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What Leads To Success at Trader’s Narrative

What Leads To Success

Here’s an interesting 3 minute video from TED by Richard St. John on what leads to success:

Here’s the cheatsheet:


Sounds good right?


This is the “what”. Most people know the “what”. Most people know that passion is an important ingredient in a successful and meaningful life. That you have to persevere through setbacks, that you need to focus, etc. This is the sort of advice we have all at one point given to friends and family.

Exploring the “what” isn’t really helpful. What would really be helpful is the “how”.

That is, how do you go about finding and stoking your passion? how do you find meaning in life? how do you persevere through setbacks and rejections?

The “how” is where its at.

Don’t waste time with the “what” or the “why”… search for and develop “how” in your life and you’ll be ahead.

Check out this other video from TED: Tony Robbins, Decisions Make Destiny as well as all the other videos spanning all sorts of fields and disciplines.

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2 Responses to “What Leads To Success”  

  1. 1 Markus

    Right, most people have heard these principles quite a time. Why is it that some people have the drive, are persistent and go and create. I do not know, but they just do it, and perhaps they do not know either. I love trading and therefore I quit a well paid corporate job, but it is not the only thing I love. Do what you love (at least if it does no harm to ohters and yourself). You do not have to be successful, do not do it for success, do it for passion, love, yourself and other people. Just start now and do it.

  2. 2 Babak

    Markus, yeah, those who have “it”, don’t necessarily know how to explain or share. For those who don’t, reading about the “what” is useless because it is in fact consequences of the more intangible essence, not itself.

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