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When Stock Charts Go Bad at Trader’s Narrative

When Stock Charts Go Bad

I noticed something really strange with the chart of Ascent Solar (ASTI) served up by QuoteTracker yesterday. I didn’t want to mention it before having Jerry Medved take a look and see if I was making a silly mistake (as I usually do). As always Jerry is extremely helpful and lightning fast to reply - does he take Jolt Cola on IV?

First I checked other charts to confirm what the correct chart looked like. Then I narrowed it between IB and QT. I checked IB’s own chart (yes they have charts but they suck). Their chart of ASTI matched other non-QT charts. So IB’s data and charting was fine. It was definitely how QT was getting the data or drawing the chart.

We still haven’t been able to figure out what is causing the problem. I’ve tried clearing the data from QT and re-backfilling. But the chart looks exactly the same (messed up). Then I double checked that I didn’t have Heikin-Ashi technique applied to the chart. Nope. Just candlesticks.

It looks like only the first few hours are effected. I’ve included a screengrab which shows the two charts together so you can see what I mean. Click to see full size image:
ASTI quotetracker messed up chart.png

Anyone else have this problem? If you’ve got QT installed, pull up a chart of ASTI and drop me a comment.

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    I use QT with TD Ameritrade data. Mine looks like the IB chart with the correct data…

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