check back regularly since there are interesting links added throughout the week.

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