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Will Bonds Sucker Punch the Stock Market ? (part II) at Trader’s Narrative

Last Friday I mentioned that everyone was beginning to fret about the sharp rise in the 10 year bond yield (or fall in bond prices).

I’m not totally convinced that this will mean real trouble for the equity market. We could experience some turbulence but the underlying uptrend is still intact. Atleast from the metrics that I’m following. I really doubt whether this one data point will mean the end of the bull market.

It is true. Historically, when the market was at an all time high and the yield on 10-year Treasury Notes rose sharply over a short time, we have seen at best a sideways to slightly down market going forward (in the short term). But that is far from saying that it has spelled the end of bull runs

In fact, according to this graph, we are most probably seeing the end of the rise in bond yields. The top graph shows the distance of the daily 10 year Treasury Notes from its 50 day moving average. As you can see, whenever it becomes too stretched to the upside, it snaps back. That’s where we are right now.

10 yr bond yield distance 50 moving avg.png

Of course, it doesn’t have to snap back. The markets are unpredictable. But the only guide we can use are observations from the past. And that is telling us that this recent fall in bond prices is right about over.

And if that does happen, it will breathe new life into the equities market.

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3 Responses to “Will Bonds Sucker Punch the Stock Market ? (part II)”  

  1. 1 sara teasedale

    the economic is a prison-house which once you enter its hard to get out of. all these bonds are toads of the same pond. they are serving an evil mission of filling pot bellies. what do the poor get but a pittance. ultimately the system must collapse under its own weight.

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