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Where Poppies Grow, Row on Row at Trader’s Narrative

Where Poppies Grow, Row on Row


I was introduced to the concept of remembering and honoring fallen soldiers when my family moved to Canada. To be honest, I was very confused by the whole idea at first. I couldn’t grasp the significance of what we were supposed to ‘remember’. At that age, I couldn’t possibly begin to imagine the horrors of war or what it meant for a soldier to go to war.

But as the years wore on, I started to really understand why we were dragged and bused one day out of the year to stand in front of a cold, stone monument. And now I am humbled when I think of the magnitude of the sacrifice. That’s why eventhough I abhor the idea of war, I have a great deal of respect for the soldiers.

And even as I wish and pray that one day humanity will never again wage war, I hope and pray that we will never stop dragging and busing kids, one day out of the year, to stand in front of cold, stone monuments.

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