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What Everyone Ought to Know About Agloco at Trader’s Narrative

What Everyone Ought to Know About Agloco

Agloco is a pay to surf MLM scheme that exploded onto the interwebs late last year. It is backed by the same team as AllAdvantage which crashed and burned in the bubble years. Check out this article from Business 2.0 on AllAdvantage (pdf).

agloco virus spreads on internet.png

AllAdvantage had a simple proposition: pay people a fixed hourly rate for the hours they spent browsing the internet with their software and use an MLM structure to attract new users. As you’d expect, this lead to legions of bots that pretended to surf. In contrast, Agloco uses a tortuously roundabout path to go from surfing to actual payment of money.

Still, most people mistakenly see Agloco as having a simple, linear model. Consider the following a public service announcement. If you’re a shrewd trader or investor or ever sat through an economics class (awake) you have no need to read further.

For the rest, let’s break it down:

[1] First, you have to download and install Agloco’s viewbar. This software (vaporware?) has yet to be released and every time a date is given, it makes a nice whooshing sound as it passes by. For the sake of this analysis, let’s assume it is actually released.

[2]So you surf the web while running the viewbar. But you don’t get a one-to-one proportionate credit for the actual hours you spend online. No matter how much longer you spend online, you’ll only get five measly hours accrued a month. And they “reserves the right to change these rates at any time for any country”.

[3]Next, these ‘Agloco hour units’ will accumulate. At some point, who-knows-when (if ever) they will be converted to something else. Note that they “reserves the right to change the [conversion] rates at any time”. So you can find yourself on shifting ground and get much less than what you thought you’d get.

Now, here’s the knee slapper: Agloco will convert these ‘hour units’ not into cash but into shares. But Agloco is a private company in start-up mode; has no public shares to distribute; is not profitable; hasn’t even released a product; and its founders failed the first time they tried this venture (what they lack in creativity, I suppose, they make up in persistence). Furthermore, according to SEC regulations, Agloco can not distribute unregistered shares to the public. While the ability of Agloco to produce and distribute value hinges on being able to going public, it’s ironic that the least amount of attention has been paid to this point.

From Agloco’s website:

“Remember, the company is 100% owned by the Members…”

No, it is not. It is a private company owned by a very few. I can cut them some slack for aggressive promotional copy but this is a bald faced lie.

[4]Assuming it does actually go public (I would really like to see an investment banker sit through a meeting with a straight face) Agloco will then have to use its shares as currency to pay its members – that was the original point, before all these twisty turns, remember? When it begins to do so, the proverbial shit will hit the fan.

If we assume Agloco is successful, they will have to regularly pay their considerable and probably growing user base a massive amount of money. Which means selling a massive amount of shares on the market. Guess what will happen to the value of the shares when this unflagging selling takes place? Guess what will happen before the selling hits as smart traders position themselves ahead of the avalanche of sell orders?

[5]But wait, maybe I’m being too harsh here. Let us again give them the benefit of the doubt. Let’s assume that people don’t make a mad dash to cash in their shares… eventhough they’ve been slaving over a hot monitor for months. The next hurdle to the ‘members’ seeing money is for the firm to become profitable.

[6]The chances of this are very slim for obvious reasons. Even if they do become profitable, the founders will rightfully want to get a return on their risk capital before paying anyone else. Again, let’s assume not only that Agloco becomes profitable but that their board declares a cash dividend (as opposed to a sneaky stock dividend).

[7]Now here is the payoff that the ‘members’ had been waiting for. Assuming all the above, we finally get to the single mention of cash payment to users in Agloco’s website:

“As Agloco grows and the company generates positive cash flow, we will be distributing the excess cash to Members and shareholders of the company.”

At this improbable point, having jumped through hoop after hoop and assumed everything but the kitchen sink, the members are getting paid a pittance: dividend ‘cents’ on any ‘dollar’ shares owned. And that is assuming that in Agloco’s glorious ascent, hackers the world over haven’t unleashed massive ‘bots’ to mimic surfing and made it a victim of its own ’success’. Or that the SEC hasn’t nabbed the founders on charges of attempting to circumvent securities law by promising the public unregistered securities in return for membership.

If you are more jaded than I am, you may point out that at each node through this circuitous path, Agloco has built in several mechanisms to control the amount of ‘value’ they distribute – whether limits on hours, conversion rates of shares or cash, reserving the right to kick anyone out for any reason, etc. These built in ‘firewalls’ are there for the protection of the founders and the business but they can also be used quite easily to manipulate the user base to extract the most from them while reciprocating a minimum.

Having said all that, I don’t think Agloco’s a scam. It is a poorly conceived scheme that appeals to those who know very little about finance, share issuance and regulation. I really do wish Agloco would go public. How else would I get a chance to short it? ;)

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UPDATE: If you enjoyed this, then don’t miss: the beginning of the end for Agloco.

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256 Responses to “What Everyone Ought to Know About Agloco”  

  1. 1 Garrett Albright

    Thanks for this write-up. I had been curious about just how this whole Agloco thing would work, and thanks to this write-up spelling things out in black and white like this, I can see that it’s not going to work at all. I won’t bother wasting my time looking into it further.

  2. 2 Stan Schroeder

    And let’s not forget that the whole thing is a pyramid scheme.

  3. 3 vtgorilla

    Wow. I guess that I am very surprised. Based on the previous AllAdvantage I assumed that this would be somehow legitimate. That is what the owners want based on thie write-up: unsuspecting losers like me who assumed it would basically be the same thing…

    Anyways, since it doesn’t actually cost me anything (other than the time to download the viewbar upon its eventual release) I’m going to continue to be hopeful. So I may not get anything…oh well.

    Here is my referral link - but according to this article it is worth less…


  4. 4 Babak

    you’re welcome. It will be fun to watch from the sidelines and place bets on when they will implode.

    it’s an MLM structure which only attracts the desperate and uninformed. It is debatable whether it is a true pyramid scheme since you’re not paying anything, unless your time is considered valuable to you.

    thanks for dropping by. You’re right to say that your referral link is worthless - that’s why it was removed :)

  5. 5 Maki @ Dosh Dosh

    Good analysis .. I agree with most of your points, Babak. It’ll be real interesting to see how Agloco manages to deal with all the problems you’ve mentioned. :)

  6. 6 mark

    It seemed way too good to be true! Someone even made the following thinking those ppl could possible make that much annum:

    If this system does turn out to fail and burn, I pity the ppl who worked like crazy to build up a downline. :(

  7. 7 Babak

    I know what you mean. There are people spending a lot of money on ads to promote it as well as spamming their friends and family. In the end, they’ll have lost not just money but a lot of goodwill.

    Repeat after me: there is no free lunch.

  8. 8 Toke

    Hey Babak,

    Could you look over this link of the financials because this is supposed to be how Agloco works.

    Also could you clarify a few points. I didn’t quite understand the concept of unregistered shares or what that means exactly or why Agloco cannot distribute shares to its users.

    I understand that you wrote that the it’s against SEC regulations to distribute unregistered shares to the public, but what does that mean?

    Could you also clearly outline the part about smart ass traders positioning themselves before people cash in their stocks? I have no investment experience and am just interested in getting a better understanding.


  9. 9 Toke

    There’s also the part about builders recieving 1/4 of the hours of the first 5 levels in their downline that you didn’t get into. Could you look into that and update your article?

  10. 10 Joel

    “Agloco will then have to use its shares as currency to pay its members – that was the original point, before all these twisty turns, remember?”
    I’m confused, you make it sound like the only way Agloco can get cash to distribute is by going public and selling stock, while I thought the cash they distribute was going to come from advertisers paying to put ads in their viewbar. Am I missing something?

  11. 11 Babak

    I don’t have the time to delve into that report although I’ve glanced at it. Nor do I think it would be productive. The report is a classic case of GIGO. There are many tells but my favourite is where it says ‘if only 2% of the US…’. Classic. Rather than get lost in the minutia and split hairs, step back and look at the big picture. That’s what I tried to do in my analysis.

    re SEC regulations:

    Traders position themselves before an event takes place. They anticipate, not react. So if Agloco is trading, it will crater before they themselves try to sell shares to raise money to pay their ‘members’.

    Finally the downstream yada yada is what all MLM’s have. Nothing earth shattering.

    it remains to be seen if they will attract any advertisers. Would you advertise knowing that people are not neutral but rather have an incentive to view/click your ads? would you be attracting people that are interested in your product/service or just people that see your ad as a way to get paid themselves?

  12. 12 Kirzen

    There’s another problem that you haven’t even addressed.

    The question becomes, how are -they- making their money, where do the current owners derive profit from the company. The answer isn’t startling, you’re busy watching these advertisements on their browser bar, and they’re getting paid by the companies choosing to advertise their products and services based on the member base.

    As this company grows exponentially, you’ll find that their profits soar rapidly upwards and outwards because of the pyramidal nature of this scam. I’m going to come right out and call it a scam because it has legal stop-gaps.

    1 > They can kick you out, is it at their discression? With no promise of paying you?
    2 > They can alter the rate at which you accrue points
    3 > They can alter the rate at which points are exchanged
    4 > They haven’t comitted to when their stock goes public. (If it never goes public, they simply walk away with all of their earnings and a great big smile)

    That’s right… Because you can’t cash in for shares until an IPO and they don’t have to ever offer their shares to anyone legally, you’re basically being promised something that doesn’t exist and doesn’t ever -have- to exist. And guess what, if you were to sue them they can simply immediately state that the rate for point > share exchange is -so- low, that you get nothing… And there would be nothing you can do about it. In civil court, they win… until they get busted for securities fraud and end up doing 5-10.

  13. 13 Babak

    yes, there are way more issues which one can bring up. I chose to stick to the big picture.

    Attn Agloco ‘members’: your attempts to spam my blog with referral links is quite humorous but futile.

  14. 14 webduck

    I usually consider myself pretty savvy. At least enough so to pick up on scams, but this one even drew me in. After I checked the AGLOCO site today and saw that they have again delayed their bar, I will be removing their ad from my blog. The good news is :::laughing::: I didn’t pick up anyone to build my pyramid, so I am not out much! Great article. I am putting a link to it on my site. Thanks!

  15. 15 Babak

    had Randalls given away ’shares’ to the general public - and not simply their employees, then your analogy would have some merit. Public offering of shares is regulated and a very serious matter (especially after Sarbanes-Oxley). For more info see the SEC link I put in a comment above.

    btw your agloco link has been removed just like the rest :)

  16. 16 Michael Walsh

    Dear Babak;

    I must commend your writing style. I have never felt such hostility reading text. You sound very authoritative on this subject. It is unfortunate, that you suggested, or implied the possibility of criminal wrongdoing, before the company has even started doing business. To your comment about anyone being more jaded then you, I don`t think you have anything to worry about.

    I was surprised, to say the least, that you did not offer any mention of the Simmons report that was conducted Dec, 14, 2006. I guess that was due to the report being somewhat optimistic about Agloco enjoying some success. The Simmons report was based on a model of two million users by Dec. 2007. I just heard today, that Agloco is on target to reach ten million users by July 2007.

    In closing, given your expertise in stocks, I would be interested in hearing what would happen to the stocks, with companies like Goggle, MSN. Yahoo. If Agloco, I mean when Agloco takes over the market shares. Do yourself a favor SELL

  17. 17 S. W.

    Um… I’m reading over the AGLOCO agreements and I see that they’re incorporated in Hong Kong. They also states that they plan to issue shares either there or on the London AIM market. So your assumptions about the applicability of SEC rules are not exactly applicable. In fact most countries have no rules about issuing shares outside of your registered country, so being based in a time-tested stock market like Hong Kong or London, the rules about issuing shares (at least to people outside those jurisdictions) are pretty different. Since most of your analysis flows from flawed assumptions, I’m having difficulty unwinding the erroneous conclusions you draw from them.

  18. 18 Babak

    “where does it say that agloco is going to give shares to the general public that it just BS they are going to give shares to it members and members only”

    And the members are….? now stay with me here since this is tricky… anyone can join, right? ok, then they are distributing their shares to anyone, right? then they are dist. their shares to the public!

    Agloco is trying, rather ridiculously, to circumvent the securities act of 1934

  19. 19 S. W.

    Babak wrote: “Agloco is trying, rather ridiculously, to circumvent the securities act of 1933″

    Do tell… Who enforces the U.S.’s Securities Act of 1933 for shares issued in non-US markets such as Hong Kong or London? IPOing in other markets costs a fraction of what it takes to IPO on the NASDAQ (which might also be why the HK exchange had many times more growth than the NASDAQ over the last several years). Maybe there’s a reason Agloco incorporated there and talks about their interest in offering shares on exchanges that are trusted and reliable markets like HK or AIM but aren’t subject to the same restrictions as the NYSE or NASDAQ? US companies have tried giving shares to members/users and have run into difficulty because the SEC simply has no rules that even contemplate the transfer of shares outside of the normal IPO process. I’d say that’s shortsightedness on the part of the SEC, and when somebody tries to “circumvent” it, it’s not necessarily a bad thing if it ultimately results in consumers receiving value (especially if there’s little or no monetary risk). But your mileage may vary. :)

  20. 20 Babak

    I’m not surprised they’re going to the AIM in London. My niece’s lemonade stand could be taken public on AIM.

    Yet it doesn’t change anything fundamentally. What I’ve said is still true, you just have to substitute the FSA for the SEC and we’re back to square one.

  21. 21 Shaun Carter

    You had to go and unleash my master plan of shorting the crap out of this when it went public:P

    I agree there are many holes to be fixed and perhaps in response to your post, Agloco will step up and clarify their intentions.

  22. 22 Shane

    Besides the fact that it seems to violate securities laws …

    The whole idea of issuing an IPO is to raise capital. How do you do that if all the shares are only distributed to members for their surfing time?

    So lets assume serious investors can buy shares. Then you have to think of the major dilution of share value that occurs organically as the network grows and shares are continuously issued to members.

    If they ever make it to an IPO on some pink sheet exchange, it’ll be pumped, dumped and dead faster than you can say “own the internet”

  23. 23 S. W.

    Babak wrote: “Yet it doesn’t change anything fundamentally. What I’ve said is still true, you just have to substitute the FSA for the SEC and we’re back to square one.” So then you substitute the FSA… what’s their jurisdiction over shares given to members in, let’s say, Japan? The rules that making it difficult to give shares away only apply within the jurisdictional boundaries of the applicable regulatory authority. Just because the SEC can’t wrap it’s collective mind around the concept of giving away ownership doesn’t mean they can restrict a company from doing it elsewhere… and that goes for virtually any regulatory agency in the world. I’m not sure why you aren’t getting this concept.

    Shane wrote: “The whole idea of issuing an IPO is to raise capital.” Not necessarily. One reason may be to create a broader market for shares that are already owned by others. It just requires thinking outside the box.

  24. 24 Michael Webster

    This is a excellent analysis.

    I predict that individuals who are considering agloco will: a) read your analysis, and b) immediately get the agloco toolbar.

    Individuals at all attracted to agloco suffer from a mild form of delusion - the rags to riches story.

    In order to dispell the cognitive dissonance caused by your article, they will leap on the agloco mlm bandwagon.

    BTW if you want to short the stock, I have a high end printer in my basement and I am sure that I could “lend” you the necessary paper.

    Again, great analysis.

  25. 25 Dejan

    I see you made yourself a fantastic advertisment :) You probably got more visits in the last two days than before in the whole year, right?

    Still … I think that the AGLOCO team had this in mind when they conceived it. Besides, they wouldn´t get anywhere in the first place if the couldn´t think better than the average trader Joe, don´t you think? ;)

  26. 26 stubsy

    Brilliant and well explained.

    I had wondered how the shares would be worth anything, wish i’d of been able to come up with it sooner.

  27. 27 markowe

    There ain’t no money for nothing, and that’s that.

    It’s true though, there are people killing themselves to get referrals, even paying for Adwords campaigns! Now that surely can’t make sense!

  28. 28 Jason

    Interesting post but poorly researched.

    AllAdvantage did pay out over $120,000,000 to their users before closing due to a poor business model and the dot com bubble burst. But AGLOCO is not AllAdvantage and they are on track to not repeat many of the mistakes that were made with AllAdvantage.

    With AGLOCO… Some members have a great chance to get a LOT of money, some members who have no referrals are disillusioned and think they will receive large pay checks each month by doing nothing, but many members know that they have a great chance of profiting off of AGLOCO by doing a little work.

    AGLOCO promoters, such as myself, do not know for sure if AGLOCO will be a success, but AGLOCO haters do not know if AGLOCO will fail either.

    So far AGLOCO is set to already have more than 10,000,000 members by July ‘07 and most know that where the people are at is also where the money is at.

    It’s free, it is ran by many successful people, so I joined it, and I see that as a wise decision.

  29. 29 Tim

    Don’t forget about the the dillution of the shares, as members surf more and more members join, the company will need to issue more shares, thus dilluting the value of the existing shares (that is if they ever go public).

  30. 30 Babak

    “So then you substitute the FSA… what’s their jurisdiction over shares given to members in, let’s say, Japan? ”
    you seem to not get it. Those shares would have to be registered with the Japanese regulatory authority… so again, we’re back to square one.

    yes, that’s true also. There are much more consequences and corollaries that one can bring to bear on this issue. But then one would end up writing a book not a blog post!

  31. 31 Jack

    All in all, this debate is just more free publicity for Agloco. They win anyways.

  32. 32 RageX

    Really enjoyed that review guess il remove the link i didn’t watch in details everything im just picking random stuff up.

    I kinda get it all even thought english isn’t my first language.
    Thanks :)

  33. 33 TNT

    Don’t forget the perpetual share dilution, as the business model expands. What I would love to see is the expiration of the quiet period. That would be fun towatch. Thousands of uneducated shareholders dumping on the same day.

  34. 34 Chong Vue

    Babak. Who said Agloco would be a free meal? You are right, there are no free meals. Agloco didn’t promise anyone a free meal. I am utterly amazed by all the fuss that anti-Agloco people have made about Agloco. Are you people mad senseless? It is free, and you can just sign up and leave it like that. Or if you do not like it, you can just choose to ignore it. But I see that it is not the case, many are bashing and beating down on Agloco. Just like Valerie posted on Agloco’s Blog, many anti-Algoco people are ‘argumentum ad ignorantiam’: argument from ignorance = arguing with no proof whatsoever of their
    argument. Have a nice day.

    Chong Vue

  35. 35 Stacey

    Its free to join so if it doesn’t work out, so what???

  36. 36 irish web design

    good homework sherlock :)

  37. 37 whoami

    One month after the release of the viewbar, do people receive their 1st check from agloco?

    If not, how about 2 months after the release of the viewbar?
    If not, how about 3 months after the release of the viewbar?

  38. 38 Bosh

    Could someone PLEASE go to Wikipedia and edit it to to a more TRUTHFUL definition? The current article is obviously written by somebody from the AGLOCO marketing department. Check for yourself:


  39. 39 mark

    Hey Babak, Just wanted to correct you on one thing. There IS a thing as free lunch. Please read and understand teh system before calling it a scam. Thanks :)

    Chong Vue: No one said Agloco was going to be a free meal. Babak was just responding to something mentioned on my site.

  40. 40 Babak

    “Please read and understand teh system before calling it a scam.”

    If you actually bothered to read what I wrote, you would see I didn’t call it a scam. Here is my last paragraph:

    Having said all that, I don’t think Agloco’s a scam. It is a poorly conceived scheme that appeals to those who know very little about finance, share issuance and regulation. I really do wish Agloco would go public. How else would I get a chance to short it? ;)

  41. 41 mark

    Babak, I think there is a confusion. I did read your WHOLE post and agree with what you think about Agloco.

    I thought you meant “free lunch” when referring to the info on my site. I wasn’t referring to Agloco then.

  42. 42 Rene

    Hey, i think i follow the link to this post from mylot. I gotta say you clear up the questions on my mind about agloco. I knew it! I knew it that this agloco thing wouldn’t be as “hip” as everyone thought it would be!

  43. 43 Agloco

    Pyramid schemes ask for your money and don’t have a valid product to sell. Agloco doesn’t ever ask for money and has a great product concept.

  44. 44 Babak

    Yeah, um, thanks for the straw-man argument. But I never said Agloco was a pyramid. Next time, try reading what people actually write.

  45. 45 "ME"

    Well, most of the time you need the “CONS”
    to know the real value of the “PROS”. - by “ME”

  46. 46 John

    I’m sure the 8 MBA’s from Stanford wouldn’t have joined this company if the concept happened to have major flaws. The whole concept is about thinking outside the box.

    BTW, I can easily see why they chose to incorporate outside the US. That country is starting to look more and more like the Sovjet Union….

  47. 47 Babak

    ever heard of Jeffrey Skilling? Harvard MBA. Top 5% of his class. Yet, he somehow left an impressive swath of financial destruction behind him. You remember, right? It was called Enron.

    Ever heard of LTCM? They had Merton & Scholes, Nobel prize holders in economics. As well as a platoon of PhD’s from the best schools in fields like physics, mathematics and economics. Yet they somehow destroyed not only their own hedge fund but almost took out the whole worldwide financial system with them.

    Shall I go on?

    A beautifully framed piece of paper means nothing.

    And by the way, incorporating outside the US is irrelevant. Agloco is distributing shares in the US to US citizens. That means they have to register with the SEC, whether they like it or not.

  48. 48 1dollar

    See my reply on my website:

  49. 49 George

    A very insightful post. However, some changes are due in the Agloco model. They haven’t gained this capital of users with no intention of using it. They will probably attempt to make many out of them.

    Best regards, George

  50. 50 MakeMoneyWithJason

    It’s funny, I seem to be missing a few things here.

    1) AGLOCO users can be paid in Cash, Shares, or the Combination. If you opt for the cash payout, you will get paid every month.

    2) Users get paid on an hourly basis rather than by clicks to remove the temptation for click fraud.

    3) Users are limited to 5 hours to remove the use of bots to accrue additional hours.

    4) AGLOCO’s income is Primarily Ad based, not share based. Currently, there are 17 Ad Networks and several other direct Advertisors that have signed up.

    5) It is absolutely free to join. There is no monetary risk involved and nothing but perhaps a bit of time to loose if it did flop.

    Honestly, most of us that do sign up realize that we are not going to become Millionaires doing so, but a few extra dollars every month don’t hurt.

    However, I have it on very good authority that many of the reasons that AllAdvantage failed have been resolved at least in part. (I’ll take that kind of failure any day, over $100,000,000 paid out before AllAdvantage flopped). Sure, this business model is imperfect, but your explanation of it is incomplete at best. You completely ignore AGLOCO’s primary source of income in your analasys (THE ADVERTISERS) and act like the only money we are going to see are shares assuming AGLOCO goes public. Even if it never went public, there will be plenty of money made by a lot of people.

    Do keep in mind that online advertising is tested and proven now unlike before the dotcom bust when everyone was dumping money into the internet without it even being profitable. Also keep in mind that over FOUR BILLION (yes, with a B) is currently being spent in online advertising every quarter.

    The internet has a long way to go, but it is maturing very nicely.



  51. 51 Fermin


    If you are going to do an analysis of a company, at least be objective and complete.

    You sound like a trader who’s been burned quite a few times.

    I don’t have the time to address every point you brought up, but clicks on ads in the Agloco view bar are not incentivized. Users will get nothing from clicking on an ad.

    Second, Agloco has already lined up over 15 ad networks as well as individual advertisers for the viewbar.

    If only companies like YouTube and MySpace would share revenues with those responsible for their growth and wealth.

    Just my few cents.


  52. 52 Babak

    thanks for your comments and the ad-hominem attack. :)

    I’ll ignore the latter and respond to the former: the users of the toolbar are incentivized because they are told that they will be part of the ’success’ of Agloco. So if Agloco makes money (clicky, clicky) then so do they… or atleast that’s the song and dance. As well there’s a lot of hot air about affiliate $$ etc.

    YouTube/MySpace haven’t, to the best of my knowledge, come out with wonky MLM schemes with strange ‘we’re public eventhough we’re private’ offerings which are meant to circumvent SEC regulations. Theirs has been a simple linear model: traffic gets you a certain % of the income. Agloco on the other hand goes through a tortuous process which most ‘members’ still have no real clue about.

    ps to all and sundry:

    If you have something intelligent to say, say it. If you mix it with a spam attempt (agloco aff link), you run the risk of your whole comment being erased.

  53. 53 MakeMoneyWithJason

    Thank you Babak,

    You do make a valid point. For those who are choosing to get paid in Stock rather than Cash, your diagram at the beginning of this post is accurate and I will have to concede that many people do not understand this.

    Thank you for being a consumer advocate. I still believe you are throwing the baby out with the bathwater. And I still think it is worth signing up and getting others to sign up.

    1) Like I said in my previous post, you are going to make money if you choose to get paid in Cash.
    2) As long as AGLOCO is profitable, (with 10,000,000 members signed up it should be) it will most likely go public. Sure you’re taking a chance and perhaps there are many who just don’t understand that there is no guarantee, but those of us who remember the dot-com bust fully understand it.
    3) I use Google AdSense and I do not encourage people to click on my adds. Yet I make money as do you.
    4) When using the AGLOCO Viewbar, money is being made not only for the text adds that are running across the left side of the Viewbar. Google and other search engines will be paying AGLOCO every time the search feature is used. Google pays AOL as much as $0.10 per search referral.
    5) TV Networks, Radio Shows, Newspapers, Magazines, etc. turn a profit with adds that are never clicked on. There is no incentive for click fraud. In fact it is “forbidden” and will lead to one’s account being terminated. It’s not necessary for AGLOCO to succeed.

    Granted, the business model may not have every pitfall worked out yet, but there is a lot more to AGLOCO that the piece that your blog is focused on. Thank you!

  54. 54 M Aldo

    I agree that this is a MLM scheme.

    Ok, you monetise your site by using google Ads and what do you give in return to the visitors who create the revenue for you? Nothing! so you keep 100% of the profit from your website.(example fiqures- $100)

    If you paid out 50% ($50) of the revenue you generate from your website to its visitors, you think that you lose your revenue by 50% and make a profit of only $50. But in reality you will make $200 profit.(200% profit by giving out 50%) you win-your visitor wins-your advertiser wins

    If you can’t ubderstand this, then you basically don’t understand the economics behind incentive sites.

    As a test why don’t you advertise that you will share 50% of the revenue you generate from your site from google ads to your visitors and see what happens to your site traffic and your profits.

    I can’t understand why you have google ads in your site? you are just a slave of a monster company by generating revenue for them by forcing ads on your innocent visitors for your own monetary gain.

    M A

  55. 55 bob

    You guys actually buy into all of his bull. He doesn’t even take the time to read the website and find answers to his many questions. Also, I think he needs to sit through economics again and learn a thing or two about the stock market. I’m not even going to waste my time tearing his argument apart here seeing how the last time I did it was deleted. Also, just because someone labels something a “scam” that you have doubts about doesn’t mean that you should actually assume scam. I’m a member of Agloco but I haven’t spent any money on it. I’ve just asked a few friends to join and those who are interested go to the site those who say I can make better money else where don’t. Of course I’m not looking at making tons of money just some here and there.

  56. 56 Tommy

    This is funny every comment that I post about Agloco being valid is deleted. I’m not even putting a website in-case he thinks that I’m trying to spam my member ID here.

  57. 57 Babak

    No comments have been deleted. Only affiliate links. Look above you for many supportive comments of Agloco.

  58. 58 Jimi

    This article is nothing more than a way to get you some traffic. Congratulations. Still doesn’t make it accurate because you got a lot of hits.

    AGLOCO is free to join. Most people look at it in a way that if it works out like the millions All Advantage paid out then great. If not it didn’t cost me anything anyways. MAy have cost me 99 cents actually to make a site about it, but I made more ad money on that site the first day than it cost me to make it.

    Edit your article to include that you can be paid in cash please. That would completely destroy your entire analysis and your limited market knowledge though I guess.

    I see you have taken out every user’s name link that has an AGLOCO site. Class act, really. Glad you have made the effort to protect your readers from falling for a free opportunity that may, or may not pan out. I always appreciate a writer that makes decisions for his readers.

  59. 59 Babak

    News flash Jimi: everything I write, I write with the intention of ‘getting traffic’. That’s what a blog is all about.

    This article is nothing more than a way to get you some traffic.

    re the aff links: I informed everyone repeatedly that this is a place to exchange ideas not promote aff links. Thanks for your comment.

  60. 60 Ajay Gairola

    Hi everybody,

    It looks like lot of pessimism prevails about AGLOCO. Reminds me of the good old saying “Birds of the same feather, flock together”. In this world loosers always see problems before solutions and the vice versa is true for the winners. Optimism takes it’s own time to prevail but skepticism reaches out like plague. And to all the stock market buffs, remember, when every one starts talking about a particular stock, it’s time to sell. In financial games, only the early birds walk away laughing.

    With AllAdvantage in the backdrop as a reality, i expect the team to only improve upon their business model and reap and share the benefits. Every success story has a trail of blood and sweat.

    As far as regulations pertaining to stock issue are concerned, i think when a revolution comes, regulations become more accommodative in mutual interest of the governments. Don’t forget we are talking about recurring regular income. If my country members have collectively amassed billions of dollars through AGLOCO, ultimately it is my country’s gain. In the times to come crumbling US economy (watch out for Iran story the way it is developing) will bow down to lots of underdogs of the day.

    Before i finish, i would like to say that nothing is guaranteed in this world but i have faith that AGLOCO will revolutionize the internet and change the entire scenario.

  61. 61 Jimi

    So is inaccurate information also your scam to get traffic?

    IF traffic is what you want I’m sure you could easily make up some lies about things that are more popular than this.

    The same idiots that say it is a scam are the same ones that didn’t read your article all the way through and cross reference it to the correct information.

    I’m sure everyone that signed up for Agloco thinks they will make Gobs of $$$ just for signing up. Yup…everyone but the people that think it is a scam are idiots. All of these people buy all the stuff you see on infomercials and think they will get rich as well I am sure. I know I have. I can’t possibly read myself even though I have about 20 blogs that make money in almost every way imaginable.

    Well done. Glad to see you making a name for yourself by excluding information, or just downright making it up. You and the AGLOCO you claim them to be are a lot a like. Simply taking advantage of idiots because they are too lazy to check your BS.

  62. 62 Agloco Singapore

    Hi i have a story to tell :)

    I agree that Agloco is a scam!
    I was referred by a friend to join Algoco Singapore…at first glance i really thought that i can make some $$ with it…but later on i found this page…
    Agloco Singapore has this chatter box where everyone can leave any messages they wish and there was this question in the cbox “is this agloco thing for real? where are they based?” so being nice i replied on the cbox that it may be a scam and gave the url of this page…guess what happened! The administrator deleted my post and he/she banned my IP address from posting any comments…so for those Agloco defenders…if Agloco is not a scam, why are they bothered to banned me?

  63. 63 Babak

    thanks for the story. can’t say I’m surprised though!

  64. 64 SEC Lawyer

    This is a laughable pyramid scheme that would on day 1 require to file a sb1 or even s1 registration. They are in effect offering shares to users as compensation for doing certain things. This is a classic ‘phantom stock’ scheme I saw many times during the dotcom boom 1.0.

    The SEC went after many of these guys and forced them to change their ways in the US.

    I think I’d have a better chance with the Publishers Clearinghouse Sweepstakes. But then I’m not desperate enough (yet) to want to believe in such schemes.

  65. 65 Motorcycle Guy

    MLM is evil and I don’t know why we haven’t figured out a way to make all forms of it illegal.

  66. 66 Marcel

    Very interesting analysis. But I want to know how you can explain the fact the people did make money off of Alladvantage. It’s not a hard thing to do.

    Most people don’t care about the shares. They just want the extra “free” $5 a month for doing what they always do.

    You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.

  67. 67 Babak

    people made money (on average only a few bucks) because, as I explained at the beginning of the article, AllAdvantage paid you on a simple, fixed rate. You surfed x hours, you got y dollars. This is NOT the case with Agloco. I’m surprised you missed the whole point of the article!

  68. 68 Marcel

    We will see soon see if you are right. But I think your wrong. They will share out cash, instead of only shares. It’s what we people want. If we don’t see cash we will leave.

    If Agloco only distributed “bogus” shares, as you described they won’t last 5 months in this Web 2.0 world. It’s happened before so why waste time and money recreating the flop ?

    I think they will share cash. That’s what people want and what will keep them coming back.

  69. 69 AdJunko- WE Own the Internet!

    I believe Babak said it best:


    Whatever is free and easy and well-known will ALWAYS pay out very little or nothing. It’s the nature of investing and business.

    Thank you for this post. I didn’t have the effort to explain it as you did. Maybe it will wake some people up.

  70. 70 agloco sucks

    agloco is a scam, they never release the toolbar.

  71. 71 marinko

    Very good article. But how to explain people on the forums that this is one big lie so they need to stop spamming. :)

  72. 72 Babak

    marinko, you can’t. Some will continue to belive in this even after they sell the URL.

  73. 73 Steve


    Its free to signup…no scam. How can you be taken for anything at all when its free to signup?

    Answer: You can’t

    This program may end up being a total failure..but it can not end up being a “scam” you have nothing to loose if you sign up and you have nothing to loose if you don’t sign up.

    Pure and simple.



  74. 74 Babak

    I agree. It isn’t a scam (I even said so in my post). What it is, is a colossal waste of time.

  75. 75 Humble Advice

    if you’re intending to help people, just answer their questions. arguing with people on your blog just makes you look immature. you sound like you know a lot. be wise, consider patience. or maybe you’re not intending to help people, you just want to be the one that “called the shot” and was right about it? i dont judge you either way, just giving some advice.

    either way, keep in mind that the majority of your readers are not as educated as you, so explain things that they can understand.

    don’t forget, as emotional and one sided as agloco marketers may seem… the only educated sounding ones are the ones that aren’t emotional about it. i read through your blog, just as input to you, your blog sounds like the anti-marketing blog of AGLOCO, not the educational blog that saved a lot of people a lot of time.

  76. 76 Babak

    Humble, thanks for your comments. I’ve tried to answer people’s questions (see above). Did I miss a question? can you point it out?

  77. 77 Kassper

    OK, now I don’t know anymore what to believe… I am agloco member, and I already have referrals in my network so I was hoping to get something out of it. Just a hint - AllAdvantage did pay its members before the crash, I think Agloco will too.

  78. 78 Mike

    This is pure opinion, i don’t believe what your saying is correct although you do prove some good points. What you must understand is that the community has an effect on how good agloco does, so do us all a favor and don’t sign up. You are EXTREMELY negative about agloco for some reason, we all know they are going to have tough obstacles to pass thats how it is with any business, but to sit here and state how there going to fail is childish. Why don’t you make a whole post on how they can Succeed. Good day.

    -Michae l

  79. 79 Mike

    Ps im invested in the Iraqi Dinar and the ISX, i would like to add that your website from your last post is truly amazing. Good day.

  80. 80 Babak

    I don’t think Agloco will be sustainable just as AA wasn’t.

    you won’t be shocked to know I haven’t signed up :)
    thanks for your compliment re my site but which post do you mean?

  81. 81 Register

    Register and try out yourself

  82. 82 Kassper

    Can I ask you a question? If you think Agloco is a scam, why do you have your own referral link here? Is this post just a way to get attention and signups? Reverse psihology maybe? :P

  83. 83 Kassper

    ooops, sorry, I thought that was your link, now I see it’s just someone else trying to get signups :)

  84. 84 Babak

    yup, that was the usual agloco spammer (link since edited).

  85. 85 Ted

    But they made it sound so profitable for the common surfer. A lot of people are paying good money on PPC to get their downline built. Do you mean to tell me that I can’t believe everything I read on the internet?
    If it sounds to good to be true………………………………..

  86. 86 Thomas

    Relatedly, just what IS the “Agloco community”? Agloco is based on having the Viewbar open while browsing. By that logic there’s a Google Toolbar community.

    I guess what I’m saying is; how do you associate browsing anywhere up to 5hrs per month with a toolbar visible with a community ;)

  87. 87 Goodman

    Very really and pretty article.

  88. 88 Chuckus

    I got a request to join this and read their “How it works” section. I noticed the “paid in stock” clause and got worried and then saw the “private company” part and then closed the window.

    However my greed got the better of me so I did a google search and low and behold, this article not only confirmed my suspicions but pointed out many more interesting details.

    The comapny can turn a profit without ever having to relases their “Viewbar” in that they collect vital information about the members that sign up and can construct networks and flow charts of members relations and connections to one another.

    The ad comapnies they will be dealing with would pay a pretty penny for that information and the company will be ancy to turn a profit by any means necessary. As far as I can tell this is just a really sneaky way of collecting information on users.

  89. 89 Babak

    Chuckus, I’m trying really hard to not project some nefarious motives on these guys unless they give me reason. But its a moot point as the whole thing is dead in its tracks. I visited their official blog over the weekend and people are leaving right, left and center. People are even putting up their agloco websites on sale as I said in my follow up post.

  90. 90 Zoltm

    A very interesting article, thank you.

    I must say, I am more confused than ever about the validity of the whole Agloco thing. I suppose for Joe Public like myself without a degree in Economics, this whole thing sounds rather appealing.

    Where I come from, there is a saying: “you dont get owt for nowt” (look it up!) OK, you MAY be able to make a little cash with the program (I seem to recall that same promise when I joined dozens of PPC sites) but if you dont make any money, what have you lost?

    On the other hand, I also had my fingers burned with a HYIP - so I feel naturally cautious about investing any time in this.

    I guess the question I would put to most of you is this: I found this blog when I did a Google search, as I was unsure about Agloco. Presumably, many of you did the same, so if you had doubt enough to search for the site, why are you attacking the very person who attracted your interest in the first place? alk about biting the hand that feeds!

    I’d consider myself to be reasonably intelligent. For this reason, I’m giving my “membership” with Agloco until Christmas. If I make some money, I’ll stay a “member”. If not, I’ll just leave.

    If the scheme fails, I’m sure Babak will be fully justified in saying “I told you so,” and I’d hope those who snubbed his article would have the decency to admit you were wrong. Likewise, if it takes off and all the members become milionaires overnight, I’m ure Babak will be only too happy for you to blow a virtual raspberry in his face.

  91. 91 Babak

    I highly doubt you will get paid by year end. As they’ve already said, they will only pay when they make a profit. You’d make more money by picking up pop cans off the street.

  92. 92 Welsh Dog

    Much as I agree this is a scam… I ought to point out I *did* get paid by AllAdvantage… and that was *after* it’d closed its doors too!! Only got the $50 I was owed of course… but I did get it.

    I was sorry to see them go. :)

  93. 93 Janny

    I have always been wary of Agloco. The first thing im wary of it is that i have something like it running on my computer. I am into privacy, man.

    Next..anything that needs referral puts me on alert.

    And then..the release of the software keeps getting delayed…

    Visit my financial blog at

  94. 94 Agloco

    Finally Agloco released its viewbar. We will see how its go. Anyway, nice review

  95. 95 bavpras

    It’s good to see both sides as I read through each one of your comments about Agloco.

    I must admit that I’ve been speding some money to get people to visit my link and I get a few signups. To me it was my feeling that drew me and I signed-up right away. I was hoping people will see the same thing I see and join with me.

    Now I am surfing with Agloco viewbar and it seems to work very well and the hours I spent surfing seems to be monitored very accurately.

    It’s True, there is no free lunch but some lunch can be subsidied like where I work. If you are a skeptic please do not join and we will go our ways and you will go yours. If I spend some money promoting agloco and if I lose it let it be it. Scam is every where and if you don’t try how do you know it’s a scam or not.

    I don’t want to miss out on the dotcom any more and will stick to this concept “we as member will own the internet”. If it fail be it but this concept will never die because we as the people want to be in control of our own destiny and AGLOCO seem to speak to our hearts, minds and souls. The success of AGLOCO is trully based on it’s own members and I am one them determind to make sure more people will know about it and join.

  96. 96 Henry Muta

    While I note the analysis of agloco and the eventual labelling of it as scam, I am appalled at the apparent one-sidedness of the critique. If agloco was busy frauding members already one would think, yes the apparent attack on it is no doubt justifiable. But the viewbar has just been released and members are paying $0 and most of them are doing a wait-and see thing, is it not just right to give readers of your article a balance view? I like to be given an opportunity form the article to decide for myself rather than throw a scare onto my mind and rush me into a decision. Try to make your observation more balanced so that you give people chance to make the final decision!

  97. 97 Johan Cyprich

    I was interested in Agloco at first, but never really made an effort to work on it. After reading what you wrote, I know I made the right decision not recruiting people.

  98. 98 Babak

    bavpras, its success hinges on its underlying concept not the effort of its members. If I give you the map for Chicago and plop you in downtown New York no matter how hard you work or how many people you get to help you read the map, the map won’t help you find your way around.

    Henry, I didn’t call it a scam. Are you sure you read what I wrote? And how can you call it one sided? I gave them every benefit of the doubt at each step!

    Johan, thanks. I’m glad it was of help. That’s why I wrote it. If you like to spread the word, digg the article on and write about it on your blog so more people can find out the real story.

  99. 99 Los Angles User Group

    Hi i’m un happy with people promoting agloco reason is they are doing false advertisiment instead of passing on the real and exact information any ways all the sest to agloco lets see who wins

  100. 100 Pradeep

    Having said all this.. the gist of the matter remains the same.. you have nothing to lose and at least something to gain.



  101. 101 zaphire97

    HI all,

    I have downloaded the viewbar and it looks that it was an updated version to say the least coz I’ve seen a lot of advertisements from different companies. This is just a beggining. I see nothing wrong in joining agloco as I project that in the coming months they will integrate and update their infrastructure with 1,000,000 already. Releasing the viewbar is the first step as they will have to adjust to everything. When GOOGLE owners started their company in their apartment basement a lot of critics and big companies criticise them that they will not become successful coz there’s a lot of search engine competition out there like yahoo, ask jeeves, etc. but look at GOOGLE right now it’s the GIANT multi billion dollar company and it’s still growing with lots of business development. When it comes to risk you don’t lose anything by joining AGLOCO but a lot to gain when it becomes successful but if you’re just a watcher all your life now that becomes scary as you are left with raspberry to blow on your face!

  102. 102 Welsh Dog

    What you lot are failing to understand is that you are providing *them* with a vehicle to sell advertising space on for free! They will get paid for showing advertising… you won’t get paid for viewing it!! They can’t lose but you can.

    What you lose isn’t money and may not be time… but you do lose space on your monitors and you lose faith in the possibilities for earning online… and there are a few. Why would you want to provide them with advertising revenue free?

    Those who compare AGLOCO to Google ought to consider… if it was such a money spinner… then why when Google has already such a huge advertising base from Adsense don’t *they* release a similar view bar?

    The reason is simple *it can’t work*!!!

  103. 103 Marcel

    You are worshiping Google. Google is not good at everything. In fact they suck mostly at social web services.

    Just look at Orkut ( google ) and

    Yahoo did a brilliant with it’s answering service. Google shut down it’s own.

  104. 104 Pradeep

    Welsh Dog –
    May be Google doesn’t want to share any of the AD revenues with its user and Agloco does.

    Why you are saying that Agloco will ditch every user and keep all money to itself. What is the basis of your point.

    I don’t see any reason, except “Cheating”, why it should not work.


  105. 105 Hacker

    Babak you are wrong about this part “there is no free lunch”…as a metter a fact there is a free lunch for me at least and for many people i am sure, Agloco will be huge, how do I know?…Bill Gates told me.

  106. 106 zaphire97


    You are wrong sure GOOGLE would not work in every aspect but they have proven their online presence as a GIANT search engine. Need proof? GOOGLE is up 53% in Stock Exchange last month. You don’t need a professional broker to know that even a 5th grader knows it. Even if they suck at social web services but they still make more than 2 billion dollars a year in net profit. Only Microsoft, yahoo and perhaps IBM belong in that category. Take a look at their financial statement. I’m not comparing google to AGLOCO coz they are entirely different. Maybe you deserve a raspberry blow to your face!

  107. 107 AGLOCO member !

    Hi ! I downloaded VIEWBAR and ads are rotating now !
    Viewbar looks fine , few options on it !
    I counted 10 different ads rotating in UK.
    Its different in other countries.

    I dont understand negativity for something free of charge !
    Possibility of making money online is real.
    Agloco sounds much better than some jobs i done in real life and certanly better than some MLM schemes that rip you off soon you give your email address !

    Join AGLOCO , nothing to loose !
    Here colud be my referral link (………………) but i will not advertise here !
    Respect to admin but so much negative thouths is bad for your head
    Relax and enjoy internet revolution !


  108. 108 Johan Cyprich

    Hi Babak. I just posted an article which points to this article on my blog. Again, thank you for exposing Agloco for the MLM scheme it is.

  109. 109 tigerswell

    hi, i am really sorry for the questions that i’m going to ask, but i am a high school student who finds agloco incredibly interesting since the idea sounds amazing yet folly. i was able to understand the article a little bit, but i still dont get how agloco actually makes its money. so apparently, we sign up for it, and agloco puts out more advertisements? or is it that the advertisers pay agloco for having us, the members viewing the ads. and also, i was wondering about the whole stock-hours exchange. when, or if, we get money, is the money actually the stock itself, or what, i don’t get the relationship between the two.

    thank you

  110. 110 Babak

    questions are incredibly powerful tools. They are the reason we have advancements so no need to denigrate them or apologize for them.

    Now to answer you:

    agloco intends to make money by selling advertising and having it appear on the viewbar. for more info see: an analysis of agloco business model.

    agloco says they intend to either pay in money or shares. Right now, they are a private company owned by a small handful of people. So until they go public, they won’t be able to pay in shares. But they won’t pay any money until there is a comfortable difference between their expenses and revenues (see my second post).

    btw I like the way you put it: ’sounds amazing yet folly’. That about sums it up.

  111. 111 tigerswell

    another question….advertisers actually want to pay agloco because…..?
    and what i have basically concluded is that agloco could work, but not to the magnificent extent that people hope it will? i mean, there’s really nothing to lose with using agloco, except for maybe your time right?

    thanks babak for the other reply

  112. 112 Welsh Dog

    There is nothing to lose if you show the viewbar other than your time and some screen real estate. However… if this time and space is valuable enough that Agloco can sell it why shouldn’t *you* get the benefit instead of them?

    The way this is set up *they* continue to draw salaries etc even if they are ‘unable’ to pay you for your time spent watching adverts. They have also no doubt managed to acquire venture capital to set it all up. Currently they can’t lose.

    The problem is that they are making it appear you will get paid… but the bottom line is that it’s very unlikely you’ll ever see a dime.

  113. 113 tigerswell

    and then what about the advertisers. they pay agloco, because agloco’s distributing their ads, or providing an audience for those ads?

  114. 114 Marcel

    To whoever wrote this article. I want to you write a second one after Agolco is proven to be worthwhile.

  115. 115 Depression

    Yeah It aint gonna work!

  116. 116 Thomas

    Forget about Aglovo though, what about Adbux? That really seems to have taken off, how sustainable it is may be another issue…

    Certainly though you “know what you’re getting” upfront which is a lot more reassuring.

  117. 117 Sum

    Hi everyone!!!

    Thanks for the interesting article. I stumbled across this article and many others as I was wondering whether the whole agloco thing was too good to be true.

    I only really have one question…

    I am not going to go technical as I don’t have the technical know how.
    I will say though that I don’t think it is going to work and neither do I think that anyone is going to get paid. I have myself signed up to agloco, recently got the toolbar and after reading and weighing it all up, I am going to take it off as it is all a waste of time. It kind of resembles Juice when it was offering free broadband or something like that. These marketing schemes seems to only benefit the people who invented them. There have been many others as you all are aware, but that was that first one to come into my head.

    After downloading the toolbar, it has sent my anti-virus into overload as a particular Sinit Trojan that keeps trying to invade my system…and then there is the links that it carries to usually pointless websites that is doing the same thing as agloco - mass spam advertising (sorry if I am wrong)

    So to round off…my question is this..How are Agloco members going to paid?
    They don’t ask for PayPal, Nochex etc account email, neither is the 1st line (and the most important part) of your address compulsory.
    I have tried looking into how much one could get paid. I know that it is dependent and in terms of how long you spend online and the amount of people you refer, but surely there has too be some sort of basic flat rate that the people themselves can work with rather than just giving a calculator. There is also no straight forward answer either as to rates which I also find confusing, being a simple layperson and all.

    But anyway just a food for thought.
    Sum :)

  118. 118 Florence

    i have always been skeptical to this whole agloco thing. why? because it sounds like the ilocano (a philippine dialect) term “ag-loco” which means “to fool”. huh.

  119. 119 Chad Reitsma

    You all forgot one thing - AGLOCO IS FREE

    So what do you have to lose by supporting them?? You only stand to MAKE A SHITLOAD OF MONEY!!! (Granted, as you say, “IF” they become profitable)

    It’s a toss up:
    If they Don’t - You didn’t spend any money anyways, so who cares?
    If they Do - YOU CASH IN.

  120. 120 Chad Reitsma

    Further to my Reply above, this is what Agloco is trying to do & it’s really quite simple to understand.

    1. Build a network of people - currently there are more than 300,000 members.
    2. Approach Advertisers and say “Look’y here! We’ve got 300,000 People that will be exposed to your ad” so then the advertisers say “Oh Really? 300,000 people see my ad ten times a day? THAT’S A LOT” Sign Me Up.

    Quite a smart play, I’d join if I were you

  121. 121 JDMT

    Is the ViewBar released, because I got a download link for v. 1.03.

  122. 122 digitalnomad

    “…backed by the same team as AllAdvantage.” Is this a warning or an endorsement?

  123. 123 digitalnomad

    Well, time is money…so if you are wasting your time you are wasting money. Ha.

  124. 124 Crystal

    this is a great article. I was wondering about how they worked. It seemed sketchy when I saw they only credited 5hrs./month to your account. thanks for posting this

  125. 125 digitalnomad

    Visit John Cow Dot Com for honest review of this program. That is “Cow” not “Chow”.

  126. 126 digitalnomad

    Doubt your “team” would want to follow you anywhere after such a disaster.

  127. 127 Thomas

    Mike it’s hard to take your “rebuttal” seriously. Your blog title, “Agloco Blogging for 10 Million Members - THE AGLOCO BLOG for MEMBERS with VISION”, AGLOCO doesn’t even have 10million members! & you proclaim yourself an “AGLOCO Visionary”.

    You have a subjective, mostly fact free, “rebuttal” from yourself - who has a vested interest & wildly over-states AGLOCO membership as it is.

  128. 128 Casey

    digitalnomad said: “Well, time is money…so if you are wasting your time you are wasting money. Ha.”

    How are you wasting time? I installed the toolbar and I don’t even notice it anymore. I’ll reach my 5 hours this month no problem…without changing my schedule at all. Even if you don’t get on the computer very often…it is still very easy to reach 5 hours. Lets say you use the internet for an average of 20 minutes a day. About 30 days in a month…600 minutes a month…6 hours a month. Just the average user can easily reach the maximum without changing their schedule. I fail to see how this wastes anybody’s time or money.

    Sum said: “After downloading the toolbar, it has sent my anti-virus into overload as a particular Sinit Trojan that keeps trying to invade my system…and then there is the links that it carries to usually pointless websites that is doing the same thing as agloco - mass spam advertising (sorry if I am wrong)”

    Your antivirus scanner doesn’t trust Agloco…no way! Lets see…you browse the internet and the amount of time you browse and how long you browse each site gets sent back to Agloco. In other words, “your information.” I have an antivirus scanner that is good enough to know the difference between actual threats and fake threats. It has yet to say anything about Agloco.

  129. 129 Psyberjocker

    Ah people, stop talking of things that are not happend yet.
    agloco is good or bad. what the hek after all.
    since alladvantage that i missed completly at the beginning, i could have get my 5$ a month. now we have agloco, that is a private company with many hopes in term of cash.
    im very open towards it, either it pays or not, im about 20 hours a month on internet, and if it pays something it’ll makes me a plus if not, i loose nothing because i wont invest ‘hope’ in it.
    its funny how some people whos really negative about it, and at the end are really jaleous of others succes.
    i can only recommend that you people just get some reading like:”poor dad, rich dad” and other succes book. You’ll never see a rich complain…….

    after all, who never wants to be more rich?

  130. 130 Ralph

    Hi Babak

    I need to take issue with you - not on Agloco which I agree with your comments on and very much appreciate you taking the time to do some brilliant analysis - but on your follow up and flippant remarks that “your niece can take her lemonade stand public on AIM”.

    AIM is the London Stock Exchange’s junior market for companies that are innovative, international, high growth, young, and higher risk propositions than companies coming to the full London market.

    However, despite the propaganda rubbish being stated by some bitter US politicians about AIM being un-regulated and prone to fraud, it is certainly not. Listing on AIM is a tightly controlled process.

    In fact, most US companies listing on AIM rather than NASDAQ, of which there are many, are actually SOX compliant (Sarbanes Oxley) and choose the London AIM market for its world class liquidity and regulatory system.

    This doesn’t mean companies won’t go bust on AIM but it is a long way from the frivolous market you imply.



  131. 131 Babak

    Ralph, I was being facetious.

  132. 132 Pocupine

    Visit for more information about AGLOCO.COM AboutUs: AGLOCO.COM

    Registrant: Jorgensen, James

    c/o Network Solutions
    P.O. Box 447
    Herndon, VA 20172-0447

    Domain Name: AGLOCO.COM

    Administrative Contact :
    Jorgensen, James
    c/o Network Solutions
    P.O. Box 447
    Herndon, VA 20172-0447
    Phone: 570-708-8780

    Technical Contact :
    Jorgensen, James
    c/o Network Solutions
    P.O. Box 447
    Herndon, VA 20172-0447
    Phone: 570-708-8780

    Record expires on 22-May-2010
    Record created on 22-May-2006
    Database last updated on 30-Jan-2007

    Domain servers in listed order: Manage DNS


    This listing is a Network Solutions Private Registration. Mail correspondence to this address must be sent via USPS Express Mail™ or USPS Certified Mail®; all other mail will not be processed. Be sure to include the registrant’s domain name in the address.

    porcupine Says:

    July 21st, 2007 at 5:21 pm
    It gets better - if you try to go to the entry for AGLOCo and edit it to put in an address, you get this:

    “Spam protection filter from AboutUs

    The page you wanted to save was blocked by the spam filter. This is probably caused by a link to an external site. The following text is what triggered our spam filter:

    So, let me get this right - their own advertising page on aboutus is blocked as SPAM

  133. 133 Mike

    Babak get’s it alright. He gets that this is a bunch of free traffic off of bashing Agloco while Agloco creates a new business model. LOL

    Hi Babak. Funny how Agloco never blocks your posts but you’re afraid to allow mine here. Says a lot.

  134. 134 Babak

    Mike, yup. You’ve got me pegged. I write things on my blog so people will read them. As opposed to other bloggers who write things so people won’t read them. Brilliant insight there.

    And again, yes, you’re right. I’m afraid to allow your post here… which is why your post is here. Once again, breathtakingly brilliant.

  135. 135 Rimma Tantasheva

    Have you been able to listen to Brian Greenwald’s interview about Agloco? I think you might have misinterpreted their business model.

  136. 136 S Holmes

    The real business model of Agloco is probably as follows:

    * Using a pyramid-like concept, a large number of members will be recruited; Agloco envisages between 1 and 10 million members. Recruitment bonuses are not paid in cash, but in “units”/”shares” with vague promises of large profits some unspecified time in the future.

    * The members surf advertisements on the internet and generate a small income per surfing hour to the company (which becomes quite much money if there are several million members), but the members are not paid any money; They only receive “units”, with vague promises of large profits on these “shares” sometime in the future, “when the company becomes profitable”.

    * The income from the members is used to pay inflated salaries to the managers/owners of Agloco

    * After 1 - 2 years (or when many dissatisfied members start asking questions about when the promised large profits on the shares will appear) the management will let Agloco go the same way as AllAdvantage and the rest of the paid-to-surf companies from 1999-2000; The company is run into bankruptcy or shut down, with the explanation that: “Unfortunately, the expenses of the company were larger than the revenues!”

    * In the end, the members will be left with a heap of worthless shares in a bankrupt or shut down Agloco, as “compensation” for their advertisement surfing and recruitment efforts (but with no money).
    The owners/management, on the other hand, will have enjoyed being paid high salaries and commissions for a couple of years, and can retire from Agloco as wealthy men.

    In short, the probable business concept of Agloco can be summarized as:
    Get a large number of people to work for you without being paid, by promising them large profits in the future.
    Then pocket the revenue from their efforts yourself!

  137. 137 Babak

    Rimma, the one where softball questions are lobbed and no real answers are given?

    S H, quite possible. It is fun to watch the dust fly as so many people attempt to get a large downline, completely missing the point that it is meaningless.

  138. 138 John

    I think all this back and forth, is Agloco a scam or will it make people money is very insightful. Not insightful regarding Agloco but rather instead revealing about peoples motivations and perspective. At this point Agloco is a blank slate, meaning they have not failed or succeeded and all this talk is just fodder. From everything people are saying, it really boils down to whether you are a negative or positive person?

    The negative person is going to gather the “facts” (if you can call them that), sit on the sidelines and spew their pessimist spin. They tell themselves and others this thing won’t work and it’s going to fail for sure.

    The positive person sees that Agloco has a good concept and thinks they might make some money. Some might even believe enough in it to do some promoting.

    So who is going to be right? Only time will tell. One thing is for sure someone will be right and being right to some people is worth more than a pile of gold.

    So, let’s look at the possible outcomes:

    Agloco sends out checks and people are happy they got money for just having a viewbar on their desktop. People tell other people they got real money and word spreads, this agloco thing really pays. Agloco grows, develops their viewbar into a more useful tool and becomes more profitable. Perhaps they become the next Google, after all Google never gave any of their users any money back.

    The other side of the coin is Agloco fails. They are never profitable and are not able to pay any money out. The creators and programmers, who have worked for a year without getting paid, get compensated for their time. The viewbar user is not out any money because they never paid any money. A good idea for putting advertising dollars in the users pockets never sees the light of day. Negative people get to be right and move on to the next thing to slam, as if being right is somehow money in their pocket.

    As you might be able to tell I think Agloco is a good idea. I tend to lean the way of giving good ideas a chance to grow. I think the reality of how Agloco will go is somewhere in between the two extremes. Agloco will go through some growing pains. Agloco will send out their first checks by the end of the year. It’s a long time for the general public to endure but not that long in reality for a business. People will think the money is too little but will be happy they got paid for just having the viewbar. Because they got paid they will continue to use it in hopes that payments will get bigger. Agloco’s user base grows and they become a prominent player in internet advertising. At this point other companies release viewbars trying to get in on this trend in advertising. A Viewbar becomes a common term, a people ask each other which viewbar they have. Because at that point it becomes a matter of which viewbar has the best payout. Agloco keeps it market share in the area viewbars, just as google has kept theirs in the area of search engines.

    This is a possible future, unless the negativity of blog posts like the one above deter too many people from even getting started with Agloco. I have to ask the negative people though, what’s really so bad about Agloco. What do you have against a company that is going to give advertising profits back to it’s members. I don’t see any other companies doing that. All I see is companies that are built on users backs like youtube selling for 1.5 billion and the users getting $0. If Agloco only pays out $1.00, that will be more than people got from youtube.

  139. 139 Babak

    “If Agloco only pays out $1.00, that will be more than people got from youtube.”

    YouTube provides a value added service. In fact, it was damn innovative. It revolutionized the web, moving us away from text and images to video. It allows for the almost instantaneous dissemination of ideas, images, etc. People can be entertained or learn a skill. On the other hand, Agloco provides no value added to anyone. No advertiser is interested in reaching an audience who only wants to learn about them because they want to earn money from the ad. Advertisers want to reach target audiences that will then act on the message. When Agloco fails it will not be because of “negative” articles like this one. It will be because it is a stupid idea.

  140. 140 al

    And out of all the people who responded agree’ing with you that this is gonna flop, how many of them have a business background?

    I’d venture to guess it’s none.

    I could be wrong though; Your article is ok - your skepticism is ok - The only thing is, why write it?

    I mean, what do people miss out on by Joining, Using the Bar, and in 3 years - they get nothing for it.


    If we Don’t do it - in 3 years, we’ll get nothing

    If we do it - in 3 years we MIGHT get Something.

    I don’t know what school you all went to - but I went to the school that teaches us that Something is Always better than Nothing.

    As you mention, AllAdvantage crashed … along with all the OTHER dot coms that crashed - So it’s not like the problem was the “idea” - it was the model; Advertising was not then, what it is now.

    So the potential to make money is there - and as any True Business Man or Woman knows, Potential & Opportunity is all you Ever have.

    NOTHING - and I do mean NOTHING is a garuantee - other than death and taxes.

    “On the other hand, Agloco provides no value added to anyone. No advertiser is interested in reaching an audience who only wants to learn about them because they want to earn money from the ad. Advertisers want to reach target audiences that will then act on the message. When Agloco fails it will not be because of “negative” articles like this one. It will be because it is a stupid idea.”

    The “target audience” I Completely Agree with - afterall that is why you signed up with Kontera and Text Link Ads - so that as people visit your blog, they will eventually View (impressions) and even sometimes click on (pay per click) your ads - so you’re making money JUST because people VISIT your Blog.

    How much are you gonna share with us????

    Oh that’s right.. none.

    If agloco fails, it will be because people did not sign up - because people who generally have no training whatsoever in making business decisions will be swayed not by articles like these; but by people who Think the way you think.

    Which is ok - I mean the world would be a boring place if we all thought the exact same way; There would be No challenges whatsoever - right?

    And that’s what this is - a challenge.

    Say what you will - but if Agloco manages to get LOTs of members, advertisers are going to flock. I mean, your blog provides no real service - it’s just YOUR opinion on things; Some people may find your opinion entertaining, informative, educational; some may see it as complete nonsense - but it’s no “real service”

    … and yet, you’re making money.

    So to say Agloco Won’t make any, is irresponsible on your part - I mean, unless you’re also doubling as a Fortune Teller - again, it’s all up to the People. the people will make or break Agloco. If people are signing up, if People are using the bar, advertisers are Going to spend their money. And when that happens… all the people who were too skeptical to at least try it out are gonna kick themselves.

    All except for you - lol - because you’re making money anyway!


    keep up the good work… I may drop by again.

  141. 141 Babak

    Al, you say: “How much are you gonna share with us????”

    I totally agree. After all, I’m providing content. I should also pay you, the reader, who is enjoying my content, a share of my revenue. Should I also come over and cut your lawn? how about do your laundry? let me know where you live and when I should drop by.

    Oh and don’t forget to contact other content providers, like tv, magazines, etc that you use and tell them the same thing. kay?

  142. 142 SH

    Has any of the MEMBERS of AGLOCO ( sign up members ) got paid by AGLOCO company.

  143. 143 Jorge

    The cash they’re going to distribute in fact come from advertisers paying to put ads in their viewbar. The original idea is that simple . Dont complicate the scenario here. As for ownership or shares, i think it’d be much better to let the real investment bankers to comment on its feasibility.

    The founders and contributors of Agloco are those internet celebrities such as Jim Jorgensen, Gil Penchina, CEO of Wikia, Zaw Thet, CEO of 4info and Valerie Williamson a VP the Open Source group OSTG. I think these ppl would not risk their reputations to cheat billions of ppl out there!

    I think we need to be open-minded in assessing Agloco’s viability, although some of u may like to compare it with her predecessor, Alladvantage, which had proved to be a short-lived company.

    Advertisers want to reach target audiences that will then act on the message………….

    I think Agloco’s viewbar is not just a viewbar showing ad only without any value-added. As far as i know, there is better targeting technology, and there is an established affiliate model. Take a hypothetical example: You’re about to buy a book at Barnes & Nobles. AGLOCO will flash a note that you can get a better price at That’s because AGLOCO has signed an affiliate relationship with Amazon, giving AGLOCO an 8.5 percent discount on purchases. Since you’re a member, AGLOCO will pass on say, at 4.25 percentage points of that discount to you.

    That is what the value-added service Agloco’viewbar is going to provide, not to mention the Google’s search engine (Agloco’s affiliate). If all the Agloco goers are blind sheep, then I think Google will be one of the biggest.

  144. 144 Babak

    SH, simple answer: NO. When? NEVER.


    The original idea is that simple . Dont complicate the scenario here.

    What planet are you from? Seriously. Did you read the above? And then you accuse me of complicating things? Jeebuz. But on the other hand why am I not surprised? If you did indeed have two neurons to rub together you’d never fall for it in the first place.

    Advertisers want to reach target audiences that will then act on the message………….

    Again, are you listening to yourself? Advertisers don’t want to reach people who only see them as a meal ticket. They want to reach people who are in their demographic and will be interested in their good/service. Agloco doesn’t provide the latter but instead the former.

    Your nominatation for a Darwin award is in the mail.

  145. 145 Jorge

    BTW, Babak, if i ‘ve made any comment which had offended you, I apologize to you first. I was not intent to do that.

  146. 146 dan

    thank you for this write up, I knew something was wrong but did not know what exactly.

  147. 147 Linda

    Agloco don’t work. His business is based on a Zombie PC network. Something Google and Advertisers would never like.

    I am amazed how much people are involved in Agloco. It’s just a Spyware

  148. 148 Emily

    I stopped reading about 2/3rds of the way through the posts, but it’s shocking and saddening just how little people value privacy. All this “it’s free so there’s nothing to lose” bullshit is really worrying me. There’s plenty to lose if Agloco decides to use the information these “millions” of users have provided them with to their own benefit.

  149. 149 Amanda

    I’m Network Marketer, professional and do made and make money purely online in that industry. It’s a bit difficult still after working years with all kind of people around the clobe, to see ones again how simple can be the mind of ‘man from America’.

    Waste your time for someone else, it’s up to you.

    Spend your money and be forgotten from all your todays friends and relatives to build a huge downline for them who will keep your money when the time comes to pay you, that’s not my business.


    NO ONE could never get me into ’system’ like agloco.

    ps. Babak, you’re The Man

  150. 150 systamatics

    i still dont get it , in the end wont i get payed??! no matter wat , if i spend 5 hours a month for like a year , wont i get payed??? even if 200$!

  151. 151 Bam Benson


    Thanks for posting this dude, i nearly signed up but now i’ve changed my mind.

    Nice one.


  152. 152 An Indian

    Thanks, a lot it a great writeup.

  153. 153 angie

    Does anyone had been paid from Agloco? I want to know…

  154. 154 Babak

    Angie, no one’s been paid and I wouldn’t hold my breath to see a dime. Check out the second article I wrote to see what impossible conditions they put up before payment can happen.

  155. 155 BeeBo

    so the remaining question is …. does the cabability of gaining money from the net to browse or to surf or to read e-mails exsist ?
    or there is no such thing ?
    and if there was what are they ? and how could i find them

    i have reading a lot of promising names and in the same time artichles deny that …..

    where is the truth ?

  156. 156 Silvia

    Hi I just recieved an email from one group I belong to, in that email this guy said that he got 5000 dls. so I go to his website, I read everything about the Agloco business, it sounded fishy to me, I am in mlm, so the first thing I want to see is the payplan right? what pay plan?????there is no a line where it says “you will be paid in cash” and I read it twice thinking I must have missed something right? well no I did not miss anything.
    5 hours? what will you get in cash per hour? like 10cents? but wait ! they just said, you don’t get cash, but you get shares,,,,,,,,ok, so I think, cool, so I wonder how much is the company worth? I find out ,nothing, so if I get shares, they are worth? yes nothing.
    Oh wait ! but the company is not public yet ! but I read, they are planning on it, and theya re very careful to say words like “IF” very often, amking sure they don’t promise anything clearly, just “maybes” and “ifs” ok.
    So smart chick that I am, I google AGLOCO and I get to you.
    So, how in the world did this guy say, “I just got a 5000 check” really i am not the smartest person in the world, and maybe a year ago, I might have fallen for it, but in the year I have been in network marketing and learned so much trough reading mlm and business books and experience, I get to see a the trick before I fall into it.
    Then I get to think, what about this stupid toolbar? I don’t like extra toolbars in my browser, none, not even yahoo, google or msn’s toolbar, and this guy gives you no waranty that this toolbar wont screw up with my PC, now I don’t know about all of you, but to me buying a PC was a great effort on my part , and I take care of it dearly , and I really need it for my business, not just for messing around the net. I already get money checks from 2 business I have, on is in mlm, I did not have to wait for years or months for this to happen, and I am smarter when it comes to business now, the only good thing is that is free, so you don’t loose money, just your time, but wait, to me time is money!!!!
    very cool page my friend, great service for those who are looking for this info.

  157. 157 Mike Klingler

    What are your thoughts about the distribution post Agloco said we can expect in the next couple days?

  158. 158 A.M.

    Wow! From what i’ve read looks like you guys have been tricked too. So no one has ever received their checks from AGLOCO? What kinda company is this?? Sounds like a very corrupt company. How do they sleep at night? I feel bad for some people who they’ve tricked in recruiting and to think they didn’t do any hard work in getting those people. If they, themselves profit from the hard work that others made. I cant believe i also fell for it good thing i read all your write-ups before i start wasting my time on a silly scheme that AGLOCO made

  159. 159 Clazsic

    hmm..i would believe for the promises they have made and the consideration that we did, they are pretty much liable to us, as a term of a contract. So if they do get successful, we should definitely benefit.

  160. 160 Koli

    I am really sorry for the question that i’m going to ask. I am from India who finds agloco incredibly interesting. I still dont get how agloco actually makes its money. Did anyone really get check? Please reply me.

  161. 161 John

    Well… I’m now getting my posts deleted over at the Official Agloco blog for stating the facts and pointing out their deception and flaws. I think as so called owners of the company we members should be able to point out these things. I guess this site is now my only alternative for expressing my views.

    I thought this was one of my best posts that they deleted. Do you see anything wrong with it? This just pisses me off…


    John Powell said,

    I have read these posts and its clear to me that a lot of people
    in this blog want to destroy Agloco, like John, Why because they
    are get paid by the big boys, to close Agloco down.

    For someone on about making money, you wasting a lot of time
    posting to this blog. You have 13 posts in this one post by Agloco.

    Why John ?

    John P,

    Don’t kill the messenger, I’m just speaking the truth about their stupid plan. If you think that one person talking about the facts and flaws of agloco can destroy them then there must be some truth in what I’m saying and members can see it. If agloco saw it maybe they would reverse the direction they are going. But as Klingler said (as if it’s a good thing) they are not listening to what the members think.

    As for you thinking I’m working for the big guys; you must be a conspiracy theorist. That is very funny. It’s not the case, I’m just like Valerie, a member that is tired of agloco’s BS they throw at us. They act like we are pigeons that they are throwing some feed at and we should be happy with it. They have forgotten WE ARE AGLOCO, without their members they are nothing. Anyway, the big guys don’t care about agloco. Agloco has 1 million, with only 10% using the bar. How many members do you think google and yahoo have, I bet it’s a little more than agloco. Facebook has more active members than agloco in one city or college. Agloco is a spec in the internet universe and they will stay that way unless they get their act together.

    I was a believer in agloco and if they change and become what they say they are on their site, I will be again. They are at this time a deceptive company and I can’t represent that and I don’t know how anyone with a conscious could. They have shown that they are not the “make money to use the viewbar” company they advertise. As I see it there is a fundamental flaw (or deception) with agloco. I don’t see how they will ever satisfy there “base” which is the average user with a few referrals. And if those members don’t ever get any real money that deception and is the equivalent to a pyramid scheme. The bottom never gets money it only feeds the top. And the real top is the development team. If agloco can give me a definitive answer as to how they will satisfy their base I will reconsider promoting them.

    The only reason Klingler and all the other kool aid drinkers are always painting a beautiful picture of agloco is because they want to be part of the top of agloco. The top that screws the bottom, they are so selfish in their motivation. I’m not like that, if the average user is going to get nothing, I don’t want to have anything to do with it. And it’s short sighted to think you can manipulate the masses, Agloco is dead without the average user being happy, there is no way around it. It’s a fact. Stop drinking the cool aid and move on. Unless that is agloco has an answer for this most fundamental question.

  162. 162 A.M.

    Why would AGLOCO do this to us?? How can they treat us that way and also use us so that they can make money by profiting in the people we refer for them?? They are unfair i really hope they get their punishment from the government. I think what their doing can also be illegal because they keep on promising people that we can make money by referring and using their viewbar. I hope they watched what there doing somebody can file a lawsuit against them.

  163. 163 Bryan

    Any Smart MLM guru builds his/her down line as quickly as possible. An MLM company that doesn’t charge any money to register with and actually pays out cant be bad. Unless of course they have caused harm to someone because of it. I signed up with with “blind faith”. Before I received a dime from them I tested people’s responses to the idea. They all said “your not going to get paid” I said If I get paid will you sign up. 10 people said yes. When I got my first check for $35.00, I signed people up like crazy! My down line grew and so did my checks. I was real excited!! Then they told us about cut backs on our payable surfing time. I didn’t like that. Then they said we were only going to get paid every six months. Telling a new person they will get paid in one month is generally accept able, but six months? I guess the point I’m trying to get across is this. If the All Advantage team is starting again with a different twist and it costs me nothing to join unless I become a Platinum member. I am confident I will make some money, because they haven’t screwed me in the past.
    I was suspicious with FUMMO. Guess what? They still owe me $15.50. Only one of my down line signed someone else up. I paid him the $5.00 I told him he would get from them. I guess my networks hard work to shut them down worked because I can’t find them any more. If you haven’t heard of the scandalous FUMMO or if you have and were burned by them, lets talk about it!
    Any ways I’m going to register and try Jim Jorgenson’s next venture and see what happens.

    God Speed every one

  164. 164 luis

    Nice analysis, too bad that I found this interesting disclaimer in your About Dection, tucked far and down the page away from imediate public view;

    The contents of this website are presented for informational purposes only. They should not be viewed as investment advice, nor a solicitation to buy or sell any financial securities. Neither,, its owners, and/or its representatives are registered as securities broker-dealers or investment advisors with any securities regulatory authority, in any jurisdiction.

    So, basically, you have no credentials to be considered any sort of financial expert or advisor. If you where, you wouldn’t have this disclaimer and you would have your neck on the line.
    Seems that the only scam here is this blog and its snake-oil salesman to this site’s advertisers.

    In the end, AGloCo can’t be a scam because it’s not taking anything from anybody. Maybe you should consult the dictionary before letting your make an analysis about something you know nothing about.

    …oh, and before I go I have just one question; WTF is a babak anyway?

    keep on spinning,

  165. 165 Babak

    Luis, the disclaimer is on my sidebar in plain view on every page and it is also on all other financial blogs to protect the authors. If you have to stoop to such outlandish personal insults then it is quite obvious that you have no rational arguments whatsoever. Agloco relies on idiots like yourself so go ahead and congratulate yourself on a job well done!

  166. 166 Bryan

    Seriously people, I’ve read a lot of pointless slams against what AGLOCO is trying to do for everyone. When these guys started All it was a beautiful thing. Within 3 months it was paying for my internet charges and a case of beer!! I even had money left over after that. When I was starting to make All Advantage my full time “Cash Cow” is when the greed of man started taking profits from the company. The hackers started developing code that made the view bar think people were actively surfing the net and watching the ads. When in actuality they weren’t even in front of the computer. Ultimately, not enough people were clicking on the ads and buying from the sponsors. If you need more information as to why this would make All Advantage go out of business come here
    My god, the fact that these True Entrepreneurs are going out on a limb again while allowing us to become shareholders gives me freakin’ Goose bumps!!
    Those of you who have been led by the blind or “evil ones” in this forum stop limiting your potential and download the dam view bar!! Or just smack yourself on your forehead.

  167. 167 Jimmy

    Wow Luis can you provide me information about AGLOO!!! I’m very excited about introducing this MLM tool to alot of low income people I know who needs the extra $150 a year that AGLOO could provide for them. I’m amazed how many people are excited about this product for the extra income that can enhance their lives. I just want to help those with low income with the extra $150 a year they can get.

    well for me, my relatives, and my friends, they don’t need this product. they are doing financially fine. for me, i could sit in my office doing nothing but nap or surf the net for an hour and will be paid the $150 i earn per hour. so this product i definitely don’t need. i already earn $150 an hour (or $300,000 annually excluding bonuses.)

    i’m very interested in showing AGLOO soon to the poor folks who need the extra $150 a year.

  168. 168 luis

    I was only as rational towards you as you were towards AGloCo.

    Yes, you are right about the disclaimer being in every page, I’ll take that hit, but if you were a real expert you would have a disclaimer to “protect” you, but if you’re full of nonsense that is going to hurt people’s financial decisions, causing them to sue you and hold you responsible of the nonsense and spin you spew, then I guess you DO need legal protection.

    You say that AGloCo lies when it says that it is a company owned by it’s members and you are right, however you conveniently forget to mention that they haven’t been able to do that because they’re not public, instead, you insinuate that the company is full of villains waiting to steal your money while twisting their pointy mustaches and loudly evoking their mephistophelean laughter…oh, wait, AGloCo doesn’t charge any money…oh well.

    You completely insinuated that AGloCo’s viewbar was a phantom used for hype, you even suggested that it might be vaporwear. This baseless accusation is a spawn of your own bias against AGloCo and it discredits your position in making a well informed and objective report, as a rational and knowledgeable expert would (which has already been established that you’re not). Well, now the viewbar’s been out and your silence on this is deafening. At least I admitted I was wrong about your disclaimer, but I don’t see you stepping up to the plate.

    You simply and blatantly LIE in this “analysis” when you illustrate how people “think” that AGloCo works. People that use AGloCo know EXACTLY how it works because it is the first thing you learn about it in the site FAQ. But, again, you want to mangle and falsify the facts to make a case of AGloCo’s evil conspiracy to take over the world without taking over your money. Stupid.

    Oh, and I STILL don’t know what a babak is!

    keep on spinnin’,


    …er…$150>$0, duh!

  169. 169 Allan

    I might try it, if its free you have nothing to loose, just somthing to earn (maybe). I will maybe give it a go, and theres nothing to loose but time, which I could do other things in bettween. Sounds ok for me.

  170. 170 duligavin

    chinese need help


  171. 171 Koli Bandyopadhyay

    Is there any expert in India who can share his/her knowledge in Agloco with me?

  172. 172 efe

    Well as many of you I figured it could be a good possibility. I made more than a few $’s with alladvantage.

    So my computer runs 24/7 although the last few days I have been switching from windows to Ubuntu (linux, btw Ubuntu is awsome and easy for the average joe..) So I rebotted my computer into windows today and something new happened with Agloco. My ad bar started by itself. Then it started giving me popups. not just 1 but 1 every 2 minutes.

    So I went to Agloco’s site, logged in and was kinda shocked…… So the hours it says I have been online is at a average of 3.5 hours a month since I signed up. Well seeing that their is a 5 hour cap and I know I have most definatly had it open closer to a 700 hours a month average I should have all 5 hours for each month.

    Now this is not the thing that really upsets me. I tried to go to the members support link and it just sends me to the signin page. I sign in and it takes me to my profile. I again click the members suport link and the same. I tried in Opera, Firefox, konqurer and IE. They all did the same thing.

    At this point I am looking at this site and I am thinking to myself “This site is actually a very unprofessional site. No forums, No working support, almost no FAQ, only a email address for contacting the company and of coarse a website that is not fully functional after many many months of being around.

    So I went and tried to uninstall the viewbar and what do you know, it wont uninstall. When I try it says it cant uninstall becuase it is running. Now I am definatly not a N00B. I have been on the internet long before the average joe had even seen a pc in real life. So I ended up going in and manually removing agloco and will never use it again.

    So this is what I think might possibly be happening. I think it is possible they see the same problems they had with AllAdvantage. I think they are sinking and just don’t want to admit it. I am absolutly sure they have made money and I don’t think that they are going to do anything that was outlined above. I personally think that this “honest” attempt to relive the AllAdvantage days of internet gold has become a scam.

  173. 173 luis

    I just uninstalled and reinstalled the viewbar with no problems. I’ve never gotten a pop-up fom the viewbar, maybe you have something else running in the background.

  174. 174 BloggerDollar
  175. 175 Thomas

    Agloco just died;

    “We would like to update you on the status of AGLOCO’s operations. We continue to believe in the AGLOCO concept, but our revenue is currently not sufficient to give Members a meaningful distribution. And though there are increases in membership, the resulting revenue is not enough to support operating costs. As a development team we are unable to continue to use our savings to fund the operations. If any Member would like to pursue continuing the operations of AGLOCO, you may contact us at .

    We would like to thank every Member for supporting our effort to bring a piece of the Internet directly to the user. We hope that we can find a way to keep the operations going.

    AGLOCO Development Team”

  176. 176 Jim Kukral is the only real solution that delivers tons of cash and a flood of traffic for doing nothing. This one works!

  177. 177 Babak

    what can I say? When you’re right. You’re right.

  178. 178 Small Business Blog

    Props to Babak to being upfront about being wrong about Agloco.

    And of course props to you for being right all along!

  179. 179 Babak

    SBB, if by wrong you mean to say, called it months ahead of everyone, including self-purported web “gurus” like John Chow, then yeah, I was as wrong as anyone can be.


  180. 180 aAXA

    This is THE BIGGEST SCAM ever in this year,,,,,,,!!

  181. 181 Nikolaj

    Yes Agloco has died as everyone had predicted. Rest in peace.

  182. 182 Babak

    “everyone”? take a look at the comments above yours and you’ll find plenty of suckers defending this POS till the very end.

  183. 183 Bryan

    BABAK and all, haven’t you figured it out yet?
    The orchestrators of All Advantage and Agloco aren’t the bad guys here.
    It’s the “Visionless” members who don’t see the big Picture that guys like Jim Jorgenson see.

    I have been paid from All Advantage. I’m talking Hundreds of Dollars. I was very angry when I found out why they went “Belly Up!” Here is my summation of AGLOCO:

    Do you remember when Molson first traded publicly? They went to the public for growth capital in 1945. I attempted to find the original price for one share on their first day of trading, however it doesn’t really matter if it was one penny or one dollar. Try to imagine, just humour me. You are a Molson drinker back in “Fine Year” of 1945 and your friend told you that Molson was giving 500 shares of Molson stock to any one who drinks their beer and is willing to fill out an application form and mail it to Johnny Molson himself. If you can read between the lines you should be able to tell where I’m going with this. Filling out the form is like downloading the view bar, mailing it to Molson is like installing it. Drinking the beer is like using it!!! Thank God AGLOCO is limiting us to only 5. I don’t know about you but I catch a pretty good buzz from 5 beers. Don’t worry if more people download the view bar and use it, more sponsors will come on board. This will in turn increase the amount of hours they are willing to pay us for. I spend a lot of time online building my companies. At least 5 hours a day. The first company these guys opened of this type failed. It didn’t fail because of a lack of integrity and definitely not from lack of vision of the company. It was because of the miss use of the users.

    If you want to see a copy of one of my All Advantage checks

    I am honestly sympathetic for the ones who helped shut down AGLOCO.

    Babak in order to qualify as a “Sucker” You must first be mislead by someone who knows more than you…

    Thowlander is No Sucker

    Merry Christmas Every one!

  184. 184 Babak

    “I am honestly sympathetic for the ones who helped shut down AGLOCO”

    No one helped or actually did shut down Agloco. An ill conceived venture needs no push to implode on itself.

    “Thowlander is No Sucker”

    Only a true sucker would say that ;-) Thanks for vetting yourself.

  185. 185 Bryan

    Hey, Babak did you forget what caused All Advantage to go out of business?
    If you do please tell us!

  186. 186 NIMONY

    I still see some people spam “AGLOCO” thingy on webboard.

  187. 187 1389

    All MLM schemes are really nothing more than pyramid schemes - and don’t ever let anyone tell you otherwise!

  188. 188 Nadeem Seedat

    Seems to become a truth…

    how did these people manage to screw this up a second time?

    It seems as though it has turned out worst the second time around.

  189. 189 sipi


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