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Win A Free Subscription To SentimenTrader ! at Trader’s Narrative

It’s time for my first trading blog contest!

This contest is for all the amazing blogs out there that I read everyday. I’ve learned so much from you all. This is a small way in which I hope to repay your generosity and hard work.

The prize is 6 months of access to SentimenTrader .

That’s a face value of $100 US! but the opportunity for you to make money based on information you learn there is priceless.

You’ve read my review, now here is what some others think about Jason and SentimenTrader:

“Jason Goepfert, President and CEO of Sundial Capital Research, is…a statistician par excellence…” - Don Hays

“I’ve never seen such a unique and skilled approach to sentiment and its financial applications.” - Todd Harrison

“One of the best ’stats’ men on the market is Jason Goepfert. He has a nifty site… and is a master at looking at data to see if it has any usefulness in predicting future market moves.” - Gary B. Smith

“Jason Goepfert is a hard worker, always looking for new angles from which to read the mass mind.” - Alexander Elder

To win the Trader’s Narrative Trading Blog Contest, all you have to do is make a post in your blog about it. That simple! Link to my blog with the anchor texts “stock trading”; to with the anchor text, “ Analysis Over Emotion in the Stock and Bond Markets” and link to this post to help others find out about the contest.

Here’s an example of what I mean:

Trader’s Narrative, Babak’s stock trading blog, is having its first trading blog contest. He’s giving away six months of access to Analysis Over Emotion in the Stock and Bond Markets! To enter, all you have to do is to write about the contest. This is my entry. Here is how you can enter this trading blog contest.

To make sure that I get your entry (sometimes trackbacks don’t work) let me know by using the Contact form (below) or by sending an email to babak @ tradersnarrative . com with the URL of your entry. Make sure to put “contest” in the subject heading. Once your entry is confirmed to meet the requirements, your name will be dropped into the ’submissions basket’. If you add me to your blogroll, that’d be extra nice of you :)

On April 15th 2007 I’ll pick one name from the submissions and that person will enjoy a free, all access pass to SentimenTrader for the next six months.

To all the great trading, finance, investment blogs out there, established and new, thank you! …and keep up the great work!


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