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What Visa’s (V) IPO Means For This Market at Trader’s Narrative

Amid all the wailing and gnashing of teeth, we had a successful IPO: Visa (V) went public yesterday and made history.

Not only was it a resounding success for the investment bankers in a very difficult time, it was also the biggest IPO ever at $18 billion. And it managed to jump +30% from its $44 per share pricing.

But perhaps it was because of the financial and credit market turmoil that Visa did so well. Unlike many financial companies it carries no consumer debt but instead relies on small commissions on transactions.

visa ipo March 2008

Each bull market has its leaders. A few years ago, Google (GOOG) and Baidu (BIDU) debuted on the stock exchange and quickly became the darling of momentum investors. Now they both lie broken, not only below their long term moving averages but also with the sword of Democles” (overhead resistance) hanging persistently above price.

So, if we are in the painful process of putting in another bottom here, as I’ve endlessly argued for the past little while, it is wise to look for the next leadership that will breath new life into the “new” bull market.

If Visa does as well as its competitor, MasterCard (MA), I’ll be a happy camper.

IPO Market? What IPO Market?
So far this year, we’ve had only 22 IPOS. Last year, by this time, we had 47. That is a greater than 50% drop off in activity.

If you’ll recall, the IPO market has predictive abilities.

The other way that the IPO market can help us time the market, or at least understand where we are in terms of market cycles, is by being a contrarian indicator of sorts. A bountiful harvest of IPOs has almost always preceded dramatic and sustained market downturns while a barren IPO market has historically meant the opposite.

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  1. 1 James Cox

    Hey mate,

    I found your comments about the reduciton in IPOs this year very interesting and i was not aware of it yet. Thank you,

    James Cox.

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